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2. 阿里巴巴继2016年投资3450万美元入股万里云后,2019年5月阿里巴巴集团又向万里云增资1453万美元的战略投资。
3.   Now have I told you of very [true] confession, that is the second part of penitence: The third part of penitence is satisfaction, and that standeth generally in almsdeed and bodily pain. Now be there three manner of almsdeed: contrition of heart, where a man offereth himself to God; the second is, to have pity of the default of his neighbour; the third is, in giving of good counsel and comfort, ghostly and bodily, where men have need, and namely [specially] sustenance of man's food. And take keep [heed] that a man hath need of these things generally; he hath need of food, of clothing, and of herberow [lodging], he hath need of charitable counsel and visiting in prison and malady, and sepulture of his dead body. And if thou mayest not visit the needful with thy person, visit them by thy message and by thy gifts. These be generally alms or works of charity of them that have temporal riches or discretion in counselling. Of these works shalt thou hear at the day of doom. This alms shouldest thou do of thine own proper things, and hastily [promptly], and privily [secretly] if thou mayest; but nevertheless, if thou mayest not do it privily, thou shalt not forbear to do alms, though men see it, so that it be not done for thank of the world, but only for thank of Jesus Christ. For, as witnesseth Saint Matthew, chap. v., "A city may not be hid that is set on a mountain, nor men light not a lantern and put it under a bushel, but men set it on a candlestick, to light the men in the house; right so shall your light lighten before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father that is in heaven."
4.   "I wish to tell you that though remaining invisible to youreyes, I have not lost sight of you."
5.   "Let him do it if he wants to," said the captain. "If he only makes a mess of the paper, you may be sure I will punish him for it. But if, as I hope, he really can write, for he is the cleverest monkey I ever saw, I will adopt him as my son. The one I lost had not nearly so much sense!"
6.   "She left the office and I followed her. She walked up theKennington Road, and I kept behind her. Presently she went into ashop. Mr. Holmes, it was an undertaker's."


1. ['spekju.l?tiv]
2. 11. MailChimp
3. 他不在乎饮食,一盆酸菜炖白肉能吃好几顿。
4.   They walked arm in arm, occupying the whole width of the streetand taking in every Musketeer they met, so that in the end itbecame a triumphal march. The heart of D'Artagnan swam indelirium; he marched between Athos and Porthos, pressing themtenderly.
5.   "I learned it when I had recovered my health and was examined by Mr.Edmunds, the county detective. I fear I lied to him. Perhaps itwould have been wiser had I told the truth."
6. 华谊兄弟进一步表示,本次增持后,王忠军将按照2018年6月19日披露的增持计划,继续增持公司股份。


1.   'It's as good a phrase as another,' said Steerforth.
2. 新零售的概念追溯到16年,阿里开始提出新零售概念,国内无论是巨头企业/中小型企业纷纷跟风尝试新零售。
3. 中国人民勤劳智慧,有着追求美好生活的不竭动力,政府就是要创造环境,让人民群众创业创新的热情持久不衰。
4. The country was far larger then, including much land beyond the pass, and a strip of coast. They had ships, commerce, an army, a king--for at that time they were what they so calmly called us --a bi-sexual race.
5. Farfetch仍作为独立品牌面向消费者,与京东在营销、物流和技术等层面合作,以帮助Farfetch品牌持续深耕中国。
6. 1943年的4月14日,哈佛的回旋加速器的底座磁极被安放妥当。5月15日,范德格拉夫静电加速器运转达到了400万伏的能量级。6月的第一周,掌管回旋加速器的科学家和工程师在奥本海默面前显示了电子束的信号。6月10日,200万伏的短箱加速器装好,并调试完毕。


1. 2013年至2018年期间,被告人傅学习通过淘宝网定制多枚公司、企业、事业单位印章,并从杨运动处定制印章35枚,先后为100多人提供虚假的餐饮发票、办公用品发票、医疗发票用于报销,提供虚假的医院病历、病假条、休假证明等用于请假,从中非法牟利53448元。
2.   `Monseigneur, the good God knows; but I don't ask it. My petition is, that a morsel of stone or wood, with my husband's name, may be placed over him to show where he lies. Otherwise, the place will be quickly forgotten, it will never be found when I am dead of the same malady, I shall be laid under some other heap of poor grass. Monseigneur, they are so many, they increase so fast, there is so much want. Monseigneur! Monseigneur!'
3. 给风险小组提供章程,保证员工在项目研究期间免受来自上级或管理人员的打扰,而在项目失败时,也要保护员工免受外人指摘。
4.   Not a word about the sapphire. Was the Gascon determined tokeep it as a weapon against Milady, or else, let us befrank, did he not reserve the sapphire as a last resourcefor his outfit? It would be wrong to judge the actions ofone period from the point of view of another. That whichwould now be considered as disgraceful to a gentleman was atthat time quite a simple and natural affair, and the youngersons of the best families were frequently supported by theirmistresses. D'Artagnan gave the open letter to Kitty, whoat first was unable to comprehend it, but who became almostwild with joy on reading it a second time. She couldscarcely believe in her happiness; and D'Artagnan was forcedto renew with the living voice the assurances which he hadwritten. And whatever might be--considering the violentcharacter of Milady--the danger which the poor girl incurredin giving this billet to her mistress, she ran back to thePlace Royale as fast as her legs could carry her.The heart of the best woman is pitiless toward the sorrowsof a rival.
5.   "Ah," exclaimed Madame Danglars, alarmed, "what is theremore to hear?"
6. 这一印度化的过程并没有深深地渗透基层。在通常情况下;被印度化的主要是那些受外来移民影响的当地首户;一般村民们除了须交纳新王国统治者强征的苛捐杂税外,他们的生活仍一如以往,没有多大变化。虽然印度的影响有点儿表面化,但范围极其广泛。从在马来半岛和苏门答腊岛开始,到公元4世纪时,印度人已在远离印度的婆罗洲和中南半岛站稳脚跟。开始时,那些岛国很先选但将近公元三世纪末时,也许是海盗活动日渐猖撅的缘故,它们落后了。力量中心转移到了印度移民可以沿着经马来半岛到中南半岛的陆路而进入的大陆。


1. Sara broke into a friendly little laugh, and put her hand on her shoulder.
2.   `The government releasing ether into the air on Saturdays, for a cheerful weekend!' said Jack. `Sounds all right, but where should we be by Wednesday?'
3. 在开幕式上,一位酷爱收藏名家墨宝的朋友想以高价买下流沙河先生的这幅他所有书法中可能是尺幅最小的墨宝。

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