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1. 护膝保护膝盖。
2. 第三节:佃农理论的发展
3. What impressed me particularly was their scheme of fertilization. Here was this little shut-in piece of land where one would have thought an ordinary people would have been starved out long ago or reduced to an annual struggle for life. These careful culturists had worked out a perfect scheme of refeeding the soil with all that came out of it. All the scraps and leavings of their food, plant waste from lumber work or textile industry, all the solid matter from the sewage, properly treated and combined-- everything which came from the earth went back to it.
4.   "This is my friend, Dr. Watson. He has been of most vital use tome in several of my cases, and a lucky chance has made it possible forme to bring him out and associate him with this investigation.""I am delighted to see you," said she, pressing my hand warmly. "Youwill, I am sure, forgive anything that may be wanting in ourarrangements, when you consider the blow which has come so suddenlyupon us."
5. 一条固定的需求曲线,表示当“其他任何条件”都不变时,某物品的价格与其需求量之间的反比关系。所谓“其他任何条件”,包括物品的品质、顾客对它的喜爱程度,顾客个人的健康、年龄、性别、家庭规模等等。千万不要忘记,只要这些因素中任何一项发生变化,原来的需求曲线就要上下移动,从而变成“另外”一条需求曲线,而不是“同一条”掉头向上的曲线。两种情况:(1)沿着同一条“向下倾斜的需求曲线”滑动,(2)平移整条“向下倾斜的需求曲线”。始终正确区分这两点,是掌握需求曲线应用的核心。
6. 当时,盖世太保名声之臭,从下面的情节可见一般:那些巡逻员马上给霍克利德他们指着甲板上的舱口,意思是让他们进入那个舱门去躲避。他们提着自己的袋子,溜走了。最后,他们到了甲板的下面开始工作。


1. 店鹿获450万元天使轮融资店鹿(deerlog)宣布完成450万元天使轮融资,投后估值5000万元,投资方为亮马资本。
2.   'Was I though?' returned the old man. 'I'm glad to hear it, but I don't remember when. Are you sure it was me?'
3.   "Sure," said Drouet, quite pleased at the attention shown.
4.   "What is your line?" asked Carrie.
5. 京东物流绝对有可能是京东国际化走得最快、最远的一支生力军。
6. 新技术预警企业财务危机除了理性方面的判断和专业的知识分析,人工智能技术近年来异军突起、获得了广泛的应用,将人工智能技术应用到财务风险预警领域,有可能及时发现报表造假企业,及时对上市企业的财务造假及其可能带来的风险做出预警。


1.   "He knows it already. When I had cleared it all up I had aninterview with him, and finding that he would not tell me the story, Itold it to him, on which he had to confess that I was right and to addthe very few details which were not yet quite clear to me. Your newsof this morning, however, may open his lips."
2. 虽然很多商家都在大量制作VR内容,但是他们的内容并不能多平台通用,用户又不可能去为了某些内容去购买多套VR设备。
3.   Faust
4. 如何界定赌博?就要看人员、工具、赌资、以低概率事件博取更大的彩头等因素。
5.   His son obeyed, and the crowd approached; they were bawling and hissing round a dingy hearse and dingy mourning coach, in which mourning coach there was only one mourner, dressed in the dingy trappings that were considered essential to the dignity of the position. The position appeared by no means to please him, however, with an increasing rabble surrounding the coach, deriding him, making grimaces at him, and incessantly groaning and calling out: `Yah! Spies! Tst! Yaha! Spies!' with many compliments too numerous and forcible to repeat.
6. 外部增长承压的情况下,向内部要效率,向产业链要效率必将成为重中之重。


1. It was a wonderful story about a princess who was loved by a Prince Merman, and went to live with him in shining caves under the sea.
2.   'You will change your mind, I hope, when you grow older: as yet youare but a little untaught girl.'
3. 考虑到丁女士的购物体验,商家最终同意为丁女士承担退货运费,丁女士也接受了这一处理方案。
4. But there were hours when her child heart might almost have broken with loneliness but for three people.
5.   First Voyage
6. 为了更好地在中小学中普及计算思维,本人带领团队开发了一种称为木兰的编程语言。


1. 对于云计算的未来,张侠非常确定,云计算在未来一段时间内,我认为都将是IT技术的核心,虽然现在谈到很多技术,大数据、物联网、人工智能、区块链、VR、AR等等,但是云计算是这个时代IT技术的底层的公共的支撑的核心,在很长一段时间都会起到很关键的作用。
2. 圣加伦大学在总排名上仍居榜首,这是这家瑞士商学院的战略及国际管理硕士项目连续第七年夺冠。巴黎高等商学院连续第四年屈居亚军,西班牙IE商学院(IE Business School)的排名上升四位,至第三。
3.   Placebo came, and eke his friendes soon, made his choice* And *alderfirst he bade them all a boon,* *first of all he asked That none of them no arguments would make a favour of them* Against the purpose that he had y-take: Which purpose was pleasant to God, said he, And very ground of his prosperity. He said, there was a maiden in the town, Which that of beauty hadde great renown; All* were it so she were of small degree, *although Sufficed him her youth and her beauty; Which maid, he said, he would have to his wife, To lead in ease and holiness his life; And thanked God, that he might have her all, That no wight with his blisse parte* shall; *have a share And prayed them to labour in this need, And shape that he faile not to speed: For then, he said, his spirit was at ease. "Then is," quoth he, "nothing may me displease, Save one thing pricketh in my conscience, The which I will rehearse in your presence. I have," quoth he, "heard said, full yore* ago, *long There may no man have perfect blisses two, This is to say, on earth and eke in heaven. For though he keep him from the sinne's seven, And eke from every branch of thilke tree,<8> Yet is there so perfect felicity, And so great *ease and lust,* in marriage, *comfort and pleasure* That ev'r I am aghast,* now in mine age *ashamed, afraid That I shall head now so merry a life, So delicate, withoute woe or strife, That I shall have mine heav'n on earthe here. For since that very heav'n is bought so dear, With tribulation and great penance, How should I then, living in such pleasance As alle wedded men do with their wives, Come to the bliss where Christ *etern on live is?* *lives eternally* This is my dread;* and ye, my brethren tway, *doubt Assoile* me this question, I you pray." *resolve, answer

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      Sir Thopas was a doughty swain, White was his face as paindemain, <4> His lippes red as rose. His rode* is like scarlet in grain, *complexion And I you tell in good certain He had a seemly nose.