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1.   "Men of Ithaca, it is all your own fault that things have turned outas they have; you would not listen to me, nor yet to Mentor, when webade you check the folly of your sons who were doing much wrong in thewantonness of their hearts- wasting the substance and dishonouring thewife of a chieftain who they thought would not return. Now, however,let it be as I say, and do as I tell you. Do not go out againstUlysses, or you may find that you have been drawing down evil onyour own heads."
2. 近日,新京报记者接到读者反映称,位于沧州市新华区赵家坟村及沧县后程子村交界处附近有3处违建新民居项目正以低价商品房噱头对外出售。
3.   And when the topmost peak we round, Then alight ye on the ground; Theheath's wide regions cover ye With your mad swarms of witchery!(They let themselves down.)
4. 包括其在内的全国政协医卫界别90位委员曾联名向大会递交紧急提案,要求尽快制定出台专门的医疗机构安保条例。
5. 天主教后来跟总理衙门进行交涉,争取了一项特权,就是农村求神演戏的时候,信教的群众可以不出戏份儿。我们现在还不太清楚,为什么天主教要为教民争取这样的权益。不过,教民不出戏份还想看戏,这就在无形中加剧了普通百姓和教民之间的隔阂和矛盾。一开始,大伙儿可能还只是给你一个白眼什么的,不至于产生什么大的纷争,乡里乡亲的嘛。但有的时候求神演戏有很强的功利性目的,比如求雨。天旱了就要请戏班子来给龙王演戏,大家也都会跑过来蹭戏。演完之后不下雨还好说,但根据史书记载,常常戏演完就下雨了。现在我们的科学解释肯定认为这是赶巧了,但当时人不会这么看的。他们是这么想的:我们找来了戏班子,出了戏份子,然后给龙王演了戏,所以雨才能求下来。但那雨肯定也润泽了那些没出戏份子的教民家的地,而不是只下在出了戏份子的百姓家的地里。在这个时候,普通老百姓就会有很大怨气了,认为这个便宜教民占大了。仅仅蹭戏还好,但这一场雨该有多值钱啊。这一原因往往也会激化某些冲突。
6. 他曾经列举了一个简单的对照:谷歌索引了几百亿网页的内容,让用户可以在一秒之内找到所求。


1. 据了解,华安国际配置基金的投资顾问、担保人、票据发行人都是雷曼兄弟公司,现在华安只能等待雷曼兄弟清算的结果,虽然华安QDII还有三年才到期,但现在可能面临提前清盘。从该基金的半年报来看,2008年上半年,华安国际配置基金资产净值为9720万美元,按照现行人民币对美元汇率计算,约为6.6亿元人民币。也就是说,如果这只基金被清盘后,雷曼兄弟没钱还给华安的话,华安将独自承担这笔6亿多元的损失。
2. 3年、30次、790余元……为贪图小便宜,葫芦岛俩男子多次买短乘长,在出站时故意紧紧跟随其他乘客躲避出站检票,结果他们俩为自己的小聪明付出了代价。
3. Oh yes, we took part all right! It wasn't absolutely compulsory, but we thought it better to please.
4.   I can remember Miss Temple walking lightly and rapidly along ourdrooping line, her plaid cloak, which the frosty wind fluttered,gathered close about her, and encouraging us, by precept andexample, to keep up our spirits, and march forward, as she said, 'likestalwart soldiers.' The other teachers, poor things, were generallythemselves too much dejected to attempt the task of cheering others.
5. 即是说,刘秀当继承汉代刘家天下的火德正统,应于四七之际即从高祖算起到刘秀二百二十八年当运。盘据在蜀郡的公孙述也引用谶纬证明自己是真命天子,引《援神契》:西太守,乙卯金,认为西方太守应断绝刘家的国运。他代替王莽正好符合五德之运的程序。最后刘秀以《赤伏符》受命,又用了《西狩获麟谶》来折服公孙述,统一了天下,做了皇帝。
6. 以往活泼的女儿患上了陌生人恐惧症,常被噩梦萦绕,彻夜难眠。


1. 原标题:中国回应器官移植改革质疑使用死亡器官已成过去[环球时报赴梵蒂冈特派记者范凌志环球时报特约记者王逸]“火星飞溅”,美联社7日报道称,正在梵蒂冈召开的反对器官贩卖全球峰会上,一些与会者对中国发起挑战,质疑中国器官移植项目的改革承诺。
2. 当天晚上,小刘因腹部疼痛严重,医院为他做了各项检查,发现腹部有积液,医院要求当即给他做微创腔镜手术以检查腹部内脏是否有刺伤或损伤。
3.   'I know something of Mr. Lloyd; I shall write to him; if hisreply agrees with your statement, you shall be publicly cleared fromevery imputation; to me, Jane, you are clear now.'
4.   On a day, Lydia called these two youths aside; and, among some otherspeeches, which served but as an induction to her intended policy; sheperswaded them, that their mouths yeelded an unsavoury andilpleasing smell, whereof their Lord seemed to take dislike. Whereforeshe advised them, that at such times as they attended on him intheir severall places: they should (so much as possibly they could)withdraw their heads aside from him, because their breath might not benoyous unto him. But withall, to have an especiall care, of notdisclosing to any one, what she had told them; because (out of meerelove) she had acquainted them therewith: which very coistantly theybeleeved, and followed the same direction as she had advised, beingloath to displease, where service bound them to obey. Choosing atime fitting for her purpose, when Nicostratus was in privateconference with her, thus she began. Sir, you observe not thebehaviour of your two Pages, when they wait on you at the Table? Yesbut I do wife (quoth he) how squemishly they turn their heads asidefrom me, and it hath often bin in my minde, to understand a reason whythey do so.
5. 其实,介绍AI与百度地图生态的种种联系,是想描摹在这个生态之下,开发者头顶广袤的星空。
6.   The nature of the bond of correlation is very frequently quite obscure. M. Is. Geoffroy St Hilaire has forcibly remarked, that certain malconformations very frequently, and that others rarely coexist, without our being able to assign any reason. What can be more singular than the relation between blue eyes and deafness in cats, and the tortoise-shell colour with the female sex; the feathered feet and skin between the outer toes in pigeons, and the presence of more or less down on the young birds when first hatched, with the future colour of their plumage; or, again, the relation between the hair and teeth in the naked Turkish dog, though here probably homology comes into play? With respect to this latter case of correlation, I think it can hardly be accidental, that if we pick out the two orders of mammalia which are most abnormal in their dermal coverings, viz. Cetacea (whales) and Edentata (armadilloes, scaly ant-eaters, &c.), that these are likewise the most abnormal in their teeth.


1.   "Valentine, Valentine!" he mentally ejaculated; but his lipsuttered no sound, and as though all his strength werecentred in that internal emotion, he sighed and closed hiseyes. Valentine rushed towards him; his lips again moved.
2. 2010年时,晨兴资本合伙人刘芹曾经总结道:我认为,整个互联网发展的第一波技术驱动是1999年开始的媒体变革,第二波是搜索引擎这些新的技术。
3. 而部分企业自己建立的追溯系统,大部分也依托这一二维码。
4.   Till she came to the clearing, at the end of the wood, and saw the green-stained stone cottage, looking almost rosy, like the flesh underneath a mushroom, its stone warmed in a burst of sun. And there was a sparkle of yellow jasmine by the door; the closed door. But no sound; no smoke from the chimney; no dog barking.
5.   They arose and went out into the street. The downtown sectionwas now bare, save for a few whistling strollers, a few owl cars,a few open resorts whose windows were still bright. Out WabashAvenue they strolled, Drouet still pouring forth his volume ofsmall information. He had Carrie's arm in his, and held itclosely as he explained. Once in a while, after some witticism,he would look down, and his eyes would meet hers. At last theycame to the steps, and Carrie stood up on the first one, her headnow coming even with his own. He took her hand and held itgenially. He looked steadily at her as she glanced about, warmlymusing.
6. 美团CEO王兴称,我们再度收获了一个增长强劲的季度,收入的快速增长意味着美团给商家和用户创造了更多价值,同时也印证了中国仍是全球最具成长性的消费市场,我们对中国市场的长期增长充满信心。


1.   `Ah!' returned the man, with a relish; `he'll be drawn on a hurdle to be half hanged, and then he'll be taken down and sliced before his own face, and then his inside will be taken out and burnt while he looks on, and then his head will be chopped off, and he'll be cut into quarters. That the sentence.'
2.   'Mr. Rochester would be glad if you and your pupil would take teawith him in the drawing-room this evening,' said she: 'he has beenso much engaged all day that he could not ask to see you before.'
3.   I mentioned to Mr. Spenlow in the morning, that I wanted leave of absence for a short time; and as I was not in the receipt of any salary, and consequently was not obnoxious to the implacable Jorkins, there was no difficulty about it. I took that opportunity, with my voice sticking in my throat, and my sight failing as I uttered the words, to express my hope that Miss Spenlow was quite well; to which Mr. Spenlow replied, with no more emotion than if he had been speaking of an ordinary human being, that he was much obliged to me, and she was very well.

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