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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  remembrances, hung down her head with a suppressed groan."Yes, hell has resuscitated you," continued Athos. "Hellhas made you rich, hell has given you another name, hell hasalmost made you another face; but it has neither effaced thestains from your soul nor the brand from your body."Milady arose as if moved by a powerful spring, and her eyesflashed lightning. Athos remained sitting.
2.  "I know it because yesterday Monsieur de Wardes, in a saloonwhere I was, showed a ring which he said he had receivedfrom you."
3.  "Either the king's or the queen's. Are we not their Majesties'servants?"
4.  The Guardsman who had returned at the first dischargeannounced the death of his four companions. They weretherefore much astonished and delighted in the regiment whenthey saw the young man come back safe and sound.
5.  "La Chesnaye," said the king. "La Chesnaye!"
6.  Things passed as on the night before. D'Artagnan concealedhimself in his closet; Milady called, undressed, sent awayKitty, and shut the door. As the night before, D'Artagnandid not return home till five o'clock in the morning.At eleven o'clock Kitty came to him. She held in her hand afresh billet from Milady. This time the poor girl did noteven argue with D'Artagnan; she gave it to him at once. Shebelonged body and soul to her handsome soldier.


1.  Now, one evening when D'Artagnan, who was in the trenches,was not able to accompany them, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis,mounted on their battle steeds, enveloped in their warcloaks, with their hands upon their pistol butts, werereturning from a drinking place called the Red Dovecot,which Athos had discovered two days before upon the route toJarrie, following the road which led to the camp and quiteon their guard, as we have stated, for fear of an ambuscade,when, about a quarter of a league from the village ofBoisnau, they fancied they heard the sound of horsesapproaching them. They immediately all three halted, closedin, and waited, occupying the middle of the road. In aninstant, and as the moon broke from behind a cloud, they sawat a turning of the road two horsemen who, on perceivingthem, stopped in their turn, appearing to deliberate whetherthey should continue their route or go back. The hesitationcreated some suspicion in the three friends, and Athos,advancing a few paces in front of the others, cried in afirm voice, "Who goes there?"
2.  "And I about ten pistoles," said Aramis.
3.  "Grimaud," said Athos, still on the breach, "anothermusket!"
4.  All along the road, what Athos had said respecting Mme.Bonacieux recurred to the mind of the young man. AlthoughD'Artagnan was not of a very sentimental character, themercer's pretty wife had made a real impression upon hisheart. As he said, he was ready to go to the end of theworld to seek her; but the world, being round, has manyends, so that he did not know which way to turn. Meantime,he was going to try to find out Milady. Milady had spokento the man in the black cloak; therefore she knew him. Now,in the opinion of D'Artagnan, it was certainly the man inthe black cloak who had carried off Mme. Bonacieux thesecond time, as he had carried her off the first.D'Artagnan then only half-lied, which is lying but little,when he said that by going in search of Milady he at thesame time went in search of Constance.
5.  "Why, by your marchioness, your duchess, your princess. Shemust have a long arm."
6.  "What the devil can they smell so extraordinary in thissoup?" said Porthos, at the sight of a pale liquid, abundantbut entirely free from meat, on the surface of which a fewcrusts swam about as rare as the islands of an archipelago.Mme. Coquenard smiled, and upon a sign from her everyoneeagerly took his seat.


1.  And having put three or four double pistoles into his pocketto answer the needs of the moment, he placed the others inthe ebony box, inlaid with mother of pearl, in which was thefamous handkerchief which served him as a talisman.The two friends repaired to Athos's, and he, faithful to hisvow of not going out, took upon him to order dinner to bebrought to them. As he was perfectly acquainted with thedetails of gastronomy, D'Artagnan and Aramis made noobjection to abandoning this important care to him.They went to find Porthos, and at the corner of the Rue Bacmet Mousqueton, who, with a most pitiable air, was drivingbefore him a mule and a horse.
2.  "He is a bold fellow," said the cardinal.
3.  "Ah, if you speak in that way," said Athos, "you will break myheart, and the tears will flow from my eyes as the wine flowedfrom the cask. We are not such devils as we appear to be. Comehither, and let us talk."
4.  "At least you don't speak well of him."
5.   "Truly?"
6.  "Fore Gad, these Frenchmen have no consideration!""I had forgotten that England was an island, and that you werethe king of it."


1.  She had one hope, which was that Felton would appear at thebreakfast hour; but Felton did not come.
2.  "You are sure there is nobody there?" said the stranger."I will answer for it," said Bonacieux.
3.  "And how many were there of these linen drapers?""Two, monseigneur."
4、  "Why that question, my dear host?" asked D'Artagnan. "Do youintend to sit up for me?"
5、  "That is to say, two hundred more--a hundred pistoles for youand a hundred pistoles for me. Well, now, that would be areal fortune to us, my friend; let us go back to the Jew'sagain."




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      "Yes, yes," continued Lord de Winter, "I understand. You wouldlike very well to be a liberty on that beach! You would likevery well to be in a good ship dancing upon the waves of thatemerald-green sea; you would like very well, either on land or onthe ocean, to lay for me one of those nice little ambuscades youare so skillful in planning. Patience, patience! In four days'time the shore will be beneath your feet, the sea will be open toyou--more open than will perhaps be agreeable to you, for in fourdays England will be relieved of you."

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      "He proposed to me to undertake it with him, and I agreed.""And how much did she give you for this fine enterprise?""A hundred louis."

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       "Felton," cried she, "you are as great as Judas Maccabeus! Ifyou die, I will die with you; that is all I can say to you.""Silence!" cried Felton; "we are here."

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      "That's true," said Athos, and he rang the bell.

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    {  "Ah!" cried the Musketeer, as if he had received a ball inhis heart.

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      This immediately recalled to D'Artagnan's mind the handkerchiefwhich he had found at the feet of Mme. Bonacieux, which hadreminded him of that which he had dragged from under the feet ofAramis.}

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      "And you will do right. Handle the musket and the sword, mydear fellow. You will come off splendidly at those twoexercises; but pass the pen over to Monsieur Abbe. That'shis province."

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      "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."

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       "How yes and no?"

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    {  "Faith! I am going to fight--because I am going to fight,"answered Porthos, reddening.

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      D'Artagnan thought this could not last long, and continued tolook with all his eyes and listen with all his ears.He was right; at the end of some seconds two sharp taps wereheard inside. The young woman in the street replied by a singletap, and the shutter was opened a little way.