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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "you are mistaken; I rode him nearly ten leagues in less than anhour and a half, and he appeared no more distressed than if hehad only made the tour of the Place St. Sulpice.""Ah, you begin to awaken my regret."
2.  A slight shade passed over the brow of Bonacieux, but so slightthat D'Artagnan did not perceive it.
3.  "Without doubt you will, monsieur; he persists in remainingthere. We every day pass through the air hole some bread at theend of a fork, and some meat when he asks for it; but alas! Itis not of bread and meat of which he makes the greatestconsumption. I once endeavored to go down with two of myservants; but he flew into terrible rage. I heard the noise hemade in loading his pistols, and his servant in loading hismusketoon. Then, when we asked them what were their intentions,the master replied that he had forty charges to fire, and that heand his lackey would fire to the last one before he would allow asingle soul of us to set foot in the cellar. Upon this I wentand complained to the governor, who replied that I only had whatI deserved, and that it would teach me to insult honorablegentlemen who took up their abode in my house."
4.  "And then," said Aramis, pinching his ear to make it red, as herubbed his hands to make them white, "and then I made a certainRONDEAU upon it last year, which I showed to Monsieur Voiture,and that great man paid me a thousand compliments.""A RONDEAU!" said the Jesuit, disdainfully.
5.  "Oh, what do I not owe you, Aramis?" said D'Artagnan. "DearConstance! I have at length, then, intelligence of you. Shelives; she is in safety in a convent; she is at Bethune! Whereis Bethune, Athos?"
6.  "I passed the night on a chair, starting at the least noise, fortoward midnight the lamp went out, and I was again in darkness.But the night passed away without any fresh attempt on the partof my persecutor. Day came; the table had disappeared, only Ihad still the knife in my hand.


1.  Porthos succeeded him; and thanks to one of those disappearancesto which he was accustomed, he was able to provide for the wantsof all for a fortnight. At last it became Aramis's turn, whoperformed it with a good grace and who succeeded--as he said, byselling some theological books--in procuring a few pistoles.Then, as they had been accustomed to do, they had recourse to M.de Treville, who made some advances on their pay; but theseadvances could not go far with three Musketeers who were alreadymuch in arrears and a Guardsman who as yet had no pay at all.At length when they found they were likely to be really in want,they got together, as a last effort, eight or ten pistoles, withwhich Porthos went to the gaming table. Unfortunately he was ina bad vein; he lost all, together with twenty-five pistoles forwhich he had given his word.
2.  "How can that be?"
3.  "A woman whom I don't know, but who is called Milady.""But if you don't know this woman, how do you know hername?"
4.  "Well, are you going away in that manner? Where, and how?""That's true!"
5.  Now, whenever the king halted, the Musketeers halted. Itfollowed that D'Artagnan, who was as yet purely and simplyin the Guards, found himself, for the time at least,separated from his good friends--Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.This separation, which was no more than an unpleasantcircumstance, would have certainly become a cause of seriousuneasiness if he had been able to guess by what unknowndangers he was surrounded.
6.  The Jesuit and the curate quite started from their chairs."This is the point of departure; it is a syllogism. The world isnot wanting in attractions. I quit the world; then I make asacrifice. Now, the Scripture says positively, 'Make a sacrificeunto the Lord.'"


1.  "The devil!" thought D'Artagnan. "The note is changed. Isshe going to fall in love with me, by chance, this fairinconstant; and will she be disposed to give me myselfanother sapphire like that which she gave me for De Wardes?"D'Artagnan rapidly drew his seat nearer to Milady's."Well, now," she said, "let us see what you would do toprove this love of which you speak."
2.  "As to the man to be depended upon, I have him under myhand, monsieur," said M. Dessessart, pointing to D'Artagnan;"and as to the four or five volunteers, Monsieur has but tomake his intentions known, and the men will not be wanting.""Four men of good will who will risk being killed with me!"said D'Artagnan, raising his sword.
3.  "But this creature must be a demon!" said Porthos, holdingout his plate to Aramis, who was cutting up a fowl."And this carte blanche," said D'Artagnan, "this carteblanche, does it remain in her hands?"
4.  "But I hope that you will do us the honor to tell us," addedAramis, in his politest tone and with his most graceful bow."He told me that he should henceforth recruit his Musketeers fromamong the Guards of Monsieur the Cardinal."
5.   "No. no!" said Milady. "On the contrary, stay, MonsieurD'Artagnan; your agreeable company will divert me.""Oh, oh!" thought D'Artagnan. "She has never been so kindbefore. On guard!"
6.  At that moment Patrick entered the room, crying, "A letter from France,my Lord."


1.  "He will guess, at least. Now, then, what had I better do?""Return instantly. It appears to me that the news you bear is worth thetrouble of a little diligence."
2.  A private room had been prepared for the king and another forMonsieur. In each of these closets were placed masqueradedresses. The same had been done for the queen and Madame thePresident. The nobles and ladies of their Majesties' suites wereto dress, two by two, in chambers prepared for the purpose.Before entering his closet the king desired to be informed themoment the cardinal arrived.
3.  But that was not all; they must get to London. In England thepost was well served. D'Artagnan and Planchet took each a posthorse, and a postillion rode before them. In a few hours theywere in the capital.
4、  "This is the second or third time, monsieur, that you haverepeated that name, and yet I have told you that I do not knowhim."
5、  Athos smiled.




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      "You are right; we must go out."

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      "That is to say, yes and no."

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       Porthos had seen neither the footman nor the carriage, but withhe eye of a jealous woman, Mme. Coquenard had seen everything.Porthos regretted that he had not at once made the lady of thered cushion a princess.

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      D'Artagnan sighed deeply, for this voice responded to asecret voice of his soul, which told him that greatmisfortunes awaited him.

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    {  "You were about to confide it to Monsieur Bonacieux," saidD'Artagnan, with chagrin.

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      "Well, monsieur?" asked D'Artagnan.}

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      The matter was all explained to him, and the friends gavehim to understand that among all his high connections hemust find a place for Kitty.

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      "Well, but whatever expenses he may have incurred, I am sure heis in a condition to pay them."

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       D'Artagnan threw off his hood, and disengaged his hands fromthe folds of the cloak. At sight of the mustaches and thenaked sword, the poor devil perceived he had to deal with aman. He then concluded it must be an assassin.

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    {  "So that now it is no longer hatred, but vengeance.""Indeed!"

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      "Madame," said the young man, bowing; "I can refuse nothing askedof me thus. Be content; I will depart."