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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Oh, be so good, With sweat and with blood The crown to lime!(They handle the crown awkwardly and break it in two pieces, with whichthey skip about.)
2.  Mortal! the loftiest attributes of men, Reason and Knowledge, only thuscontemn, Still let the Prince of lies, without control, With shows, and mockingcharms delude thy soul, I have thee unconditionally then! Fate hath endow'dhim with an ardent mind, Which unrestrain'd still presses on for ever, Andwhose precipitate endeavour Earth's joys o'erleaping, leaveth them behind.Him will I drag through life's wild waste, Through scenes of vapid dulness,where at last Bewilder'd, he shall falter, and stick fast; And, still to mock hisgreedy haste, Viands and drink shall float his craving lips beyond Vainly he'llseek refreshment, anguish - tost, And were he not the devil's by his bond, Yetmust his soul infallibly be lost!
3.  You must not name it to your mother! It would to shrift, just like the other.Margaret
4.  Margaret and Bessy, with pitchers
5.  In the currents of life, in action's storm, I float and I wave With billowymotion! Birth and the grave A limitless ocean, A constant weaving Withchange still rife, A restless heaving, A glowing life Thus time's whirring loomunceasing I ply, And weave the life - garment of deity.Faust
6.  May this wild scene my senses spare! This, may in truth be called a fair!Mephistopheles


1.  Good sir, these things you view indeed, Just as by other men they're view'd;We must more cleverly proceed, Before life's joys our grasp elude. The devil!thou hast hands and feet, And head and heart are also thine; What I enjoywith relish sweet, Is it on that account less mine? If for six stallions I can pay,Do I not own their strength and speed? A proper man I dash away, As theirtwo dozen legs were mine indeed. Up then, from idle pondering free, Andforth into the world with me! I tell you what; - your speculative churl Is like abeast which some ill spirit leads, On barren wilderness, in ceaseless whirl,While all around lie fair and verdant meads.
2.  Well done, my dainty spirits! now he slumbers! Ye have entranc'd him fairlywith your numbers! This minstrelsy of yours I must repay, Thou art not yet theman to hold the devil fast! With fairest shapes your spells around him cast,And plunge him in a sea of dreams! But that this charm be rent, the thresholdpassed, Tooth of rat the way must clear. I need not conjure long it seems,One rustles hitherward, and soon my voice will hear. The master of the ratsand mice, Of flies and frogs, of bugs and lice, Commands thy presence;without fear Come forth and gnaw the threshold here, Where he with oil hassmear'd it. - Thou Com'st hopping forth already! Now To work! The pointthat holds me bound Is in the outer angle found. Another bite - so - now 'tisdoneNow, Faustus, till we meet again, dream on.Faust (awaking)
3.  Bessy
4.  You're right! Leipzig's the place for me! 'Tis quite a little Paris; people thereAcquire a certain easy finish'd air.
5.  Mark her well! That's Lilith.
6.  Thy heart by one sole impulse is possess'd; Unconscious of the other stillremain! Two souls, alas! are lodg'd within my breast, Which struggle there forundivided reign: One to the world, with obstinate desire, And closely -cleaving organs, still adheres; Above the mist, the other doth aspire, Withsacred vehemence, to purer spheres. Oh, are there spirits in the air, Who float'twixt heaven and earth dominion wielding, Stoop hither from your goldenatmosphere, Lead me to scenes, new life and fuller yielding! A magic mantledid I but possess, Abroad to waft me as on viewless wings, I'd prize it farbeyond the costliest dress, Nor would I change it for the robe of kings.Alas, two souls are living in my breast, And one wants to separate itself fromthe other. One holds fast to the world with earthy passion And clings withtwining tendrils: The other lifts itself with forceful craving To the very roof ofheaven.


1.  Valentine
2.  Wagner
3.  What is to me heaven's joy within her arms? What though my life her bosomwarms! Do I not ever feel her woe? The outcast am I not, unhoused, unblest,Inhuman monster, without aim or rest, Who, like the greedy surge, from rockto rock, Sweeps down the dread abyss with desperate shock? While she,within her lowly cot, which graced The Alpine slope, beside the waters wild,Her homely cares in that small world embraced, Secluded lived, a simple,artless child. Was't not enough, in thy delirious whirl To blast the steadfastrocks; Her, and her peace as well, Must I, God - hated one, to ruin hurl!Dost claim this holocaust, remorseless Hell! Fiend, help me to cut short thehours of dread! Let what must happen, happen speedily! Her direful doom fallcrushing on my head, And into ruin let her plunge with me!Mephistopheles
4.  Faust
5.   Ay, if your priest should be an actor too, As not improbably may come topass.
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  A Street - An Evening Walk In The Garden
2.  And had you naught besides to bring?
3.  Quid sum miser tunc dicturus
4、  Faust
5、  Student




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      Old bald - pate! with the paunch profound! The rat's mishap hath tamed hisnature; For he his counterpart hath found Depicted in the swollen creature.Auerbach's Cellar - Faust And Mephistopheles EnterFaust And Mephistopheles

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      'Tis well! I'm always loath to go, Without some gift my love to show.Mephistopheles

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       Without! without!

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      (laughing immoderately)

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    {  No such incentives do I need.

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      The Witch}

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      Thy mother's son.

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      What, sorry Devil, hast thou to bestow? Was ever mortal spirit, in its highendeavour, Fathom'd by Being such as thou? Yet food thou hast whichsatisfieth never, Hast ruddy gold, that still doth flow Like restless quicksilveraway, A game thou hast, at which none win who play, A girl who would, withamorous eyen, E'en from my breast, a neighbour snare, Lofty ambition's joydivine, That, meteor - like, dissolves in air. Show me the fruit that, ere 'tispluck'd, doth rot, And trees, whose verdure daily buds anew!Mephistopheles

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    {  Apples still fondly ye desire, From paradise it hath been so. Feelings of joymy breast inspire That such too in my garden grow.Mephistopheles (with the old one)

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      Now only say! what liquor will you take?