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1. 我国社会救助制度改革的几大瓶颈约束城乡二元结构突出,造成社会救助制度二元化。
2.   Athos rose, and offering him his hand, "Be welcome, my Lord," said he,"you are one of us."
3.   It was nearly four o'clock when we at last, after passing throughthe beautiful Stroud Valley, and over the broad gleaming Severn, foundourselves at the pretty little country-town of Ross. A leanferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking, was waiting for us uponthe platform. In spite of the light brown dustcoat and leatherleggings which he wore in deference to his rustic surroundings, Ihad no difficulty in recognizing Lestrade, of Scotland Yard. Withhim we drove to the Hereford Arms where a room had already beenengaged for us.
4. 其后龟兹王绛宾娶乌孙汉解忧公主之女为夫人。绛宾及其后多次入汉朝,与汉亲,诚心臣服于西汉。
5. 除上述五点外,还可以补充下面一点,不过关于这一点,我们暂时不能进行深入的研究。在和加速的积累同时并进的资本主义生产的发展中,资本的一部分只作为生息资本来计算和使用。这里所说的生息资本并不是指:每个贷出资本的资本家会满足于利息,而产业资本家则取得企业主收入。这同一般利润率的水平无关,因为对一般利润率来说,利润=利息+各种利润+地租;利润在这些特殊范畴中的分配,同一般利润率无关。这里所说的生息
6. 元兵继续进军。一二七五年三月间,临安危急。主管军事的枢密院官员和御史官都相继逃跑,朝中一片萧条。谢后急切下诏说:“我朝三百余年,侍士大夫以礼。现在我和新皇帝遭难,你们大官小官都不曾说一句救国的话。朝中的官员离职逃走,外边的守臣丢印弃城。御史官不能给我纠弹,二三宰相也不能统率。正在里外合谋,陆续在半夜逃跑。你们平日读圣贤书,自许如何,乃在这时作这种事。活着有什么面目见人,死后如何见先帝?”宋朝亡国在即,谢后的恼怒焦急,并不能阻止士大夫的逃跑。“读圣贤书”的士大夫们,只求降元作官,并不顾什么面目。谢太后徒唤奈何了。


1. 除云计算外,医疗健康也是创业公司展开合作关系的热门领域。
2. 消费者的盈余叫作consumer'ssurplus,是需求理论中的一个重要题目,对解释行为大有用场。一八四四年,法国经济学者度比(J.Dupuit)首先提出这个概念,二十世纪末期马歇尔定其名而加以发扬。马老的学生庇古(A.C.Pigou,1877-1959)大手地带进他极力倡导的福利经济学那方面去。不幸的是,庇古认为消费者盈余对解释行为没有用场。大致上说,从马歇尔到今天,这「盈余」大都用在与解释行为无关的福利量度上。
3.   Drouet was glad to do anything for relief. He fairly hustledaround to the side entrance, and was let in by the friendly door-keeper. Carrie was standing in the wings, weakly waiting hernext cue, all the snap and nerve gone out of her.
4. 15日,她再次乘高铁从武汉返回宁波。
5. 当老路问及,王某家中床下的血迹时,王某某让老路不要再往这方面扯,否则和老路谈不到一起。
6.   Connie felt as if he had hit her in the face, and she changed colour. Then she gathered her defiance, and looked at him, her dark blue eyes blazing rather vaguely.


1. 被告人苗玉梅有坦白情节,当庭自愿认罪,其亲属代为退缴全部涉案赃款,对其可从轻处罚。
2. 其中,男性为15.7%,女性为24.6%,城市为17.7%,农村为11.7%。
3. Cermak进一步指出,除非总体市场趋势发生重大变化,否则XRP很可能会继续受到Ripple季度XRP销售的巨大下行压力,尽管最近进行了融资,但XRP不太可能出现价格上的平息。
4. 面对武汉病毒所申请了瑞德西韦2019-nCoV用途专利的情况,吉利德会做出何种反应?新京报记者就此向吉利德科学全球和中国区相关负责人发送了邮件,但截至发稿时止未收到答复。
5.   "Patience," said the abbe, in a tone which made the dyingman shudder; "have patience!" Caderousse looked at him withamazement. "Besides," said the abbe, "God is merciful toall, as he has been to you; he is first a father, then ajudge."
6.   (`I really think this must be a man!' was Mr. Lorry's breathless reflection, simultaneously with his coming against the wall.)


1.   The Caliph gave him a piece of money, and was passing on, but the blind man seized his hand, and held him fast.
2.   She then went quickly on, and Telemachus followed in her stepstill they reached the place where the guilds of the Pylian people wereassembled. There they found Nestor sitting with his sons, while hiscompany round him were busy getting dinner ready, and putting piecesof meat on to the spits while other pieces were cooking. When they sawthe strangers they crowded round them, took them by the hand andbade them take their places. Nestor's son Pisistratus at onceoffered his hand to each of them, and seated them on some softsheepskins that were lying on the sands near his father and hisbrother Thrasymedes. Then he gave them their portions of the inwardmeats and poured wine for them into a golden cup, handing it toMinerva first, and saluting her at the same time.
3.   Our hope was that, by taking train, we might get to Beckenham assoon as or sooner than the carriage. On reaching Scotland Yard,however, it was more than an hour before we could get InspectorGregson and comply with the legal formalities which would enable us toenter the house. It was a quarter to ten before we reached LondonBridge, and half past before the four of us alighted on theBeckenham platform. A drive of half a mile brought us to The Myrtles-alarge, dark house standing back from the road in its own grounds. Herewe dismissed our cab and made our way up the drive together."The windows are all dark," remarked the inspector. "The house seemsdeserted."
4. 会员订阅收入则主要都来自于爆款内容的带动。
5. 【客如云创始人彭雷】对于一家餐饮SaaS企业而言,平台上留存了大量用户数据,是可以进一步延伸到供应链金融、精准营销等服务。
6.   "There was on board my ship," he replied, "a merchant of Bagdad named Sindbad. One day he and several of my other passengers landed upon what we supposed to be an island, but which was really an enormous whale floating asleep upon the waves. No sooner did it feel upon its back the heat of the fire which had been kindled, than it plunged into the depths of the sea. Several of the people who were upon it perished in the waters, and among others this unlucky Sindbad. This merchandise is his, but I have resolved to dispose of it for the benefit of his family if I should ever chance to meet with them."


1. 据中国医师协会官方微信公众号健康传播12月27日发布的消息:距离民航总医院急诊科杨文医生离开我们已经三天,我们仍然沉浸在无比的愤怒和无比的悲痛之中,患者失去了一位优秀的医生,医生失去了一个友爱的同袍,家人失去了最爱的亲人。
2.   "What of Mr. McPherson's dog?"
3. Interest in wearable technology isn’t limited to technology companies. Mercedes-Benz is porting its mobile experience to a wearable device, while Virgin Atlantic is exploring the customer service aspect of Google Glass on a trial basis. Kenneth Cole is also using Glass as part of a marketing campaign.

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      29. Not the Oliver of Charlemagne -- but a traitorous Oliver of Armorica, corrupted by a bribe. Ganilion was the betrayer of the Christian army at Roncevalles (see note 9 to the Shipman's Tale); and his name appears to have been for a long time used in France to denote a traitor. Duguesclin, who betrayed Pedro into his brother's tent, seems to be intended by the term "Ganilion Oliver," but if so, Chaucer has mistaken his name, which was Bertrand -- perhaps confounding him, as Tyrwhttt suggests, with Oliver du Clisson, another illustrious Breton of those times, who was also Constable of France, after Duguesclin. The arms of the latter are supposed to be described a little above

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