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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Look now at yonder eager crew, How naively they're jesting! That they havetender hearts and true, They stoutly keep protesting!Musaget
2.  Presents so soon! 'tis well! success is sure! Full many a goodly place I know,And treasures buried long ago; I must a bit o'erlook them now.(Exit.)
3.  Ah! when the friendly taper gloweth, Once more within our narrow cell, Thenin the heart itself that knoweth, A light the darkness doth dispel. Reason hervoice resumes; returneth Hope's gracious bloom, with promise rife; Forstreams of life the spirit yearneth, Ah! for the very fount of life.Poodle, snarl not! with the tone that arises, Hallow'd and peaceful, my soulwithin, Accords not thy growl, thy bestial din. We find it not strange, that mandespises What he conceives not; That he the good and fair misprizes Findingthem often beyond his ken; Will the dog snarl at them like men?But ah! Despite my will, it stands confessed, Contentment welleth up nolonger in my breast. Yet wherefore must the stream, alas, so soon be dry,That we once more athirst should lie? Full oft this sad experience hath beenmine; Nathless the want admits of compensation; For things above the earthwe learn to pine, Our spirits yearn for revelation, Which nowhere burns withpurer beauty blent, Than here in the New Testament. To ope the ancient textan impulse strong Impels me, and its sacred lore, With honest purpose toexplore, And render into my love German tongue.(He opens a volume, and applies himself to it.)'Tis writ, "In the beginning was the Word!" I pause, perplex'd! Who now willhelp afford? I cannot the mere Word so highly prize; I must translate itotherwise, If by the spirit guided as I read. "In the beginning was the Sense!"Take heed, The import of this primal sentence weigh, Lest thy too hasty penbe led astray! Is force creative then of Sense the dower? "In the beginningwas the Power!" Thus should it stand: yet, while the line I trace, A somethingwarns me, once more to efface. The spirit aids! from anxious scruples freed, Iwrite, "In the beginning was the Deed!"
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Frosch
6.  How! add insult, too! Vile broomstick!


1.  The Witch
2.  Why how those buxom girls step on! Come, brother, we will follow themanon. Strong beer, a damsel smartly dress'd, Stinging tobacco, - these I lovethe best.
3.  So men, forsooth, he thinks to imitate! Now, in the devil's name, for once gostraight! Or out at once your flickering life I'll blow.Ignis Fatuus
4.  Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)
5.  Ah, little rogue, so thou Think'st to provoke me! I have caught thee now!(He kisses her.)
6.  Cease here to teaze us any more, I pray.


1.  Presents so soon! 'tis well! success is sure! Full many a goodly place I know,And treasures buried long ago; I must a bit o'erlook them now.(Exit.)
2.  Faust
3.  And she to him. 'Tis of the world the way!
4.  Mephistopheles
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  Dear soul! I've long forgiven him, indeed!


1.  Forsooth dost pity her? At night, when at our wheels we sat, Abroad ourmothers ne'er would let us stir. Then with her lover she must chat, Or on thebench or in the dusky walk, Thinking the hours too brief for their sweet talk;Her proud head she will have to bow, And in white sheet do penance now!Margaret
2.  Since thou, O Lord, approachest us once more, And how it fares with us, toask art fain, Since thou hast kindly welcom'd me of yore, Thou see'st me alsonow among thy train. Excuse me, fine harangues I cannot make, Though allthe circle look on me with scorn; My pathos soon thy laughter would awake,Hadst thou the laughing mood not long forsworn. Of suns and worlds Inothing have to say, I see alone mankind's self - torturing pains. The littleworld - god still the self - same stamp retains, And is as wondrous now as onthe primal day. Better he might have fared, poor wight, Hadst thou not givenhim a gleam of heavenly light; Reason, he names it, and doth so Use it, thanbrutes more brutish still to grow. With deference to your grace, he seems tome Like any long - legged grasshopper to be, Which ever flies, and flyingsprings, And in the grass its ancient ditty sings. Would he but always in thegrass repose! In every heap of dung he thrusts his nose.The Lord
3.  Bessy
4、  Mephistopheles
5、  A writing, Pedant! dost demand from me? Man, and man's plighted word, arethese unknown to thee? Is't not enough, that by the word I gave, My doomfor evermore is cast? Doth not the world in all its currents rave, And must apromise hold me fast? Yet fixed is this delusion in our heart; Who, of his ownfree will, therefrom would part? How blest within whose breast truth reignethpure! No sacrifice will he repent when made! A formal deed, with seal andsignature, A spectre this from which all shrink afraid. The word its liferesigneth in the pen, Leather and wax usurp the mastery then. Spirits of evil!what dost thou require? Brass, marble, parchment, paper, dost desire? Shall Iwith chisel, pen, or graver write? Thy choice is free; to me 'tis all the same.Mephistopheles




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      Faust (alone)

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      This cant about posterity I hate; About posterity were I to prate, Who thenthe living would amuse? For they Will have diversion, ay, and 'tis their due. Asprightly fellow's presence at your play, Methinks should also count forsomething too; Whose genial wit the audience still inspires, Knows from theirchangeful mood no angry feeling; A wider circle he desires, To their heart'sdepths more surely thus appealing. To work, then! Give a master - piece, myfriend; Bring Fancy with her choral trains before us, Sense, reason, feeling,passion, but attend! Let folly also swell the tragic chorus.Manager

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       Your parting soul to God commend! Your dying breath in slander will youspend?

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      Welcome sweet twilight, calm and blest, That in this hallow'd precinct reigns!Fond yearning love, inspire my breast, Feeding on hope's sweet dew thyblissful pains! What stillness here environs me! Content and order broodaround. What fulness in this poverty! In this small cell what bliss profound!(He throws himself on the leather arm - chair beside the bed)Receive me thou, who hast in thine embrace, Welcom'd in joy and grief theages flown! How oft the children of a by - gone race Have cluster'd round thispatriarchal throne! Haply she, also, whom I hold so dear, For Christmas gift,with grateful joy possess'd, Hath with the full round cheek of childhood, here,Her grandsire's wither'd hand devoutly press'd. Maiden! I feel thy spirit hauntthe place, Breathing of order and abounding grace. As with a mother's voice itprompteth thee, The pure white cover o'er the board to spread, To strew thecrisping sand beneath thy tread. Dear hand! so godlike in its ministry! The hutbecomes a paradise through thee! And here - (He raises the bed - curtain.)How thrills my pulse with strange delight! Here could I linger hours untold;Thou, Nature, didst in vision bright, The embryo angel here unfold. Here laythe child, her bosom warm With life; while steeped in slumber's dew, Toperfect grace, her godlike form, With pure and hallow'd weavings grew!And thou! ah here what seekest thou? How quails mine inmost being now!What wouldst thou here? what makes thy heart so sore? Unhappy Faust! Iknow thee now no more.

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    {  Wagner

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      (boring a hole in the edge of the table opposite to where Frosch is sitting)Give me a little wax - and make some stoppers - quick!Altmayer}

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      The Monkeys

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    {  Martha

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