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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  SHERLOCK HOLMES
2.  An answer had arrived to Holmes's telegram before our Surrey officerhad returned. Holmes read it and was about to place it in his notebookwhen he caught a glimpse of my expectant face. He tossed it acrosswith a laugh.
3.  Suddenly there was the momentary gleam of a light up in thedirection of the ventilator, which vanished immediately, but wassucceeded by a strong smell of burning oil and heated metal. Someonein the next room had lit a dark-lanten. I heard a gentle sound ofmovement, and then all was silent once more, though the smell grewstronger. For half an hour I sat with straining ears. Then suddenlyanother sound became audible-a very gentle, soothing sound, likethat of a small jet of steam escaping continually from a kettle. Theinstant that we heard it, Holmes sprang from the bed, struck amatch, and lashed furiously with his cane at the bell-pull."You see it, Watson?" he yelled. "You see it?"
4.  "Yes, sir, I fear that I am a little late, but the trains wereawkward. You wrote to me about a bust that is in my possession.""Exactly."
5.  One night-it was in June, '89-there came a ring to my bell, aboutthe hour when a man gives his first yawn and glances at the clock. Isat up in my chair, and my wife laid her needle-work down in her lapand made a little face of disappointment.
6.  "Not very prepossessing externally, as you can see, but a heart ofgold, and devoted to the child."


1.  "In answer to your advertisement of to-day's date, I beg to informyou that I know the young lady in question very well. If you shouldcare to call upon me I could give you some particulars as to herpainful history. She is living at present at The Myrtles, Beckenham."Yours faithfully,
2.  "One moment, Gregson," said Holmes. "I rather fancy that this ladymay be as anxious to give us information as we can be to get it. Youunderstand, madam, that your husband will be arrested and tried forthe death of the man who lies before us? What you say may be used inevidence. But if you think that he has acted from motives which arenot criminal, and which he would wish to have known, then you cannotserve him better than by telling us the whole story."
3.  He had ripped up my trousers with his pocket-knife.
4.  "From Hatherley Farmhouse to the Boscombe Pool is a quarter of amile, and two people saw him as he passed over this ground. One was anold woman, whose name is not mentioned, and the other was WilliamCrowder, a game-keeper in the employ of Mr. Turner. Both thesewitnesses depose that Mr. McCarthy was walking alone. Thegame-keeper adds that within a few minutes of his seeing Mr.McCarthy pass he had seen his son, Mr. James McCarthy, going thesame way with a gun under his arm. To the best of his belief, thefather was actually in sight at the time, and the son was followinghim. He thought no more of the matter until he heard in the evening ofthe tragedy that had occurred.
5.  "Using him roughly, anyway."
6.  "You cannot say what it was?"


1.  Mr. Bennett spoke in a tone of reproach, for it was very clearthat Holmes was not listening. His face was rigid and his eyes gazedabstractedly at the ceiling. With an effort he recovered himself."Singular! Most singular!" he murmured. "These details were new tome, Mr. Bennett. I think we have now fairly gone over the oldground, have we not? But you spoke of some fresh developments."The pleasant, open face of our visitor clouded over, shadowed bysome grim remembrance. "What I speak of occurred the night beforelast," said he. "I was lying awake about two in the morning, when Iwas aware of a dull muffled sound coming from the passage. I opened mydoor and peeped out. I should explain that the professor sleeps at theend of the passage-"
2.  "He met me with the dog-cart at the station, and I saw at a glancethat the last two months had been very trying ones for him. He hadgrown thin and careworn, and had lost the loud, cheery manner forwhich he had been remarkable.
4.  "You know how the matter stands?"
5.   "None."
6.  "Porky Shinwell has been telling me. He's after some other poor fooland wants to marry her this time. You want to stop it. Well, yousurely know enough about this devil to prevent any decent girl inher senses wanting to be in the same parish with him."


1.  And this was the singular case of the Grecian Interpreter, theexplanation of which is still involved in some mystery. We were ableto find out, by communicating with the gentleman who had answeredthe advertisement, that the unfortunate young lady came of a wealthyGrecian family, and that she had been on a visit to some friends inEngland. While there she had met a young man named Harold Latimer, whohad acquired an ascendency over her and had eventually persuaded herto fly with him. Her friends, shocked at the event, had contentedthemselves with informing her brother at Athens, and had then washedtheir hands of the matter. The brother, on his arrival in England, hadimprudently placed himself in the power of Latimer and of hisassociate, whose name was Wilson Kemp-a man of the foulestantecedents. These two, finding that through his ignorance of thelanguage he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner,and had endeavoured by cruelty and starvation to make him sign awayhis own and his sister's property. They had kept him in the housewithout the girl's knowledge, and the plaster over the face had beenfor the purpose of making recognition difficult in case she shouldever catch a glimpse of him. Her feminine perceptions, however, hadinstantly seen through the disguise when, on the occasion of theinterpreter's visit, she had seen him for the first time. The poorgirl, however, was herself a prisoner, for there was no one aboutthe house except the man who acted as coachman, and his wife, bothof whom were tools of the conspirators. Finding that their secretwas out, and that their prisoner was not to be coerced, the twovillains with the girl had fled away at a few hours' notice from thefurnished house which they had hired, having first, as they thought,taken vengeance both upon the man who had defied and the one who hadbetrayed them.
2.  "Fancy his having the insolence to confound me with the officialdetective force! This incident gives zest to our investigation,however, and I only trust that our little friend will not sufferfrom her imprudence in allowing this brute to trace her. And now,Watson, we shall order breakfast, and afterwards I shall walk downto Doctors' Commons, where I hope to get some data which may help usin this matter."
3.  "That's The Haven, as Bellamy called it. The one with the cornertower and slate roof. Not bad for a man who started with nothingbut- By Jove, look at that!"
4、  "Once a clergyman, always a clergyman."
5、  "If he waits a little longer he will get no price at all. The treatywill cease to be secret in a few months."




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      "'Look here!' I cried. 'You say he was. You speak as if he weredead. What is all this mystery? What has become of Godfrey Emsworth?'"I gripped the old man by the shoulder, but he shrank away."'I don't know what you mean, sir. Ask the master about MasterGodfrey. He knows. It is not for me to interfere.'

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      "What! You do not mean bodies?"

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       "That's what I'm asking you. You're in her dog-cart. You ought toknow where she is."

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      "Our difficulties are not over," he remarked, shaking his head. "Ourpolice work ends, but our legal work begins."

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    {  "Disease?" said I.

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      I had been delayed at a case, and it was a little afterhalf-past six when I found myself in Baker Street once more. As Iapproached the house I saw a tall man in a Scotch bonnet with acoat which was buttoned up to his chin waiting outside in thebright semicircle which was thrown from the fanlight. Just as Iarrived the door was opened, and we were shown up together toHolmes's room.}

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      "'I have not been here before.'

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      "No, sir, certainly not."

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       The chamber into which we were shown was on the same floor as thedrawing-room. It was furnished partly as a sitting and partly as abedroom, with flowers arranged daintily in every nook and corner. Ayoung man, very pale and worn was lying upon a sofa near the openwindow, through which came the rich scent of the garden and thebalmy summer air. A woman was sitting beside him, who rose as weentered.

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    {  1923

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      "He knows a damned sight too much about it. I'm not sure that hedoesn't know all about it."