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1.   After he had reade it, and well considered on the service thereinconcerned; he was the most joyfull man of the world, and began tocontrive his aptest meanes, for meeting with his gracious Mistresse,and according as she had given him direction. In a corner of the KingsPalace, it being seated on a rising hill, a cave had long beene madein the body of the same hill, which received no light into it, butby a small spiracle or vent-loope, made out ingeniously on the hilsside. And because it had not beene a long time frequented, by theaccesse of any body, that vent-light was over-growne with briars andbushes, which almost engirt it round about. No one could descendinto this cave or vault, but only by a secret paire of staires,answering to a lower Chamber of the Palace, and very neere to thePrincesse lodging, as being altogether at her command, by meanes ofa strong barred and defensible doore, whereby to mount or descend ather pleasure. And both the cave it selfe, as also the degreesconducting downe into it, were now so quite worne out of memory (inregard it had not beene visited by any one in long time before) asno man remembred that there was any such thing.
2. 如果金钱,至少是现在,仍然不断地流入国际奥委会的保险箱,那么关于怎么使用这一大笔钱的讨论将会一直继续,换言之就是这笔钱应该怎样用在奥林匹克运动上。在2002年墨西哥城的临时会议上,这个问题没有得到解决,因而相关的讨论一直闹得沸沸扬扬。2006年在危地马拉城召开的大会,尽管没有对奥林匹克运动作出调整,但这个问题的解决至少有了一些进展。那就是,投票的程序简化了,这让一些新的运动项目更容易进入奥运会。国际奥委会对宪章的调整,将会说明一切:
3. 379
4.   "They'll take anybody; that I know."
5. "She is actually waiting there for us!" she said. "Let us go in to her."
6. 虽然初始的培育成本是18,000美元,但在2018年1月MemphisMeats已将成本降到了每磅2,400美元。


1. 饮食器具可分为食器与炊具两大类。
2. 警方称,现场有5名太田初中时期的同学,他们表示当时正在玩押韵说唱,(太田输了)接受惩罚跳了下去。
3. 微软霸业,谁与争锋
4. ['v?:tju:]
5. 检方认为她是操纵和控制这一案件的核心人物。
6. 疫情后,创业公司的创始人绝不能陷入慌乱和焦虑,更需要深度思考,公司接下来怎么走?我们的市场变了没有,如何应对?我们的客户变了没有,怎么应对?怎么做才能创造出有差异化、强需求的产品和服务?怎么抓住新的机遇、应对新的挑战。


1. 跨界之所以会成为一种人设,成为获得公共关注的工具,有其社会背景。
2. 为了避免红十字会工作人员交叉感染,所有志愿者每天都需要测量体温,戴口罩,每人一个房间接听电话。
3.   BOOK XVI.
4.   网传视频显示,一座倒塌的房屋周边拉起警戒线,多名消防人员正进行救援。
5.   In his sober senses, he could scarcely realise that the thing hadbeen done. He could not begin to feel that he was a fugitivefrom justice. He had often read of such things, and had thoughtthey must be terrible, but now that the thing was upon him, heonly sat and looked into the past. The future was a thing whichconcerned the Canadian line. He wanted to reach that. As forthe rest he surveyed his actions for the evening, and countedthem parts of a great mistake.
6.   Some days after this meeting, Albert de Morcerf visited theCount of Monte Cristo at his house in the Champs Elysees,which had already assumed that palace-like appearance whichthe count's princely fortune enabled him to give even to hismost temporary residences. He came to renew the thanks ofMadame Danglars which had been already conveyed to the countthrough the medium of a letter, signed "Baronne Danglars,nee Hermine de Servieux." Albert was accompanied by LucienDebray, who, joining in his friend's conversation, addedsome passing compliments, the source of which the count'stalent for finesse easily enabled him to guess. He wasconvinced that Lucien's visit was due to a double feeling ofcuriosity, the larger half of which sentiment emanated fromthe Rue de la Chaussee d'Antin. In short, Madame Danglars,not being able personally to examine in detail the domesticeconomy and household arrangements of a man who gave awayhorses worth 30,000 francs and who went to the opera with aGreek slave wearing diamonds to the amount of a million ofmoney, had deputed those eyes, by which she was accustomedto see, to give her a faithful account of the mode of lifeof this incomprehensible person. But the count did notappear to suspect that there could be the slightestconnection between Lucien's visit and the curiosity of thebaroness.


1. 团队方面,DataVisor宣布了多位管理人才的加盟。
2. 放款——除了掌握汇兑以外,东印度公司和英国散商,又通过放款扩展其贸易活动。从现存的东印度公司档案中,可以查出至迟在十七世纪末期,就已出现英商放款给中国商人的记录。十八世纪三十年代以后,这种放款已成惯例。其中有的是购货垫款,有的则是将售货所得现银借给中国商人,收取利息。七十年代以后,在东印度公司以外,散商也大量参加进来,向中国行商放款,是他们最初来到中国所要猎取的一个目标。进入十九世纪以后,美国和普鲁士的商人也步英国商人的后尘,成为中国行商的债主。
3.   The two men smiled at each other, shook hands, and saluted his Eminence."We were beginning to grow impatient," said Athos."Here I am, my friends," replied D'Artagnan; "not only free, but infavor."
4. "There are no--distractions," he grumbled. "Nowhere a man can go and cut loose a bit. It's an everlasting parlor and nursery."
5. 次日,指令发往太平洋战略空军司令:致卡尔·斯帕茨将军,美国战略空军司令:
6. 这里还需要强调法律法规层面的因素。


1. 徐先生的儿子小徐8周岁,上三年级,当天学校放假,爸爸带着他到公司。
2. _____,我们的民族,
3. 正如当年在电视转播权方面出现的情况一样,英国在足球俱乐部股权方面的发展速度也比世界其他各国领先了一步。据大卫·琼斯称,一些证券机构已经开始密切关注足球股票市场了。他说:

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