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1.   Hence I look at individual differences, though of small interest to the systematist, as of high importance for us, as being the first step towards such slight varieties as are barely thought worth recording in works on natural history. And I look at varieties which are in any degree more distinct and permanent, as steps leading to more strongly marked and more permanent varieties; and at these latter, as leading to sub-species, and to species. The passage from one stage of difference to another and higher stage may be, in some cases, due merely to the long-continued action of different physical conditions in two different regions; but I have not much faith in this view; and I attribute the passage of a variety, from a state in which it differs very slightly from its parent to one in which it differs more, to the action of natural selection in accumulating (as will hereafter be more fully explained) differences of structure in certain definite directions. Hence I believe a well-marked variety may be justly called an incipient species; but whether this belief be justifiable must be judged of by the general weight of the several facts and views given throughout this work.It need not be supposed that all varieties or incipient species necessarily attain the rank of species. They may whilst in this incipient state become extinct, or they may endure as varieties for very long periods, as has been shown to be the case by Mr Wollaston with the varieties of certain fossil land-shells in Madeira. If a variety were to flourish so as to exceed in numbers the parent species, it would then rank as the species, and the species as the variety; or it might come to supplant and exterminate the parent species; or both might co-exist, and both rank as independent species. But we shall hereafter have to return to this subject.
2.   值得一提的是,2019年6月1日实施的《交通运输新业态用户资金管理办法(试行)》(简称《管理办法》),由交通运输部、人民银行、国家发展改革委、公安部、市场监管总局、银保监会制定,其对用户押金和预付资金管理作出了具体规定。
3. 到曼彻斯特之后,他把对这种现象的研究列在了急于完成的研究项目的单子上。
4. 当时有两个人从国外回来,在北大资源楼租一个办公室,想做搜索引擎,想挖最好的人,很多人去了,他没有去。
5. 卖的确实是真皮,但不是牛头层皮革,而是二层真皮。


1. 今年4月,亚马逊收购了仓库机器人初创公司CanvasTechnology,收购金额并未公开。
2.   "What have you got there?" he asked.
3. 包括懒到家,爱洗网、e洗网、爱衣物微洗衣、懒猫洗衣、泡泡洗衣在内的诸多洗衣O2O平台,或多或少都出现了拖欠工资、公司租用的注册地人去楼空、线上订单不多导致入不敷出等等的负面消息,不少平台都已经彻底倒闭。
4. 三个人亲昵地呼着对方的名字:
5.   He gave another slight bow, turned, put his hat on, and strode to take hold of the chair. His voice on the last words had fallen into the heavy broad drag of the dialect...perhaps also in mockery, because there had been no trace of dialect before. He might almost be a gentleman. Anyhow, he was a curious, quick, separate fellow, alone, but sure of himself.
6. "So was mine," said Sara. "It is all there now--all of it. While I was dressing I ate some of the cold things we left."


1.   "Ever had any experience?" was one of his questions.
2. 前不久,西安阎良区的李先生到到当地派出所报警,说他被一个前同事骗了钱。
3.   Landing some store of their men, well armed with Crossebowes andother weapons, they tooke possession of such a place, where none durstissue forth of the small Barke, but endangered his life with theirDarts and Arrowes. Entering aboord the Barke, and making it their owneby full possession, all the men they threw over-boord, without sparingany but Landolpho himselfe, whom they mounted into one of theCarrackes, leaving him nothing but a poore shirt of Maile on hisbacke, and having rifled the Barke of all her riches, sunke it intothe bottome of the sea. The day following, the rough windes beingcalmed, the Carrackes set saile againe, having a prosperous passageall the day long; but upon the entrance of darke night, the windesblew more tempestuously then before, and sweld the Sea in such rudestormes, that the two Carracks were sundered each from other, and byviolence of the tempest it came to passe, that the Carracke whereinlay poore miserable Landolpho (beneath the Isle of Cephalonia) ranagainst a rocke, and even as a glasse against a wall, so split theCarracke in peeces, the goods and merchandize floating on the Sea,Chests, Coffers, Beds, and such like other things, as often hapneth insuch lamentable accidents.
4. 在中国,当我们谈知识产权,无论是知识产权的保护也好,运营也好,如果最终不能变现,不能让真正拥有知识产权、保护知识产权的人获得收益,赚到钱,那我觉得这种谈论永远是纸上谈兵。
5.   13. Boren man: born; owing to January faith and loyalty because born in his household.
6. 正背面内周缘由圆形调整为多边形。


1. 而皇后大学则校如其名,校园里美女如云,让马斯克目不暇接。
2.   'I live at the lodge: the old porter has left.'
3. 郭小姐说,因为对目前交房标准不满意,仍有数百户业主拒绝收房。
4. 论述古典希腊不能不提到希罗多德和修昔底德。他们叙述了他们那个时代各种激动人心的事件,并在叙述过程中,创立了一种新的文学类型——历史。希罗多德早先生活在曾沦于波斯人统治下的小亚细亚的希腊人中间,以后来到使波斯人遭到破天荒的惨败的雅典。希罗多德把雅典人的这一重大胜利归因于他们的民主政体,所以,他的《历史》一书是最早讴歌民主政体的一篇伟大的领辞。这部作品隐含的意思可以用他赞同的某希腊人的几句话来说明。那位希腊人在对波斯国王谈及自己的同胞时说:‘虽然他们是自由人,但并非在各个方面都是自由的;法律是他们的主人,他们畏惧这位主人甚于你的臣民害怕你。法律规定他们做什么,他们就做什么;法律的条文始终如一。法律禁止他们临战逃脱,不管遇到的敌人有多少;要求他们作战时坚如磐石,或者战胜敌人,或者死于敌手。”
5.   "Having so said she dived under the waves, whereon I turned backto the place where my ships were ranged upon the shore; and my heartwas clouded with care as I went along. When I reached my ship we gotsupper ready, for night was falling, and camped down upon the beach.
6.   "The fact is that I do not doubt your Eminence's genius--""Will repair the blunders of his agent--is that it?""That is exactly what I was going to say, if your Eminence hadlet me finish my sentence."


1. 因此,本案中法院如要妥善化解行政争议,应本着具有更加积极的态度,而不是一撤了之。
2.   `You see, too,' said the Doctor, tremulously, `it is such an old companion.'
3. 想一想再看

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