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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At Canterbury, therefore, we alighted, only to find that we shouldhave to wait an hour before we could get a train to Newhaven.I was still looking rather ruefully after the rapidly disappearingluggage-van which contained my wardrobe, when Holmes pulled mysleeve and pointed up the line.
2.  "The dress which I found waiting for me was of a peculiar shade ofblue. It was of excellent material, a sort of beige but it boreunmistakable signs of having been worn before. It could not havebeen a better fit if I had been measured for it. Both Mr. and Mrs.Rucastle expressed a delight at the look of it, which seemed quiteexaggerated in its vehemence. They were waiting for me in thedrawing-room, which is a very large room, stretching along theentire front of the house, with three long windows reaching down tothe floor. A chair had been placed close to the central window, withits back turned towards it. In this I was asked to sit, and then Mr.Rucastle, walking up and down on the other side of the room, beganto tell me a series of the funniest stories that I have everlistened to. You cannot imagine how comical he was, and I laugheduntil I was quite weary. Mrs. Rucastle, however, who has evidentlyno sense of humour, never so much as smiled, but sat with her hands inher lap, and a sad, anxious look upon her face. After an hour or so,Mr. Rucastle suddenly remarked that it was time to commence the dutiesof the day, and that I might change my dress and go to little Edwardin the nursery.
3.  "Tired-looking or fresh?"
4.  "The facts of the case, as far as I have worked them out, are these:This Joseph Harrison entered the office through the Charles Streetdoor, and knowing his way he walked straight into your room theinstant after you left it. Finding no one there he promptly rang thebell, and at the instant that he did so his eyes caught the paper uponthe table. A glance showed him that chance had put in his way aState document of immense value, and in an instant he had thrust itinto his pocket and was gone. A few minutes elapsed, as youremember, before the sleepy commissionaire drew your attention tothe bell, and those were just enough to give the thief time to makehis escape.
5.  "How can he be listening with that music going?"
6.  "Pure swank!" Holmes answered. "He felt so clever and so sure ofhimself that he imagined no one could touch him. He could say to anysuspicious neighbour, 'Look at the steps I have taken. I haveconsulted not only the police but even Sherlock Holmes.'"The inspector laughed.


1.  "I don't know whether you are playing a game with us, Mr. SherlockHolmes," said he. "If you know anything, you can surely say it withoutall this tomfoolery."
2.  "I hardly understand your Grace."
3.  "What a providential thing that this young man should press hisright thumb against the wall in taking his hat from the peg! Such avery natural action, too, if you come to think if it." Holmes wasoutwardly calm, but his whole body gave a wriggle of suppressedexcitement as he spoke.
4.  "Mr. Henry Baker, I believe," said he, rising from his
5.  "Yes, sir."
6.  The man whom I found myself facing was a well-built,


1.  "Quite so. We know pretty well who the men are and where to findthat gang of Barney Stockdale, with the big nigger in it- they've beenseen about here."
2.  And then in a moment it happened! It was not the chain that broke,but it was the collar that slipped, for it had been made for athick-necked Newfoundland. We heard the rattle of falling metal, andthe next instant dog and man were rolling on the ground together,the one roaring in rage, the other screaming in a strange shrillfalsetto of terror. It was a very narrow thing for the professor'slife. The savage creature had him fairly by the throat, its fangshad bitten deep, and he was senseless before we could reach them anddrag the two apart. It might have been a dangerous task for us, butBennett's voice and presence brought the great wolfhound instantlyto reason. The uproar had brought the sleepy and astonished coachmanfrom his room above the stables. "I'm not surprised," said he, shakinghis bead. "I've seen him at it before. I knew the dog would get himsooner or later."
3.  The country inspector's face had shown his intense amazement atthe rapid and masterful progress of Holmes's investigation. At firsthe had shown some disposition to assert his own position, but now hewas overcome with admiration, and ready to follow without questionwherever Holmes led.
4.  He looked at me with venomous eyes.
5.   "No, no; the real name," said Holmes sweetly. "It is alwaysawkward doing business with an alias."
6.  "It was as if the air of Italy had got into his blood and broughtwith it the old cruel Italian spirit. He wrote to me and sent me acopy of his book that I might have the torture of anticipation.There were two copies, he said- one for me, one for his publisher.""How did you know the publisher's had not reached him?""I knew who his publisher was. It is not his only novel, you know. Ifound out that he had not heard from Italy. Then came Douglas's suddendeath. So long as that other manuscript was in the world there wasno safety for me. Of course, it must be among his effects, and thesewould be returned to his mother. I set the gang at work. One of themgot into the house as servant. I wanted to do the thing honestly. Ireally and truly did. I was ready to buy the house and everything init. I offered any price she cared to ask. I only tried the other waywhen everything else had failed. Now, Mr. Holmes, granting that Iwas too hard on Douglas- and, God knows, I am sorry for it!- what elsecould I do with my whole future at stake?"


1.  "Meaning Mr. Ian Murdoch?"
2.  "Remember also the curious earnestness with which she assured usthat it was best for her husband that she should know all. What didshe mean by that? And you must have observed, Watson, how shemanoeuvred to have the light at her back. She did not wish us toread her expression."
3.  "You have erred, perhaps," he observed, taking up a glowing cinderwith the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe whichwas wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather thana meditative mood-"you have erred perhaps in attempting to putcolour and life into each of your statements instead of confiningyourself to the task of placing upon record that severe reasoning fromcause to effect which is really the only notable feature about thething."
4、  "What is the use of asking me questions when I tell you I knownothing whatever about it?"
5、  "Nothing but the brother's spite."




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      "None. Neville wrote those words."

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       "You have certainly had your share," said Holmes. "Do you thinkyou could walk round the house with me?"

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      We had ascertained from the lady that she went down upon theMonday by the train which leaves Waterloo at 9:50, so I startedearly and caught the 9:13. At Farnham Station I had no difficulty inbeing directed to Charlington Heath. It was impossible to mistakescene of the young lady's adventure, for the road runs between theopen heath on one side and an old yew hedge upon the other,surrounding a park which is studded with magnificent trees. Therewas a main gateway of lichen-studded stone, each side pillarsurmounted by mouldering heraldic emblems, but besides this centralcarriage drive I observed several points where there were gaps inthe hedge and paths leading through them. The house was invisible fromthe road, but the surroundings all spoke of gloom and decay.The heath was covered with golden patches of flowering gorse,gleaming magnificently in the light of the bright spring sunshine.Behind of these clumps I took up my position, so as to command boththe gateway of the Hall and a long stretch of the road upon eitherside. It had been deserted when I left it, but now I saw a cyclistriding down it from the opposite direction to that in which I hadcome. He was clad in a dark suit, and I saw that he had a black beard.On reaching the end of the Charlington grounds, he sprang from hismachine and led it through a gap in the hedge, disappearing from myview.

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    {  unconventional appearance.

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      The lady gave a violent start and stared in bewilderment at mycompanion.}

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      "It depends upon those cigarettes that I smoked," said he. "It ispossible that I am utterly mistaken. The cigarettes will show me.""My dear Holmes," I exclaimed, "how on earth-"

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      Holmes half drew a revolver from his pocket. "This will have toserve till a better one comes."

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       So for three mornings the mystery remained, so far as I could followit in the papers. If Holmes knew more, he kept his own counsel, but,as he told me that Inspector Lestrade had taken him into him intohis confidence in the case, I knew that he was in close touch withevery development. Upon the fourth day there appeared a longtelegram from Paris which seemed to solve the whole question.A discovery has just been made by the Parisian police [said theDaily Telegraph] which raises the veil which hung round the tragicfate of Mr. Eduardo Lucas, who met his death by violence last Mondaynight at Godolphin Street, Westminster. Our readers will remember thatthe deceased gentleman was found stabbed in his room, and that somesuspicion attached to his valet, but that the case broke down on analibi. Yesterday a lady, who has been known as Mme. Henri Fournaye,occupying a small villa in the Rue Austerlitz, was reported to theauthorities by her servants as being insane. An examination showed shehad indeed developed mania of a dangerous and permanent form. Oninquiry, the police have discovered that Mme. Henri Fournaye onlyreturned from a journey to London on Tuesday last, and there isevidence to connect her with the crime at Westminster. A comparison ofphotographs has proved conclusively that M. Henri Fournaye and EduardoLucas were really one and the same person, and that the deceased hadfor some reason lived a double life in London and Paris. Mme.Fournaye, who is of Creole origin, is of an extremely excitablenature, and has suffered in the past from attacks of jealousy whichhave amounted to frenzy. It is conjectured that it was in one of thesethat she committed the terrible crime which has caused such asensation in London. Her movements upon the Monday night have notyet been traced, but it is undoubted that a woman answering to herdescription attracted much attention at Charing Cross Station onTuesday morning by the wildness of her appearance and the violenceof her gestures. It is probable, therefore, that the crime waseither committed when insane, or that its immediate effect was todrive the unhappy woman out of her mind. At present she is unable togive any coherent account of the past, and the doctors hold out nohopes of the reestablishment of her reason. There is evidence that awoman, who might have been Mme. Fournaye, was seen for some hours uponMonday night watching the house in Godolphin Street.

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    {  "And when?"

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      Holmes noted it down and sat, still smiling, with the openmemorandum-book upon his knee.