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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, yes," said Monte Cristo smiling; "it is all a matter ofimagination. Why should we not imagine this the apartment ofan honest mother? And this bed with red hangings, a bedvisited by the goddess Lucina? And that mysteriousstaircase, the passage through which, not to disturb theirsleep, the doctor and nurse pass, or even the fathercarrying the sleeping child?" Here Madame Danglars, insteadof being calmed by the soft picture, uttered a groan andfainted. "Madame Danglars is ill," said Villefort; "it wouldbe better to take her to her carriage."
2.  "Is it then so terrible a poison?"
3.  "Well, then, look at M. de Villefort, and then ask me forproofs."
4.  "Do so, then."
5.  The procureur dropped his head; his teeth chattered likethose of a man under a violent attack of fever, and yet hewas deadly pale.
6.  "Yes, monsieur; you are aware from whom I come?"


1.  "No."
2.  "Oh, mercy, M. d'Avrigny!"
3.  "In that case go and get ready. I will call Salvieux andmake him write the letter."
4.  "I will offer myself as floor-polisher."
5.  "Sweet child," murmured Monte Cristo.
6.  ...ried in a place he knows


1.  "What did he answer?"
2.  "An enormous one."
3.  "But have you no request to make for yourself, Mercedes?"
4.  Haidee looked up abruptly, as if the sonorous tones of MonteCristo's voice had awakened her from a dream; and sheresumed her narrative. "It was about four o'clock in theafternoon, and although the day was brilliant out-of-doors,we were enveloped in the gloomy darkness of the cavern. Onesingle, solitary light was burning there, and it appearedlike a star set in a heaven of blackness; it was Selim'sflaming lance. My mother was a Christian, and she prayed.Selim repeated from time to time the sacred words: `God isgreat!' However, my mother had still some hope. As she wascoming down, she thought she recognized the French officerwho had been sent to Constantinople, and in whom my fatherplaced so much confidence; for he knew that all the soldiersof the French emperor were naturally noble and generous. Sheadvanced some steps towards the staircase, and listened.`They are approaching,' said she; `perhaps they bring uspeace and liberty!' -- `What do you fear, Vasiliki?' saidSelim, in a voice at once so gentle and yet so proud. `Ifthey do not bring us peace, we will give them war; if theydo not bring life, we will give them death.' And he renewedthe flame of his lance with a gesture which made one thinkof Dionysus of Crete.* But I, being only a little child, wasterrified by this undaunted courage, which appeared to meboth ferocious and senseless, and I recoiled with horrorfrom the idea of the frightful death amidst fire and flameswhich probably awaited us.
5.   "Certainly; but you will find terrible charges."
6.  "Wait, my dear sir, wait a moment; for I have such adelightful note on the Pastor quum traheret -- wait, and Iwill listen to you afterwards."


1.  "The blush of mingled pride and modesty which suddenlysuffused the cheeks of the young woman, the brilliancy ofher eye, and her highly important communication, produced anindescribable effect on the assembly. As for the count, hecould not have been more overwhelmed if a thunderbolt hadfallen at his feet and opened an immense gulf before him.`Madame,' replied the president, bowing with profoundrespect, `allow me to ask one question; it shall be thelast: Can you prove the authenticity of what you have nowstated?' -- `I can, sir,' said Haidee, drawing from underher veil a satin satchel highly perfumed; `for here is theregister of my birth, signed by my father and his principalofficers, and that of my baptism, my father having consentedto my being brought up in my mother's faith, -- this latterhas been sealed by the grand primate of Macedonia andEpirus; and lastly (and perhaps the most important), therecord of the sale of my person and that of my mother to theArmenian merchant El-Kobbir, by the French officer, who, inhis infamous bargain with the Porte, had reserved as hispart of the booty the wife and daughter of his benefactor,whom he sold for the sum of four hundred thousand francs.' Agreenish pallor spread over the count's cheeks, and his eyesbecame bloodshot at these terrible imputations, which werelistened to by the assembly with ominous silence.
2.  "`A person, whose confessor I am,' replied he, `and whoentertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short timesince to procure him a confidential servant. Would you likesuch a post? If so, I will give you a letter of introductionto him.' -- `Oh, father,' I exclaimed, `you are very good.'
3.  "What were you doing?" replied she.
4、  "Unquestionably."
5、  "It is not for herself that she is so, but for her son, andwhat you regard as a vice becomes almost a virtue whenlooked at in the light of maternal love."




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      "Good; he accepts," said Monte Cristo. "Now let us go."

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       "Why, if my information prove correct, a sort of Bonaparteconspiracy has just been discovered."

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      "They are perfect mother, so perfect, that they surpass byfar all I have known in the leading aristocracy of the threeproudest nobilities of Europe -- the English, the Spanish,and the German." The countess paused a moment; then, after aslight hesitation, she resumed, -- "You have seen, my dearAlbert -- I ask the question as a mother -- you have seen M.de Monte Cristo in his house, you are quicksighted, havemuch knowledge of the world, more tact than is usual at yourage, do you think the count is really what he appears tobe?"

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    {  "This time, at least, I do not deserve your thanks. It wasAli, my Nubian slave, who rendered this service to Madame deVillefort."

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      Had a thunderbolt fallen at the feet of Dantes, or hellopened its yawning gulf before him, he could not have beenmore completely transfixed with horror than he was at thesound of these unexpected words. Starting up, he clasped hishands around his head as though to prevent his very brainfrom bursting, and exclaimed, "His father! his father!"}

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      "What on earth are you talking of?"

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      "Your excellency will know when you have read the letter."

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    {  "Valentine," replied the young man, deeply affected, "I willnot say you are all I love in the world, for I dearly prizemy sister and brother-in-law; but my affection for them iscalm and tranquil, in no manner resembling what I feel foryou. When I think of you my heart beats fast, the bloodburns in my veins, and I can hardly breathe; but I solemnlypromise you to restrain all this ardor, this fervor andintensity of feeling, until you yourself shall require me torender them available in serving or assisting you. M. Franzis not expected to return home for a year to come, I amtold; in that time many favorable and unforeseen chances maybefriend us. Let us, then, hope for the best; hope is sosweet a comforter. Meanwhile, Valentine, while reproachingme with selfishness, think a little what you have been to me-- the beautiful but cold resemblance of a marble Venus.What promise of future reward have you made me for all thesubmission and obedience I have evinced? -- none whatever.What granted me? -- scarcely more. You tell me of M. Franzd'Epinay, your betrothed lover, and you shrink from the ideaof being his wife; but tell me, Valentine, is there no othersorrow in your heart? You see me devoted to you, body andsoul, my life and each warm drop that circles round my heartare consecrated to your service; you know full well that myexistence is bound up in yours -- that were I to lose you Iwould not outlive the hour of such crushing misery; yet youspeak with calmness of the prospect of your being the wifeof another! Oh, Valentine, were I in your place, and did Ifeel conscious, as you do, of being worshipped, adored, withsuch a love as mine, a hundred times at least should I havepassed my hand between these iron bars, and said, `Take thishand, dearest Maximilian, and believe that, living or dead,I am yours -- yours only, and forever!'" The poor girl madeno reply, but her lover could plainly hear her sobs andtears. A rapid change took place in the young man'sfeelings. "Dearest, dearest Valentine," exclaimed he,"forgive me if I have offended you, and forget the words Ispoke if they have unwittingly caused you pain."

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      "He must be a vampire."