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1.   `Like these in shape and size?'
2. 很快她重新预订上了宿务太平洋航空公司从塔比拉兰到马尼拉后直飞广州的机票。
3. 为了更加广泛地运用于农业、建筑等场地,日本最大的无人机专卖店日前在北海道开业。
4. Ermengarde did not know why a lump came into her throat and her eyes felt as if tears were in them.
5.   "Oh, yes," said Chateau-Renaud.
6.   Spirits


1.   "You have some!" cried the procurator's wife, in a transport thatsurprised even herself. "Come to our house tomorrow. You arethe son of my aunt, consequently my cousin; you come from Noyon,in Picardy; you have several lawsuits and no attorney. Can yourecollect all that?"
2. 如果每年保持营收100%的增长速度,A轮当年收入1062.5万人民币,后一年2125万,第二年4250万,第三年0.85亿,第四年1.75亿,第五年3.5亿并于当年可以上市,符合企业服务公司最快A轮后5年上市的实际情况。
3.   And he soon became rather superb, somewhat lordly with the nurse. She had rather expected it, and he played up without knowing. So susceptible we are to what is expected of us! The colliers had been so like children, talking to her, and telling her what hurt them, while she bandaged them, or nursed them. They had always made her feel so grand, almost super-human in her administrations. Now Clifford made her feel small, and like a servant, and she accepted it without a word, adjusting herself to the upper classes.
4.   Youatt gives an excellent illustration of the effects of a course of selection, which may be considered as unconsciously followed, in so far that the breeders could never have expected or even have wished to have produced the result which ensued namely, the production of two distinct strains. The two flocks of Leicester sheep kept by Mr Buckley and Mr Burgess, as Mr Youatt remarks, 'have been purely bred from the original stock of Mr Bakewell for upwards of fifty years. There is not a suspicion existing in the mind of any one at all acquainted with the subject that the owner of either of them has deviated in any one instance from the pure blood of Mr Bakewell's flock, and yet the difference between the sheep possessed by these two gentlemen is so great that they have the appearance of being quite different varieties.'
5. 针对秦汉方士与儒生所宣扬的人可以得道仙去、度世不死的荒诞之论,王充从事实上和理论上一一加以驳斥。黄帝铸鼎骑龙升天,淮南王得道鸡犬成仙,老子恬淡无欲成为真人,王子乔辟谷不食成为仙人等等神话,以及飞升、尸解、寡欲、辟谷、食气、服药等所谓方术,都被王充揭露得体无完肤,顿失神秘的灵光。王充指出:夫人,物也。虽贵为王侯,性不异于物。物无不死,人安能仙?淮南王安因谋反而被诛,天下并闻,当时并见,李少君死于人中,人所共知,这些成仙得道的虚妄之言之所以流传至今,是由于世好虚传,而编造的人又不顾最起码的事实的结果。
6.   Go to! I laugh, the while you rail, The power which fashion'd youth and maid,Well understood the noble trade; So neither shall occasion fail. But hence! -A mighty grief I trow! Unto thy lov'd one's chamber thou And not to deathshouldst go.


1. "Who is Emily?" she inquired.
2.   I was very sensible of my entertainer's goodness, and listened to the women's going to bed in another little crib like mine at the opposite end of the boat, and to him and Ham hanging up two hammocks for themselves on the hooks I had noticed in the roof, in a very luxurious state of mind, enhanced by my being sleepy. As slumber gradually stole upon me, I heard the wind howling out at sea and coming on across the flat so fiercely, that I had a lazy apprehension of the great deep rising in the night. But I bethought myself that I was in a boat, after all; and that a man like Mr. Peggotty was not a bad person to have on board if anything did happen.
3.   As he spoke he went inside the buildings to the cloister where thesuitors were, but Argos died as soon as he had recognized his master.
4. 艾玛·汤普森曾因影片《霍华德庄园》(Howards End)以及《理智与情感》(Sense and Sensibility)两次获得奥斯卡金像奖,而她把小金人放在洗手间这一做法也广为人知,她说:“放在其他地方都显得格格不入,它们太大了,又金光闪闪。”而艾玛并不是唯一一个这样做的人,苏珊·萨兰登(Susan Sarandon)、莱昂纳尔·里奇(Lionel Richie)以及肖恩·康纳利(Sean Connery)都称自己把小金人放在浴室等地方。
5. 加拿大全球事务部发布一份书面声明称:我们对本周在航班上不幸身亡的年轻加拿大公民的亲友,表示最深切的同情。
6. 欧洲也受到新的全球性经济的影响,但是,所受到的影响全是积极的。欧洲人是世界贸易最早的中间人。他们开辟了新的外洋航线,提供了必需的资本、船舶和专门技术。当然,他们会从奴隶贸易、甘蔗和烟草种植园以及东方贸易中得益最多。有些利益慢慢地为欧洲的人民群众所获得,茶叶的情况叮表明这一点;茶叶于1650年前后被引进英国时,每磅的价值大约为10英镑,然而一个世纪后,已成为普通消费品。比对生活水平的影响更重要的,是新的全球性贸易对欧洲经济的促进性影响。以后将提到,18世纪末叶开始进行的工业革命在很大程度上应归功于从海外事业中积聚起来的资本和海外市场对欧洲制造品的日渐增长的需要。


1. 因此,二审法院不妨重点查明程兆东返回餐厅后的行为,到底是王裕宽等人无端殴打程兆东,还是程兆东先挑衅王裕宽,才招致对方多人实施报复。
2. 6. 米兰达?可儿
3.   "Before God and before men," said he, "I accuse this woman of havingcaused the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham.""The Duke of Buckingham assassinated!" cried all present, with onevoice.
4.   But a child, a baby! That was still one of the sensations. She would venture very gingerly on that experiment. There was the man to consider, and it was curious, there wasn't a man in the world whose children you wanted. Mick's children! Repulsive thought! As lief have a child to a rabbit! Tommy Dukes? he was very nice, but somehow you couldn't associate him with a baby, another generation. He ended in himself. And out of all the rest of Clifford's pretty wide acquaintance, there was not a man who did not rouse her contempt, when she thought of having a child by him. There were several who would have been quite possible as lover, even Mick. But to let them breed a child on you! Ugh! Humiliation and abomination.
5.   "Very likely not; but I can quickly show you a close connection.Here are the missing links of the very simple chain: 1. You hadchalk between your left finger and thumb when you returned from theclub last night. 2. You put chalk there when you play billiards, tosteady the cue. 3. You never play billiards except with Thurston.4. You told me, four weeks ago, that Thurston had an option on someSouth African property which would expire in a month, and which hedesired you to share with him. 5. Your check book is locked in mydrawer, and you have not asked for the key. 6. You do not propose toinvest your money in this manner."
6.   'It's a poor wurem, Mas'r Davy,' said Ham, 'as is trod under foot by all the town. Up street and down street. The mowld o' the churchyard don't hold any that the folk shrink away from, more.'


1. 根据这个观点,证券交易所正是人类迄今创立的最快、最有效的数据处理系统。每个人都可以直接加入,或是通过银行或退休基金加入。证券交易所推动着全球经济,在地球,甚至外太空发生的事情,无不纳入考虑。不管是科学实验成功、日本传出政治丑闻、冰岛火山喷发,甚至太阳表面有不规则活动,都会影响股价。而为了让系统运作顺畅,就需要让尽量多的信息尽可能地自由流动。如果全球有数百万人都能获取所有相关信息,就会通过买卖来决定石油、现代汽车股票或瑞典政府债券最准确的价格。据估计,证券交易所只要根据15分钟的交易信息,就能确定《纽约时报》某个头条对于大多数股价的影响。3
2. 多位不愿具名的企业销售人士表示。
3. 当然,帮助也分正确和不正确,腾讯有很多平台可以为被投企业提供最正确的帮助

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      On this hint, Mr. Quinion released me, and I made the best of my way home. Looking back as I turned into the front garden, I saw Mr. Murdstone leaning against the wicket of the churchyard, and Mr. Quinion talking to him. They were both looking after me, and I felt that they were speaking of me.

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