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1.   So I fetched the water as he asked, and washed and rubbed him, after which he lay down again and slept a little. When he opened his eyes for the second time, he begged me to bring him a melon and some sugar, that he might eat and refresh himself.
2. 在这份计划中,市值目标共分12个层级,从1000亿美元、1500亿美元、2000亿美元……依次递增至6500亿美元。
3.   "Say," he said, after he had, as he thought, pleasantly disposedof the marriage question, "I saw Hurstwood to-day, and he wantsus to go to the theatre with him."
4. 其实,在北京治疗中途,李军偶然在网上认识了非法买卖人体器官的贩子,经贩子指引,他带着70万元现金去往郑州。
5.   'I have a word to address to the pupils,' said she.
6. initially


1. 但当民警找上门后发现,报警人温某(女,26岁)由于喝醉酒,精神还处于亢奋状态,民警当即决定将其带回派出所醒酒并作进一步调查
2. “悲观、消极”的小说家阿斯利·埃尔多安正在努力加工处理自己的可怕经历:数月的牢狱生活。
3. 产生悖论的原因,就是因为一条新修的路,很可能会影响原有交通单元的路径决策。
4. 据KrASIA报道,Van将负责监管Grab在越南所有业务的战略和运营。
5. 往后一段时间是高管是最赚钱。
6.   "Oh yes, I read it over three times, and the words sankdeeply into my memory."


1. 陕北、晋西画像石的刻法大多为减地平雕,凸面不刻阴线,如影画效果,也有少数人物面部、衣纹、禽兽和建筑细部加刻阴线的,与山东武梁祠等画像石雕法相近。还有一种纯为阴线刻,刻纹粗而深,但与山东郭氏祠画像石刻法不同。石材多采自当地褐红色细砂岩,一经开采出便是平整的板块,石面不经打磨加工便可绘稿、雕刻。石面虽不像郭氏祠、武氏祠画像石那样平光,却自有其天然质朴的美。有的画像石还留有清晰的墨笔线稿或朱砂的痕迹,正可以证明画像石是先画后刻的。经过雕凿,具有雕铲微痕的凹地与平面突起的物象因反光程度不同而使物象剪影似的显现出来,产生了与其他地区画像石不同的单纯简洁的艺术效果。在处理内容较丰富的大型横幅构图时,常利用起伏回环的云气纹使画面形象产生一种活跃的律动感。构图颇具特点,画工采用分格表现法将石条隔成许多块,上面刻绘《牛车图》、《骏马图》、《牛耕图》、《麦穗图》等精彩的图象,把本来很普通的生活现象描绘成为极其新颖别致、富有情趣的绘画小品,耐人玩味。从整体风格看,虽没有四川、山东的精美细致,但表现得更为质朴、简洁、有力,另有一番特色。
2.   "That's true, sir."
3. 尼古拉斯·凯奇(Nicolas Cage)向来不随大流,他曾向媒体透露,因为居住权问题,他因影片《离开拉斯维加斯》(Leaving Las Vegas)所获得的小金人“正在某辆卡车上穿越路易斯安那州”。显然,如果政府要对你查户口,问问你的小金人在何处就可以了。
4. 政策100%摇号时代已经来临2019年7月,党中央、国务院发文明确提出严禁以各类考试、竞赛、培训成绩或证书证明等作为招生依据。
5. 2019年12月31日,国家药品监督管理局消息,万泰沧海的2价HPV疫苗上市注册申请获批,这也是首家获批的国产HPV疫苗。
6. To return to the history:


1.   But I waited for none of the landlord's explanation. In a tingleof fear I was already running down the village street, and makingfor the path which I had so lately descended. It had taken me anhour to come down. For all my efforts two more had passed before Ifound myself at the fall of Reichenbach once more. There wasHolmes's Alpine-stock still leaning against the rock by which I hadleft him. But there was no sign of him, and it was in vain that Ishouted. My only answer was my own voice reverberating in a rollingecho from the cliffs around me.
2. 美餐网站Mitra表示,此次C轮融资的资金,将用于在另外10个印度城市和东南亚市场进行扩张。
3. 澎湃新闻获悉,重庆市1月24日(除夕)启动重大突发公共卫生I级应急响应以来,该市公安机关全警停休、全员上岗,启动一级勤务,全力以赴做好疫情防范处置工作。
4.   At that moment Bazin entered with the spinach and the omelet."Be off, you wretch!" cried Aramis, throwing his skullcap in hisface. "Return whence you came; take back those horriblevegetables, and that poor kickshaw! Order a larded hare, a fatcapon, mutton leg dressed with garlic, and four bottles of oldBurgundy."
5. 教育机构遭遇特殊时期转型线上,在其看来这是非常规状态:教育机构长期被分为两派——线上机构和线下机构。
6. 就在杨某伙同他人试制毒品过程中,窝点被警方一网打尽。


1. He refused to listen to Jeff's suggestion that we examine the country further before we risked leaving our machine.
2.   She returning with this answer unto her Mistresse, Francescaremained in expectation, what the issue of these fond attemptes inthem, would sort unto. When night was come, and the middle hourethereof already past, Alessandro Chiarmontesi, having put off allother garments to his doublet and hose; departed secretly from hislodging, walking towards the Church-yard, where Scannadio lay in hisgrave: but by the way as he went, hee became surprized with diversdreadfull conceites and imaginations, and questioned with himselfethus.
3.   "Quite so. Why? When we answer that we have made some progresswith our little problem. Why? There can be only one adequate reason.Someone wanted to learn to imitate your writing and had to procure aspecimen of it first. And now if we pass on to the second point wefind that each throws light upon the other. That point is therequest made by Pinner that you should not resign your place, butshould leave the manager of this important business in the fullexpectation that a Mr. Hall Pycroft, whom he had never seen, was aboutto enter the office upon the Monday morning."

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    Libby has posted the lyrics on her YouTube channel in the comments section, but here they are for you. There are plenty of lovely English expressions and British English slang that I’ve highlighted in bold for you. Can you guess the meaning? What does “OMG” stand for?

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