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1.   "But these two words would bring about my condemnation, divorce,exile!"
2. 加快改善生态环境特别是空气质量,是人民群众的迫切愿望,是可持续发展的内在要求。必须科学施策、标本兼治、铁腕治理,努力向人民群众交出合格答卷。
3. 这个服务最早始于2000年代初期,当时零售商都在努力组装计算机系统来启动新项目和功能。
4.   "Very well," said Hurstwood. "Rather anxious about you though.You'd better go out now and cheer her up."
5. 这也显示了底层技术工作的配比正在发生变化。
6. 随即对附近住宅区展开调查。


1.   Silence fell. The four men smoked. And Connie sat there and put another stitch in her sewing...Yes, she sat there! She had to sit mum. She had to be quiet as a mouse, not to interfere with the immensely important speculations of these highly-mental gentlemen. But she had to be there. They didn't get on so well without her; their ideas didn't flow so freely. Clifford was much more hedgy and nervous, he got cold feet much quicker in Connie's absence, and the talk didn't run. Tommy Dukes came off best; he was a little inspired by her presence. Hammond she didn't really like; he seemed so selfish in a mental way. And Charles May, though she liked something about him, seemed a little distasteful and messy, in spite of his stars.
2.   "I don't know; I guess so, if they'll take me."
3. 与此同时,赞助商、电视网络的交易为奥运会提供了源源不断的资金补充。尽管麦当劳受到质疑,认为它的饮食导致了青少年肥胖,但它还是将自己奥运会全球顶级合作伙伴的地位一直延续到了2013年,并且和可口可乐、源讯(原斯伦贝谢公司)、通用电气、恒康、柯达、斯沃琪(SWATCH)、威士卡(VISA)一起成了国际奥委会的主要赞助商。而三星公司甩掉了它的主席、国际奥委会委员李健熙的影响,将奥运会全球顶级合作伙伴的地位一直延续到2016年。日本的松下也是如此。三星和松下还保住了它们在4届奥运会(包括两届夏季奥运会和两届冬季奥运会)上的全球营销权。2014年冬奥会的举办城市索契支持俄罗斯能源巨人--俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)成为奥运会的全球顶级合作伙伴,但这和原来的政策相冲突。国际奥委会规定,全球顶级合作伙伴必须是跨国公司,不能只是一家国内公司。所有的赞助项目,包括全球顶级合作伙伴的合作项目,已经在2005年到2008年之间带来了2.44亿美元的收入。当运动员表现和伦理管理都呈下降趋势时,商业活动却在逐步上升。巴西电视台签署了一个增强版的卫星电视交易,内容包括,在2010年冬季奥运会和2012年夏季奥运会期间为温哥华和伦敦提供比北京奥运会更高的赛事覆盖率。奥运会单项联合会总会正摩拳擦掌,努力在北京取得物质性的增长。这些交易,特别是和美国电视台的交易,都有各自的价值。从1988年汉城奥运会开始,NBC电视台一直牵制住了国际奥委会,并且让北京调整了赛程,使游泳和体操总决赛在早上举行。这引起了国际单项运动还有来自欧洲广播联盟成员的反对,而在亚太地区,很难对奥运会转播时间作出选择。国际奥委会为了摆脱这种尴尬的处境,发表了以下咨文:
4. 据BT下载网站TorrentFreak数据显示,《权力的游戏》每集平均下载人数有590万。这个数字还不包括在线视频和cyberlocker的下载方式,如果算上这种方式,数据将会更高。而《权力的游戏》每一集的平均收视人数才550万。
5. 淘宝女装前9个都是红人店,top30有23个红人店。
6. 根据再一次对照法文版和根据马克思亲手写的笔记,我又把法文版的一些地方补充到德文原文中去。这些补充是在第80页(第3版第88页)、第458—460页(第3版第509—510页)、第547—551页(第3版第600页)、第591—593页(第3版第644页)和第596页(第3版第648页)注79。此外,我还按照法文版和英文版把一个很长的关于矿工的注解(第3版第509—515页)移入正文(第4版第461—467页)。其他一些小改动都是纯技术性的。


1. 大姐在读小学的儿子想去找对门邻居家儿子玩,被对方以儿子生病为由婉拒了
2.   These newes were very strange to them, and their imprisonment asunwelcome; and although they were truly inocent, either in knowledgeof the horrid fact, or the departure of Folco with Ninetta: yetbeing unable to endure the tortures extremity, they made themselvesculpable by confession, and that they had a hand with Folco in themurder of Magdalena. Upon this their forced confession, and sentenceof death pronounced on them by the Duke himselfe; before the dayappointed for their publike execution, by great summes of money, whichthey had closely hid in their House, to serve when any urgentextremitie should happen to them; they corrupted their keepers, andbefore any intelligence could be had of their flight, they escapedby Sea to Rhodes, where they lived afterward in great distresse andmisery. The just vengeance of Heaven followed after Folco and Ninetta,he for murthering his honest wife, and she for poysoning her offendingHusband: for being beaten a long while on the Seas, by tempestuousstormes and weather, and not admitted landing in any Port or creeke;they were driven backe on the Coast of Candie againe, where beingapprehended, and brought to the City before the Duke, they confessedtheir several notorious offences, and ended their loathed lives in onefire together.
3. 最近,他们在接受沃顿知识在线采访时分享了部分研究成果,这些成果不仅有助于培养卓越的决策者,也有助于普通人重新审视日常生活。
4. DeepLens是涉及到临床试验的另一家AI初创公司,它使用一款叫做VIPER的病理学平台,基于AI技术在患者确诊的同时,判断他是否为某一临床试验合格的测试者。
5. 联想记忆
6.   "My daughter," answered the vizir's wife, "they do not flatter you. I myself hardly recognised you. The improvement is not due to the dress alone, but largely to the beautifying effects of the bath. I am so struck by its results, that I would try it on myself."


1.   8. Hawebake: hawbuck, country lout; the common proverbial phrase, "to put a rogue above a gentleman," may throw light on the reading here, which is difficult.
2. 得知此事后,李萌当场吓哭,她担心传染家人,随后又遭遇了信息泄漏,但她最终镇定下来,接受隔离。
3. 当大局动荡之时,一切事情都不上轨道,握有实权的人,很容易用严刑峻法,取快一时,这也是古今之通弊。魏晋间的严刑映法,还不自司马氏始,当时肾操、孙权手下。都有所谓校事,就是今世所谓特务。曹操手下有一个人唤做高柔,曾力谏曹操,说这班人用不得,而曹操不听。至于孙权,则连他自己的太子亦不以此种办法为然,而孙权亦不听。曹操、孙权的出此,或者还不全是私心。而是有整顿政治的思想,因为他们的校事,并不是用来对付人民,倒是用来对付官吏的。这看后来孙权的觉悟,由于其信臣朱据的被诬,而魏文帝(曹王)时。程显的孙儿程晓琉论此事。称其"上察官属,下摄众司讲,就可知道了。然而还是不胜其弊。可见用法而出于正式的法律和司法机关以外,总是弊余于利的。若其用途而非以对付官吏,则更不必论了。
4. 原标题:9958募捐事件全纪录:谁动了捐赠的善款?2020年1月13日,贵州省铜仁市女大学生吴花燕因病去世。
5. 声网Agora:实时音视频赋能保险理赔生态成立于2014年,声网Agora是实时音视频云行业全球领先的专业服务商,覆盖社交直播、在线教育、游戏、IoT、保险、医疗、企业协作等10余行业,共计100多种场景。
6. 因此,锅圈食汇成功完成了从土生意到火锅食材供应链准独角兽的蜕变,对接起产业链上下游优质资源,并获得资本上的巨大成功。


1. 而对于知乎而言,这类高知人群的活跃,奠定了知乎平台的核心价值——知识、问答分享社区。
2.   Though both of shelter and kindred despoiled;
3. 98

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