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1. 交警正在转运伤者上午9时,新都区公安分局交警大队城区中队接到了张某方面的求助报警,需马上到四川现代医院进行抢救。
2.   And she answer'd; "Let be thine arguing, For Love will not counterpleaded be <30> In right nor wrong, and learne that of me; Thou hast thy grace, and hold thee right thereto. Now will I say what penance thou shalt do For thy trespass;* and understand it here: *offence Thou shalt, while that thou livest, year by year, The moste partie of thy time spend In making of a glorious Legend Of Goode Women, maidenes and wives, That were true in loving all their lives; And tell of false men that them betray, That all their life do naught but assay How many women they may do a shame; For in your world that is now *held a game.* *considered a sport* And though thou like not a lover be, <31> Speak well of love; this penance give I thee. And to the God of Love I shall so pray, That he shall charge his servants, by any way, To further thee, and well thy labour quite:* *requite Go now thy way, thy penance is but lite. And, when this book ye make, give it the queen On my behalf, at Eltham, or at Sheen."
3.   I being then made of flesh and blood, and so derived from yourselfe; having had also so little benefit of life, that I am yet in thespring, and blooming time of my blood: by either of these reasons, Imust needs be subject to naturall desires, wherein such knowledge as Ihave once already had, in the estate of my marriage, perhaps mightmove a further intelligence of the like delights, according to thebetter ability of strength, which exceeding all capacity ofresistance, induced a second motive to affection, answerable to mytime and youthfull desires, and so (like a yong woman) I became cameagaine; yet did I strive, even with all my utmost might, and bestvertuous faculties abiding in me, no way to disgrace either you ormy selfe, as (in equall censure) yet have I not done. But Nature isabove all humane power, and Love commanded by Nature, hath prevailedfor Love, joyning with Fortune: in meere pitty and commiseration of myextreame wrong, I found them both most benigne and gracious,teaching mee a way secret enough, whereby I might reach the heightof my desires, howsoever you became instructed, or (perhaps) foundit out by accident; so it was, and I deny it not.
4. 许立庆:我是怡和集团董事会负责人,在中国大陆、台湾、澳门做投资。
5.   D'Artagnan looked at Athos to know if he ought to reply tothis intruder who thus mixed unmasked in their conversation."Well," said Athos, "don't you hear Monsieur de Busigny, whodoes you the honor to ask you a question? Relate what haspassed during the night, since these gentlemen desire toknow it."
6. 在我们公司,有6位创始合伙人,技术CTO、产品CPO各一位,另外一位负责销售,一位负责运营商和上游资源对接,还有我们创始人负责战略,我呢更多精力在市场和对外发言。


1.   "How so?"
2. 未来我们给客户的资产配置是一个全流程的配置,不单是在投前、投中,可能也要花非常多的精力在投后。
3.   Bruno and Buffalmaco, who had laughed all this while heartily atthis pastime, with Phillippo and Nicholetta; came running in hasteto know the reason of this loude noise, and after they had pacifiedthe woman with gentle perswasions: they advised Calandrino, to walkewith his Wife to Florence, and returne no more to worke thereagaine, least Phillippo hearing what had hapned, should be revenged onhim with some outrage. Thus poore Calandrino miserably misused andbeaten, went home to Florence with his Wife, scoulded and raild at allthe way, beside his other molestations (day and night) afterward:his Companions, Phillippo and Nicholetta, making themselves merry athis mis-fortune.
5. 此前,vivo旗下已经有型号为V1938T的5G新机获得了3C认证,基本上可以确定是vivoX30。
6.   Once in a cellar lived a rat, He feasted there on butter, Until his paunchbecame as fat As that of Doctor Luther. The cook laid poison for the guest,Then was his heart with pangs oppress'd, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus (shouting)


1. 媒体了解到,受疫情影响,在接下来的一周,仍将有不少企业延续这一模式,并花式出招优化业务效果。
2. 隔离日记第四天村里口罩紧缺,但你们的口罩一定不能缺1月28日,大年初四。
3. 第二是市场的整合,易久批将在闽粤两个发达省份占有主要市场份额。
4. 与此同时,这个年龄段的孩子缺乏足够的自律和控制能力,生活经验明显不足,防范能力、保护能力比较差,对危险的认知与大人不同。
5. 面对患者和同事的点赞,李亚雄显得有点不好意思,一再强调他只是做了份内的事。
6. 上一次跟您聊天的时候也提到了华为在加拿大的业务扩张计划,例如在加拿大的一些主要城市买地。


1. 不仅是一款科技与时尚的完美结合的智能设备,更是人们的健康管理助手,凭借丰富的应用,尤其心率监测,有望演变成人们的智能健康守护者。
2. 越南卫生部在其官网上发布消息称,15日已成立工作小组前往岘港市,召开紧急会议讨论预防新型冠状病毒的措施。
3.   "Now, tell me just what you did. Was it pleasant?"
4. 每一个任务后面是一级任务/二级任务、做出什么决策、由谁负责、什么时间完成,任务状态等。
5. 据大巴司机称,他已有一周的时间没在高架路上通行了,没太注意到限高杆从3.6米调整到2.9米,而大巴车身高3.5米,所以导致撞杆削掉车顶了。
6.   "So you would rob the Count of Monte Cristo?" continued thefalse abbe.


1. 如因该户拒不配合造成严重后果,司法部门将依法追究其法律责任。
2. 库克则感谢陪同参观的特朗普政府成员,包括财政部长史蒂夫·姆努钦(SteveMnuchin)、白宫顾问伊万卡·特朗普(IvankaTrump),他们帮助苹果取得了今天的成就。
3. 放贷人告诉赵萌,如果不违约,实收一万。

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