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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1The American Film Institute has picked its 10 best movies and TV shows of the year. The titles, presented in alphabetical order, are works AFI's juries have determined advance the art of the moving image, enhance the cultural heritage of America's art form, inspire audiences and artists and make a mark on American society.
2."It is a truly a global phenomenon in which people, due to lack of opportunities, have to leave their families behind to provide for them," said Pedro De Vasconcelos, IFAD policy advisor and author of the report.
3.China's mass entrepreneurship and innovation initiative has a strong vitality.
5.“In the drama, romance is the protagonist’s only pursuit. It seems that the meaning of her life is to have a romantic relationship with a Prince Charming. No, not only one, but three or four,” Douban user Jiuyuehuashang said.


1.According to China's business magazine New Fortune's 2018 Chinese wealthy list, the top 10 tycoons' total wealth reached 1.72 trillion yuan, accounting for 18% of the combined wealth of the list's total 500, and the top 10's personal wealth has surpassed 100 billion yuan for the first time.
2.The people we look for usually do not run countries, or headline blockbuster movies, or write best sellers. We leave those to the appropriate sections of the newspaper. Our subjects are more likely to have just emerged from prison, or written their 1,547th novel.
4.1. Bottoms Up Beer System
5.EMPIRE (Fox, Wednesday) The filmmaker Lee Daniels (“Precious,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) is behind this new hip-hop soap opera starring Terrence Howard as a rap mogul with a terminal disease.
6.Well, at least Hilary has won something this year. I'm sure she's thrilled.


2.It will be interesting to see which direction they go at the trade deadline. They have a handful of solid players along with Brook Lopez.
3.My hunch is that this draft will look pretty good by March and will be much better than last year's, which was one of the most underwhelming in recent memory. New Orleans and Washington both need some direction, and soon.
4.The Shape of Water
5. Arriving at the stage, he said: "What an incredible honour, that meant a lot. Two years ago we found ourselves submerged deep in nature with all its complications and all the beauty that it gave us cinematically.


1.The data measure how successful alumni have been in their career in terms of salary, seniority and achievements since graduating.
5、英国独立党(UKIP)前领袖杰尔.法拉奇(Nigel Farage)略逊一畴,就是因为事实证明攻破英国基于党派的制度比美国总统选举更难。




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    TOGETHERNESS (HBO, Jan. 11) HBO’s Sunday night comedy block already covers early-20-something New York women (“Girls,” beginning its fourth season the same night) and late-20-something San Francisco gay men (“Looking,” beginning its second). Now it adds 30-something Los Angeles straight people in this sometimes bleakly comic half-hour from Jay and Mark Duplass, the brothers behind quirky films like “The Puffy Chair” and “Baghead.” Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey play a married couple sharing a house with his best friend (Steve Zissis) and her sister (Amanda Peet).

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    There are 15 Chinese brands in the top 100, one more than last year and a sharp rise on a decade ago, when China Mobile was the only Chinese brand.

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     adj. 浪漫的

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    Yet institutions matter, too, because they set the rules of the game.

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    Subdivided flats smaller than 100 square feet (9 square meters) can rent for 5 in the Asian city.

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    {圣加伦大学在总排名上仍居榜首,这是这家瑞士商学院的战略及国际管理硕士项目连续第七年夺冠。巴黎高等商学院连续第四年屈居亚军,西班牙IE商学院(IE Business School)的排名上升四位,至第三。

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