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1.   "After him I saw mighty Hercules, but it was his phantom only, forhe is feasting ever with the immortal gods, and has lovely Hebe towife, who is daughter of Jove and Juno. The ghosts were screaminground him like scared birds flying all whithers. He looked black asnight with his bare bow in his hands and his arrow on the string,glaring around as though ever on the point of taking aim. About hisbreast there was a wondrous golden belt adorned in the most marvellousfashion with bears, wild boars, and lions with gleaming eyes; therewas also war, battle, and death. The man who made that belt, do whathe might, would never be able to make another like it. Hercules knewme at once when he saw me, and spoke piteously, saying, my poorUlysses, noble son of Laertes, are you too leading the same sorry kindof life that I did when I was above ground? I was son of Jove, but Iwent through an infinity of suffering, for I became bondsman to onewho was far beneath me- a low fellow who set me all manner of labours.He once sent me here to fetch the hell-hound- for he did not thinkhe could find anything harder for me than this, but I got the houndout of Hades and brought him to him, for Mercury and Minerva helpedme.'
2. 当然,这些新势力也可能引发反弹,使得指挥-控制的老派领导方式卷土重来。令人郁闷的是,主宰世界舞台的政治人物大多是老派的,而他们面临的领导力挑战——从英国退欧到朝鲜问题——尤为复杂。
3.   There was another silence.
4. 江苏省市场监管局指出,磺胺类药物是一种抗菌药,广泛用于防治鸡球虫病。
5. 两位过路的高三女生却没有那么幸运。
6. 想一想再看


1.   A long list could easily be given of 'sporting plants;' by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant. Such buds can be propagated by grafting, &c., and sometimes by seed. These 'sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen. But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,'sports' support my view, that variability may be largely attributed to the ovules or pollen, or to both, having been affected by the treatment of the parent prior to the act of conception. These cases anyhow show that variation is not necessarily connected, as some authors have supposed, with the act of generation.
2.   Mephistopheles
3. 显微镜失焦的时候,只要转动调节手柄,就能调整焦距。就算是调节手柄有问题,也能找技师来修理。但如果心智失焦,就没有这么简单的解决办法了。我们通常需要大量的训练,才能冷静下来,让心智集中,接着才能开始系统客观地观察自己。或许在未来,只要服用一颗药丸,我们就能立刻达到专注。然而,如果冥想的目的是探索心智,而不只是集中心智,选用这种快捷方式就可能适得其反。虽然药物可能让我们极为警醒和专注,却也会妨碍我们观察到心智完整的层面。毕竟就算在今天,看一部拍得好的惊悚片,也能让人轻松集中心智。但心智在这种时候就是专注在电影上,无法观察自己的状态。
4.   You may well imagine, this advise was not a little pleasing toTitus, wherupon Gisippus received home Sophronia into his house,with publike intention to make her his wife, according as was thecustome then observed, and Titus being perfectly recovered, waspresent at the Feast very ceremonially observed. When night wascome, the Ladies and Gentlewomen conducted Sophronia to theBride-Chamber, where they left her in her Husbands bed, and thendeparted all away. The Chamber wherein Titus used to lodge, joynedclose to that of Gisippus, for their easier accesse each to the other,at all times whensoever they pleased, and Gisippus being alone inthe Bride-Chamber, preparing as if he were comming to bed:extinguishing the light, he went softly to Titus, willing him to goeto bed to his wife. Which Titus hearing, overcome with shame andfeare, became repentant, and denyed to goe. But Gisippus, being a trueintyre friend indeed, and confirming his words with actions: after alittle lingring dispute, sent him to the Bride, and so soone as he wasin the bed with her, taking Sophronia gently by the hand, softly hemoved the usuall question to her, namely, if she were willing to behis wife.
5. 手工业特有的分工原则,使不同的生产阶段孤立起来,这些阶段作为同数的手工业性质的局部劳动而互相独立。既然各个孤立的职能之间要建立和保持联系,制品就得不断地由一个人之手转到另一个人之手,由一个过程转到另一个过程。从大工业的角度来看,这种情形表现为一种特殊的、破费的、工场手工业原则所固有的局限性。
6. n. 董事,经理,主管,指导者,导演


1. 受原油输送问题影响,纽约商品交易所交易的美国基准西得克萨斯中质油价格已持续走低。虽然这些问题近来有所缓解,但美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)基本大宗商品研究部门主管舍尔斯(Sabine Schels)怀疑这些问题不会消失。
2. 有目击者介绍,今晚19时许,朝阳酒仙桥大库烤吧起火,事发不久后消防员便赶到现场处置。
3. 曾是专业舞蹈演员表演结束后还有观众送来热饮,很暖心很感动我今天牵了上百个小姐姐的手,还有个小姐姐拉着我不让走。
4. 不过,对于这场爆款晚会,宫鹏也并非没有遗憾。
5. 随着疫情的持续升温,全国各地纷纷提高防疫级别,各省市陆续启动一级应急响应的同时,社区、村落也开始通过各种措施阻击疫情的扩散。
6. [p?izd]


1. ----------------------------被诬陷、被威胁、被殴打……验房师究竟动了谁的奶酪,以至于遭重拳击打?此前,有媒体报道,2019年12月,武汉一个月内有4位验房师被打,其中,一位被打得头破血流,住进了医院。
2. 市场定价的网约车打算加收春节服务费则更普遍。
3.   Alessandro being risen againe (although he was cloathed inScannadioes Garments, which were long and too bigge for him) fleddeaway also as Rinuccio did. All which Madame Francesca easily discernedby helpe of the Watchmens Lanthorne, and how Rinuccio carriedAlessandro on his backe, beeing attired in the Garments ofScannadio: whereat she mervailed not a litle, as also the greatboldnesse of them both. But in the midst of her mervailing, shelaughed very heartily, when she saw the one let the other fall, andboth to runne away so manfully. Which accident pleasing her beyond allcomparison, and applauding her good Fortune, to bee so happilydelivered from their daily mollestation: she betooke her selfe tohir Chamber with the Maide, avouching solemnly to her, that(questionlesse) they both affected her dearely, having undertaken sucha straunge imposition, and verie neere brought it to a finallconclusion.
4.   Frosch
5. 有了ETC,通过收费站时不用人工缴费,无须停车。
6. 对耐热的物品,如食具、茶具等可煮沸15分钟或用250mg/L~500mg/L的含氯消毒剂浸泡30分钟后用清水漂洗干净。


1.   And clust'ring grapes too, close at hand!
2. “可能是这个样子的吗?”
3. spoon

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      This subject will be more fully discussed in our chapter on Geology; but it must be here alluded to from being intimately connected with natural selection. Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure. But as from the high geometrical powers of increase of all organic beings, each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants, it follows that as each selected and favoured form increases in number, so will the less favoured forms decrease and become rare. Rarity, as geology tells us, is the precursor to extinction. We can, also, see that any form represented by few individuals will, during fluctuations in the seasons or in the number of its enemies, run a good chance of utter extinction. But we may go further than this; for as new forms are continually and slowly being produced, unless we believe that the number of specific forms goes on perpetually and almost indefinitely increasing, numbers inevitably must become extinct. That the number of specific forms has not indefinitely increased, geology shows us plainly; and indeed we can see reason why they should not have thus increased, for the number of places in the polity of nature is not indefinitely great, not that we have any means of knowing that any one region has as yet got its maximum of species. probably no region is as yet fully stocked, for at the Cape of Good Hope, where more species of plants are crowded together than in any other quarter of the world, some foreign plants have become naturalised, without causing, as far as we know, the extinction of any natives.Furthermore, the species which are most numerous in individuals will have the best chance of producing within any given period favourable variations. We have evidence of this, in the facts given in the second chapter, showing that it is the common species which afford the greatest number of recorded varieties, or incipient species. Hence, rare species will be less quickly modified or improved within any given period, and they will consequently be beaten in the race for life by the modified descendants of the commoner species.

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    China's economic prowess is also seen by outsiders as having stimulated nationalism in a generation removed from the Cultural Revolution. Beijing's belligerent responses to overlapping maritime claims have heightened worries about its security objectives in a region already wary of its economic clout. This is one factor in Japan's decision to relax its ban on weapons exports; to China's dismay, it has also driven its neighbours to support a stronger US presence in Asia and has complicated regional trade integration.