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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I loved my brother tenderly, as I told your excellency, andI resolved not to send the money, but to take it to himmyself. I possessed a thousand francs. I left five hundredwith Assunta, my sister-in-law, and with the other fivehundred I set off for Nimes. It was easy to do so, and as Ihad my boat and a lading to take in at sea, everythingfavored my project. But, after we had taken in our cargo,the wind became contrary, so that we were four or five dayswithout being able to enter the Rhone. At last, however, wesucceeded, and worked up to Arles. I left the boat betweenBellegarde and Beaucaire, and took the road to Nimes."
2.  "Yes."
3.  "There ought to be some money in that secretary?"
4.  "Doubtless; but there is no occasion to divide the honors ofmy discovery with him. The keeper would leave me in thebackground, and take all the glory to himself. I tell you,marquis, my fortune is made if I only reach the Tuileriesthe first, for the king will not forget the service I dohim."
5.  "Not so fast; M. Andrea only calls himself count."
6.  "Now," said the count, "what will you take -- a glass ofport, sherry, or Alicante?"


1.  "Yes; but they may catch him yet."
2.  "How foolish you are! Have you forgotten that M. Debray hasjust seen you at my house?"
3.  "Yes, it is."
4.  Valentine trembled, and looked at him with amazement. Theidea of resisting her father, her grandmother, and all thefamily, had never occurred to her. "What do you say,Maximilian?" asked Valentine. "What do you mean by astruggle? Oh, it would be a sacrilege. What? I resist myfather's order, and my dying grandmother's wish?Impossible!" Morrel started. "You are too noble not tounderstand me, and you understand me so well that youalready yield, dear Maximilian. No, no; I shall need all mystrength to struggle with myself and support my grief insecret, as you say. But to grieve my father -- to disturb mygrandmother's last moments -- never!"
5.  "I also," replied Mercedes, "am going, and I acknowledge Ihad depended on your accompanying me; have I deceivedmyself?"
6.  "So serious, sire, that when the circumstance surprised mein the midst of a family festival, on the very day of mybetrothal, I left my bride and friends, postponingeverything, that I might hasten to lay at your majesty'sfeet the fears which impressed me, and the assurance of mydevotion."


1.  "So, sir, you lived at Lucca, did you? You were rich, noble,held in great esteem -- had all that could render a manhappy?"
2.  "No, I did not know it."
3.  "You think so?"
4.  "There is, then, one," said Monte Cristo, "whom you do notcondemn like poor Danglars?"
5.   "Count," returned Signor Pastrini, hurt at Albert's repeateddoubts of the truth of his assertions, "I do not say this toyou, but to your companion, who knows Rome, and knows, too,that these things are not to be laughed at."
6.  Franz and Albert descended, the carriage approached thepalace; their excellencies stretched their legs along theseats; the cicerone sprang into the seat behind. "Where doyour excellencics wish to go?" asked he.


1.  "My friend," said she, "how came you here? Alas, I would sayyou are welcome, had not death opened the way for you intothis house."
2.  "My daughter," continued Danglars, "when a father asks hisdaughter to choose a husband, he has always some reason forwishing her to marry. Some are affected with the mania ofwhich you spoke just now, that of living again in theirgrandchildren. This is not my weakness, I tell you at once;family joys have no charm for me. I may acknowledge this toa daughter whom I know to be philosophical enough tounderstand my indifference, and not to impute it to me as acrime."
3.  "Ma foi, it will be as well if he is not," answeredCaderousse; "for if he should be, there will be really nospeaking to him."
4、  "Waiting below, in my carriage."
5、  "Come, my friend," said Danglars, seeing that he made noimpression on Peppino, "you will not refuse me a glass ofwine?"




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      "Yes," signified the old man.

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      "It is for that reason you see me so early."

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       "Draw nearer, Penelon," said the young man, "and tell us allabout it."

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      "Well, what do you wish to know?"

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    {  "I have eaten nothing; I only drank a glass of my master'slemonade -- that's all;" and Barrois turned towardsNoirtier, who, immovably fixed in his arm-chair, wascontemplating this terrible scene without allowing a word ora movement to escape him.

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      "Menaces -- I do not fear them. I will say" --}

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      "What do you think of that, Albert? -- at two and twenty tobe thus famous?"

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      "Why should they not? Can you see the air you breathe, andyet without which you could not for a moment exist?"

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       "Well, repeat it, -- repeat it, I beg of you, that I may atlast believe it! Tell me for the hundredth time that yourefuse my love, which had your mother's sanction. Make meunderstand once for all that you are trifling with myhappiness, that my life or death are nothing to you. Ah, tohave dreamed for ten years of being your husband, Mercedes,and to lose that hope, which was the only stay of myexistence!"

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    {  "If I tell you one thing, you will be so amiable as to setaside all impediments."

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      Louis XVIII. remounted the throne; Villefort, to whomMarseilles had become filled with remorseful memories,sought and obtained the situation of king's procureur atToulouse, and a fortnight afterwards he married Mademoisellede Saint-Meran, whose father now stood higher at court thanever.