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1. It was beyond me. To hear a lot of women talk about "our children"! But I suppose that is the way the ants and bees would talk--do talk, maybe.
2.   64. So, in "Locksley Hall," Tennyson says that "a sorrow's crown of sorrow is rememb'ring better things." The original is in Dante's words:- - "Nessun maggior dolore Che ricordarsi del tempo felice Nella miseria." -- "Inferno," v. 121. ("There is no greater sorrow than to remember happy times when in misery")
3. 因此,欧洲民族主义者的态度正在缓和。虽然回归各民族国家的话题甚嚣尘上,但很少有欧洲人真的愿意为此互相残杀,赔上性命。在过去,比如威廉·华莱士(WilliamWallace)和罗伯特一世(RobertBruce)的时代,苏格兰人希望摆脱伦敦的控制,唯有起兵开战。相较之下,2014年苏格兰公投期间没有任何一人送命,而且就算下一次苏格兰独立公投通过,也极不可能看到班诺克本战役(BattleofBannockburn)重新上演。至于加泰罗尼亚试图脱离西班牙,虽然引发的暴力冲突大大多于苏格兰,但远远不及巴塞罗那在1714年或1939年经历的大屠杀。
4. 康熙帝面对着清朝内部的重重矛盾,在他的晚年越来越着意研究程朱理学(道学),从中寻求维护封建统治的权术。
5. 硅与数字世界的探险同样如此。
6. 今日,新京报记者从福州市消防救援支队了解到,张伟杰遗体告别仪式于今日上午在福州市殡仪馆举行,有近千名群众自发前往送别。


1.   "'It is locked up,' I answered.
2. 平均工作经验:12年
3. 2011年,网易的离职创业潮爆发了
4. Becky had quite forgotten herself in her excitement, and was grinning at Lottie, who was wriggling with rapturous expectation. She almost dropped her box, the disapproving voice so startled her, and her frightened, bobbing curtsy of apology was so funny that Lavinia and Jessie tittered.
5. 据悉,彭格利按小时监控车内温度,在早上7点温度是30℃。
6.   Carrie at last could scarcely sit still. Her legs began to tireand she wanted to get up and stretch. Would noon never come? Itseemed as if she had worked an entire day. She was not hungry atall, but weak, and her eyes were tired, straining at the onepoint where the eye-punch came down. The girl at the rightnoticed her squirmings and felt sorry for her. She wasconcentrating herself too thoroughly--what she did reallyrequired less mental and physical strain. There was nothing tobe done, however. The halves of the uppers came piling steadilydown. Her hands began to ache at the wrists and then in thefingers, and towards the last she seemed one mass of dull,complaining muscles, fixed in an eternal position and performinga single mechanical movement which became more and moredistasteful, until as last it was absolutely nauseating. Whenshe was wondering whether the strain would ever cease, a dull-sounding bell clanged somewhere down an elevator shaft, and theend came. In an instant there was a buzz of action andconversation. All the girls instantly left their stools andhurried away in an adjoining room, men passed through, comingfrom some department which opened on the right. The whirlingwheels began to sing in a steadily modifying key, until at lastthey died away in a low buzz. There was an audible stillness, inwhich the common voice sounded strange.


1. 1001、1002、1003…施救的乘务员配合口令,有节奏地按压乘客胸部,与死神紧张地赛跑。
2.   Besides, he had the disagreeable fear of meeting old-timefriends, ever since one such encounter which he made shortlyafter his arrival in the city. It was in Broadway that he saw aman approaching him whom he knew. There was no time forsimulating non-recognition. The exchange of glances had been toosharp, the knowledge of each other too apparent. So the friend,a buyer for one of the Chicago wholesale houses, felt, perforce,the necessity of stopping.
3.   That might not be so long as the Marquis supposed. If a picture of the chaateau as it was to be a very few years hence, and of fifty like it as they too were to be a very few years hence, could have been shown to him that night, he might have been at a loss to claim his own from the ghastly, fire-charred, plunder-wrecked ruins. As for the roof he vaunted, he might have found that shutting out the sky in a new way--to wit, for ever, from the eyes of the bodies into which its lead was fired, out of the barrels of a hundred thousand muskets.`Meanwhile,' said the Marquis, `I will preserve the honour and repose of the family, if you will not. But you must be fatigued. Shall we terminate our Conference for the night?'
4. 《经济学人智库》发布了2016年世界生活成本报告,根据各种产品和服务的成本对各国进行了排名。
5. 同时,写的含义还有一个就是实践,在自己的人生中写,学而时习之,知识本来就是前人解决问题的经验传承,不去实践中解决问题,学它何用?古人都说了,读万卷书,后面一定要跟着行万里路。
6. Despite the breakthrough, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, said there was no need for human beings to fear machines.


1. 由于这些牌照最初不是由北京市政府通过拍卖而发出的,所以拾级而上的垄断租金,并没有落到政府手上,而是落到了早年走运申领到牌照的人手上,或落到了有眼光较早以较低价格买到牌照的人手上。要特别指出,还有一些公司,付高价购入经过多次换手的牌照。这些公司算不上是垄断租金的受益者,而只是赚取市场平均回报的普通投资者而已。不论哪种情况,只要政府放开数量管制,持牌人就会遭受损失,所以他们会极力抵抗。另一方面,政府回购牌照也有困难,因为用政府财政来补贴专营权所有者,在纳税人那里不容易通过。这是出租车市场化改革的难点。
2. 定税课法——一三一○年,定税课法。诸色课程,以一三○七年的旧额、元增,总为正额,折合至元钞数。自一三一○年开始,税课官员能再增收九分(正额十分之九)者为“最”,不到三分者为“殿”,堵到七分至三分者,分别称为上酬、中酬、下酬。税课官以税额多少评定等第。税课法鼓励官员多方征税,肆意加重对人民的剥夺。
3.   This Seneca, of which that I devise,* *tell Because Nero had of him suche dread, For he from vices would him aye chastise Discreetly, as by word, and not by deed; "Sir," he would say, "an emperor must need Be virtuous, and hate tyranny." For which he made him in a bath to bleed On both his armes, till he muste die.
4. 两年才能赚回来的,这个商业模式就是庞氏骗局。
5. "No," said Ermengarde. "Never. I--tell me about it."
6. 用我们的例子来说。商品资本W'是10000磅纱,价值500镑。其中422镑是生产资本的价值,它作为8440磅纱的货币形式,使那个由W'开始的资本流通继续进行下去;78镑的剩余价值,即商品产品的超额部分1560磅纱的货币形式,则退出这个流通,而在一般商品流通内走一条分离的轨道。


1. This year so far, Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid has made $526 million since its release in early February during Lunar New Year.
2. 在全球石油市场上,大约每九桶石油中就有一桶产自沙特阿美。
3. 同时,在深圳的线下学生人数也突破了1000人,我们也希望在新的一年能为更多的学生提供更丰富有趣的创客课程。

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