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1.   There was a titter, and some applause; but Mr. Mell was so white, that silence immediately succeeded; and one boy, who had darted out behind him to imitate his mother again, changed his mind, and pretended to want a pen mended.
2.   "'So far so good,' said she, when I had ended my story, 'and now payattention to what I am about to tell you- heaven itself, indeed,will recall it to your recollection. First you will come to the Sirenswho enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in tooclose and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and childrenwill never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field andwarble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a greatheap of dead men's bones lying all around, with the flesh stillrotting off them. Therefore pass these Sirens by, and stop yourmen's ears with wax that none of them may hear; but if you like youcan listen yourself, for you may get the men to bind you as youstand upright on a cross-piece half way up the mast, and they mustlash the rope's ends to the mast itself, that you may have thepleasure of listening. If you beg and pray the men to unloose you,then they must bind you faster.
3. 七月疫情进入江户之时,因为江户人对这种新来的传染病缺乏认识,霍乱疫情被叫做热病变病冒署korori等等,传闻与狐、狼、狸作乱有关(三者读音连起来是korori)。
4. 他在群里发单基本上都不用机器人,全是人肉的群转链和发单,我十分佩服。
5.   Like his great successor, Spencer, it was the fortune of Chaucer to live under a splendid, chivalrous, and high-spirited reign. 1328 was the second year of Edward III; and, what with Scotch wars, French expeditions, and the strenuous and costly struggle to hold England in a worthy place among the States of Europe, there was sufficient bustle, bold achievement, and high ambition in the period to inspire a poet who was prepared to catch the spirit of the day. It was an age of elaborate courtesy, of high- paced gallantry, of courageous venture, of noble disdain for mean tranquillity; and Chaucer, on the whole a man of peaceful avocations, was penetrated to the depth of his consciousness with the lofty and lovely civil side of that brilliant and restless military period. No record of his youthful years, however, remains to us; if we believe that at the age of eighteen he was a student of Cambridge, it is only on the strength of a reference in his "Court of Love", where the narrator is made to say that his name is Philogenet, "of Cambridge clerk;" while he had already told us that when he was stirred to seek the Court of Cupid he was "at eighteen year of age." According to Leland, however, he was educated at Oxford, proceeding thence to France and the Netherlands, to finish his studies; but there remains no certain evidence of his having belonged to either University. At the same time, it is not doubted that his family was of good condition; and, whether or not we accept the assertion that his father held the rank of knighthood -- rejecting the hypotheses that make him a merchant, or a vintner "at the corner of Kirton Lane" -- it is plain, from Chaucer's whole career, that he had introductions to public life, and recommendations to courtly favour, wholly independent of his genius. We have the clearest testimony that his mental training was of wide range and thorough excellence, altogether rare for a mere courtier in those days: his poems attest his intimate acquaintance with the divinity, the philosophy, and the scholarship of his time, and show him to have had the sciences, as then developed and taught, "at his fingers' ends." Another proof of Chaucer's good birth and fortune would he found in the statement that, after his University career was completed, he entered the Inner Temple - - the expenses of which could be borne only by men of noble and opulent families; but although there is a story that he was once fined two shillings for thrashing a Franciscan friar in Fleet Street, we have no direct authority for believing that the poet devoted himself to the uncongenial study of the law. No special display of knowledge on that subject appears in his works; yet in the sketch of the Manciple, in the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, may be found indications of his familiarity with the internal economy of the Inns of Court; while numerous legal phrases and references hint that his comprehensive information was not at fault on legal matters. Leland says that he quitted the University "a ready logician, a smooth rhetorician, a pleasant poet, a grave philosopher, an ingenious mathematician, and a holy divine;" and by all accounts, when Geoffrey Chaucer comes before us authentically for the first time, at the age of thirty-one, he was possessed of knowledge and accomplishments far beyond the common standard of his day.
6.   Of filth and fire abortion vile!


1. 格力电器2017年年报数据显示,格力2017年实现营业收入达1482.86亿元,同比增长36.92%。
2.   'Certainly, certainly. Call him Trotwood, certainly,' said Mr. Dick. 'David's son's Trotwood.'
3. 撞到车后,该越野车继续东倒西歪行驶,又相继撞击、剐蹭了三辆车才停下。
4.   As soon as I could creep away, I crept upstairs. My old dear bedroom was changed, and I was to lie a long way off. I rambled downstairs to find anything that was like itself, so altered it all seemed; and roamed into the yard. I very soon started back from there, for the empty dog-kennel was filled up with a great dog - deep mouthed and black-haired like Him - and he was very angry at the sight of me, and sprang out to get at me.
5. 我们在这个市场投入了非常丰富的营销方式,包括了体育营销、娱乐营销、价值观营销、体验营销等等很多的方式,来构建与消费者之间的关系。
6.   "When I saw him I tried to pacify him and said, 'Ajax, will younot forget and forgive even in death, but must the judgement aboutthat hateful armour still rankle with you? It cost us Argives dearenough to lose such a tower of strength as you were to us. Wemourned you as much as we mourned Achilles son of Peleus himself,nor can the blame be laid on anything but on the spite which Jove boreagainst the Danaans, for it was this that made him counsel yourdestruction- come hither, therefore, bring your proud spirit intosubjection, and hear what I can tell you.'


1. 早上8点,记者来到位于上海市黄浦区一家工商银行的时候,门口已经排队近50人。
2. 不过,我们尝试之后竟然也成功了。
3. "Tell me about your theory of education," I said. "Make it short and easy. And, to show you what puzzles me, I'll tell you that in our theory great stress is laid on the forced exertion of the child's mind; we think it is good for him to overcome obstacles."
4. 安徽省药品监督管理局在通报中表示,该企业生产质量管理上存在缺陷导致发生此类问题。
5.   "The description of the man who, on the morning of the daywhen General Quesnel disappeared, presented himself at hishouse."
6. 家长都帮我们澄清一下。


1. 而无餐具食用也因为卫生问题从卖点变为槽点。
2. 此会计科目存疑的地方在于,瑞幸咖啡并未将亏损的大头之一——营销费用和企业管理费用计算在内,尤其是2019年第三季度其市场营销费用达780万美元,同比增长达147.6%。
3.   "Not I, unfortunately!" said Porthos. "This miserable strainconfines me to my bed; but Mousqueton forages, and brings inprovisions. Friend Mousqueton, you see that we have areinforcement, and we must have an increase of supplies.""Mousqueton," said D'Artagnan, "you must render me a service.""What, monsieur?"
4. 在收狗的账目中,一个“活”字引起了民警的注意,因为有的账目旁边标注“活”,而有的却没有,这之中是否有猫腻?当民警向老甘出示这本账本时,老甘像泄了气的皮球,交代了买卖有毒狗肉的犯罪事实。
5. 王刚奎告诉北青报记者,自己在12月8日发表了一篇文章,是给大家说一下最近的情况,其中一点是希望能够申请贫困户,同时给爱人和母亲申请一个村中的公益性岗位,能够做做打扫卫生的工作,一个月可以有500元的收入,如果有这笔收入可以解决很多问题,但是却一直没有被村里认定为贫困户,扫路的岗位也迟迟申请不到。
6. 至此,共享办公企业正逐渐找到自己的位置。


1.   Of the elements in the finished Faust that are derived from the legend a roughidea may be obtained from the "Doctor Faustus" of Marlowe, printed in thepresent volume. As early as 1674 a life of Faust had contained the incident ofthe philosopher's falling in love with a servant - girl; but the developed story ofGretchen is Goethe's own. The other elements added to the plot can be notedby a comparison with Marlowe.
2.   "We will be sure, sir," answered Telemachus, "to tell him everythingas soon as we see him. I wish I were as certain of finding Ulyssesreturned when I get back to Ithaca, that I might tell him of thevery great kindness you have shown me and of the many beautifulpresents I am taking with me."
3. 海道之外,宋与印度次大陆诸国在陆路上的交通也很频繁。北宋建国之后,九六五年(太祖乾德三年),沧州僧道圆自西域返还,表献贝叶梵经四十二夹。道圆是在晋天福中西去的,在途十二年,居印度六年。宋太祖亲自召见他询问所历山川道里,颇加礼待。明年,僧行勤等一百五十七人情游西域取经,朝廷各赐钱三万遣行。此后,往取经者甚多。同时期,印度僧人也纷纷东来,其中著名的有中天竺摩伽陀国法天、北天竺迦湿弥罗国僧天息灾和乌填国僧施护等。太宗崇尚释教,九八○年(太平兴国五年),诏立译经院(后改称传法院),召天息灾等三人入院,从事佛经翻译,由梵学僧法进、常谨、清沼等笔受,杨悦、张洎润色。九八三年,天息灾诸选召童子,学习梵文。真宗景德三年诏令“西天僧有精通梵语,可助翻演者悉馆于传法院”。传法院进行了大量的佛经翻译工作。从太平兴国七年到仁宗景祐三年的五十四年内,贡献并内出梵经无虑一千四百二十八夹,译成经论凡五百六十四卷。以后又续有译作。当时来宋朝的天竺僧人很多,挟梵夹来献者不绝。

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