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1. But it was a perilous thing for Ermengarde and Lottie to make pilgrimages to the attic. They could never be quite sure when Sara would be there, and they could scarcely ever be certain that Miss Amelia would not make a tour of inspection through the bedrooms after the pupils were supposed to be asleep. So their visits were rare ones, and Sara lived a strange and lonely life. It was a lonelier life when she was downstairs than when she was in her attic. She had no one to talk to; and when she was sent out on errands and walked through the streets, a forlorn little figure carrying a basket or a parcel, trying to hold her hat on when the wind was blowing, and feeling the water soak through her shoes when it was raining, she felt as if the crowds hurrying past her made her loneliness greater. When she had been the Princess Sara, driving through the streets in her brougham, or walking, attended by Mariette, the sight of her bright, eager little face and picturesque coats and hats had often caused people to look after her. A happy, beautifully cared for little girl naturally attracts attention. Shabby, poorly dressed children are not rare enough and pretty enough to make people turn around to look at them and smile. No one looked at Sara in these days, and no one seemed to see her as she hurried along the crowded pavements. She had begun to grow very fast, and, as she was dressed only in such clothes as the plainer remnants of her wardrobe would supply, she knew she looked very queer, indeed. All her valuable garments had been disposed of, and such as had been left for her use she was expected to wear so long as she could put them on at all. Sometimes, when she passed a shop window with a mirror in it, she almost laughed outright on catching a glimpse of herself, and sometimes her face went red and she bit her lip and turned away.
2.   Save this she prayed him, if that he might, Her little son he would in earthe grave,* *bury His tender limbes, delicate to sight, From fowles and from beastes for to save. But she none answer of him mighte have; He went his way, as him nothing ne raught,* *cared But to Bologna tenderly it brought.
3. 卖淫窝点,行的是违法伤风之事,也多处在灰暗地带
4. 在今年9月阿里妈妈营销峰会闭门会议中,张勇曾经表示,销售应该是所有通路的数字化而不仅仅是网上销售的数字化,阿里妈妈也要升级,要对品牌进行全域用户运营、全生命周期的价值挖掘和建设。
5. 甚至奥斯曼帝国的非洲诸省也受到了俄国革命和波斯革命的影响。例如,开罗的一家报纸时常介绍俄国和波斯的发展情况,并极力主张读者要么去实现“俄国革命的崇高理想”。要么在波斯所取得的成就面前“无地自容”。
6. (7)陷镇江,杀副都统海龄。


1. 董明珠在论坛上透露,今年以来,董明珠的店的销售额已经超过了3.5亿元。
2. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情
3. 重庆案件,目前双方已达成执行和解。
4. 由于GPU更适合于深度学习的高并行计算,加上在深度学习、无人驾驶的先发优势,英伟达GPU在AI相关的领域广泛应用。
5. 所以,在C语言环境下,使用API更加容易,比如API所用到的MessageBox函数,就被保存在了Windows提供的user32.dll这个DLL文件中。
6. 一份声明说,该基金已经筹集了2400万美元。


1.   "If it is for the purpose of rejoining Milady," said Athos, coolly, "itis useless; you will not find her."
2.   "Hush, La Carconte. It is God's pleasure that things shouldbe so."
3.   "The stable lane?" She raised her dark eyebrows. "What can he hopeto find there? Ah! this, I suppose, is he. I trust, sir, that you willsucceed in proving, what I feel sure is the truth. that my cousinArthur is innocent of this crime."
4. 武汉市金银潭医院是当地最大的传染病医院,收治包括艾滋病在内的多种传染疾病的病人。
5.   Summary
6.   While the vizir, Giafar, was talking to the ladies the Caliph was occupied in wondering who they could be, and why the three Calenders had each lost his right eye. He was burning to inquire the reason of it all, but was silenced by Zobeida's request, so he tried to rouse himself and to take his part in the conversation, which was very lively, the subject of discussion being the many different sorts of pleasures that there were in the world. After some time the Calenders got up and performed some curious dances, which delighted the rest of the company.


1. 今年由美国电影学会的电影评审总监是Tom Pollock,担任电视剧评审总监的是Richard Frank。评审团的其他成员还包括Judd Apatow, Halle Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leonard Maltin,来自知名大学的著作家,学者,公认的电影艺术家,还有像媒体NPR,Rolling Stone, TV Guide, 华盛顿邮报对于电视电影的评论家们。
2. 联想记忆
3.   "Oh, you are a thorough democrat," said Monte Cristo,smiling.
4. 美国公司高管的薪酬不断上升,收入差距越拉越大。在这种情况下,看到一位不光关心自身收入的CEO不禁让人眼前一亮。9月份,联想首席执行官杨元庆宣布,他将连续第二年和大约1万名联想员工分享他的奖金,数额至少为300万美元。他做出这个慷慨决定的原因是这家个人电脑制造商的年度销售额创下了历史新高。据彭博新闻(Bloomberg News)报道,参与“分成”的联想员工获得的奖金大约相当于中国普通城镇就业者一个月的收入。
5. 同时,增加专职部门对学生进行纪律管理,有中学就已设立这样的部门,专门处理学生打架斗殴、旷课等行为,班主任可以协助。
6.   The first act of business Miss Murdstone performed when the day of the solemnity was over, and light was freely admitted into the house, was to give Peggotty a month's warning. Much as Peggotty would have disliked such a service, I believe she would have retained it, for my sake, in preference to the best upon earth. She told me we must part, and told me why; and we condoled with one another, in all sincerity.


1. 共享空间和共享办公设备服务的出现,本质来说不是提高创业的成功率,而是降低创业成本,并且减少创业失败后的损失。
2.   "Well, I hoped to get an exchange of arms, -- to substitutethe sword for the pistol; the pistol is blind."
3. 其弟余其泽目前在3家公司担任法定代表人,在12家公司担任股东,在12家公司担任高管,对32家公司拥有实际控制权。

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