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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Mephistopheles
2.  Faust
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  What in the spirit's depths was there created, What shyly there the lip shapedforth in sound; A failure now, with words now fitly mated, In the wild tumultof the hour is drown'd; Full oft the poet's thought for years hath waited Untilat length with perfect form 'tis crowned; What dazzles, for the moment born,must perish; What genuine is posterity will cherish.Merryman
5.  Wedded ones, would ye agree, We court your imitation: Would ye fondlylove as we, We counsel separation.
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Shall, if you wish it, flow without delay.
2.  Siebel
3.  A Street - An Evening Walk In The Garden
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Siebel
6.  Though in perplexity he serves me now, I soon will lead him where more lightappears; When buds the sapling, doth the gardener know That flowers andfruit will deck the coming years.


1.  'Tis when the roof rings back the tone, Then first the full power of the bass isknown.
2.  Others
3.  Faust
4.  Mephistopheles
5.   Bessy
6.  Ne'er were we 'mong your dullards found, And what we ought not, that to dowere fair; Yet now are all things turning round and round, When on firm basiswe would them maintain.


1.  Unless indeed the yawning ground Should open to receive them, From thisvile crew, with sudden bound, To Hell I'd jump and leave them.Xenien
2.  How blest, in whom the fond desire From error's sea to rise, hope stillrenews! What a man knows not, that he doth require, And what he knoweth,that he cannot use. But let not moody thoughts their shadow throw O'er thecalm beauty of this hour serene! In the rich sunset see how brightly glow Yoncottage homes, girt round with verdant green! Slow sinks the orb, the day innow no more; Yonder he hastens to diffuse new life. Oh for a pinion from theearth to soar, And after, ever after him to strive! Then should I see the worldbelow, Bathed in the deathless evening - beams, The vales reposing, everyheight a - glow, The silver brooklets meeting golden streams. The savagemountain, with its cavern'd side, Bars not my godlike progress. Lo, the ocean,Its warm bays heaving with a tranquil motion, To my rapt vision opes itsample tide! But now at length the god appears to sink; A new - born impulsewings my flight, Onward I press, his quenchless light to drink, The day beforeme, and behind the night, The pathless waves beneath, and over me the skies.Fair dream, it vanish'd with the parting day! Alas! that when on spirit - wingwe rise, No wing material lifts our mortal clay. But 'tis our inborn impulse,deep and strong, Upwards and onwards still to urge our flight, When farabove us pours its thrilling song The sky - lark, lost in azure light, When onextended wing amain O'er pine - crown'd height the eagle soars, And overmoor and lake, the crane Still striveth towards its native shores.Wagner
3.  The He - Monkey
4、  To and fro, Then from durance is he freed! Can ye aid him, spirits all, Leavehim not in mortal thrall! Many a time and oft hath he Served us, when atliberty.
5、  I'll join the rest.




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      Madam, in truth, it grieves me sore, But he his gold not lavishly hath spent.His failings too he deeply did repent, Ay! and his evil plight bewail'd still more.Margaret

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       Not quite so fast! for in our rear, Two girls, well - dress'd, are drawing near;Not far from us the one doth dwell, And sooth to say, I like her well. Theywalk demurely, yet you'll see, That they will let us join them presently.The First

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    {  Alas, I might search far and near, Not quickly should I find another like myfirst! There could not be a fonder fool than mine, Only he loved too wellaboard to roam; Loved foreign women too, and foreign wine, And lovedbesides the dice accurs'd.

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      Vanish in the fiery glow, Salamander! Rushingly together flow. Undine!Shimmer in the meteor's gleam, Sylphide! Hither bring thine homely aid,Incubus! Incubus! Step forth! I do adjure thee thus! None of the Four Lurksin the beast: He grins at me, untroubled as before; I have not hurt him in theleast. A spell of fear Thou now shalt hear. Art thou, comrade fell, Fugitivefrom Hell? See then this sign, Before which incline The murky troops of Hell!With bristling hair now doth the creature swell.Canst thou, reprobate, Read the uncreate, Unspeakable, diffused Throughoutthe heavenly sphere, Shamefully abused, Transpierced with nail and spear!Behind the stove, tam'd by my spells, Like an elephant he swells; Wholly nowhe fills the room, He into mist will melt away. Ascend not to the ceiling!Come, Thyself at the master's feet now lay! Thou seest that mine is no idlethreat. With holy fire I will scorch thee yet! Wait not the might That lies in thetriple - glowing light! Wait not the might Of all my arts in fullest measure!Mephistopheles}

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      Poor thing!

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      Quick! quick! below I see her there.

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       Use well your time, so rapidly it flies; Method will teach you time to win;Hence, my young friend, I would advise, With college logic to begin! Thenwill your mind be so well braced, In Spanish boots so tightly laced, That on'twill circumspectly creep, Thought's beaten track securely keep, Nor will it,ignis - fatuus like, Into the path of error strike. Then many a day they'll teachyou how The mind's spontaneous acts, till now As eating and as drinking free,Require a process; - one! two! three! In truth the subtle web of thought Is likethe weaver's fabric wrought: One treadle moves a thousand lines, Swift dartthe shuttles to and fro, Unseen the threads together flow, A thousand knotsone stroke combines. Then forward steps your sage to show, And prove toyou, it must be so; The first being so, and so the second, The third and fourthdeduc'd we see; And if there were no first and second, Nor third nor fourthwould ever be. This, scholars of all countries prize, Yet 'mong themselves noweavers rise. He who would know and treat of aught alive, Seeks first theliving spirit thence to drive: Then are the lifeless fragments in his hand, Thereonly fails, alas! the spirit - band. This process, chemists name, in learnedthesis, Mocking themselves, Naturae encheiresis.Student

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    {  I wonder is the wine still flowing!

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      I've my amusement in it too!