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1. 公司使用多种渠道与客户进行沟通,但往往无法将每项活动与客户旅程联系起来。
2.   I said he was a hound, which, at the moment, was a great satisfaction to me.
3.   "You say she is only a slave?"
4.   But many weary hours, in sooth, were also mine. At night its little cradle stoodClose to my bed; so was I wide awake If it but stirred; One while I wasobliged to give it food, Or to my arms the darling take; From bed full oft mustrise, whene'er its cry I heard, And, dancing it, must pace the chamber to andfro; Stand at the wash - tub early; forthwith go To market, and then mind thecooking too To - morrow like to - day, the whole year through. Ah, sir, thusliving, it must be confess'd One's spirits are not always of the best; Yet it arelish gives to food and rest. (They pass on.)Martha
5.   So he told his story to the genius, but I cannot tell you what it was, as I do not know.
6.   "I will tell you all about them," replied Eumaeus, "Laertes is stillliving and prays heaven to let him depart peacefully his own house,for he is terribly distressed about the absence of his son, and alsoabout the death of his wife, which grieved him greatly and aged himmore than anything else did. She came to an unhappy end through sorrowfor her son: may no friend or neighbour who has dealt kindly by mecome to such an end as she did. As long as she was still living,though she was always grieving, I used to like seeing her and askingher how she did, for she brought me up along with her daughterCtimene, the youngest of her children; we were boy and girltogether, and she made little difference between us. When, however, weboth grew up, they sent Ctimene to Same and received a splendiddowry for her. As for me, my mistress gave me a good shirt and cloakwith a pair of sandals for my feet, and sent me off into thecountry, but she was just as fond of me as ever. This is all over now.Still it has pleased heaven to prosper my work in the situationwhich I now hold. I have enough to eat and drink, and can findsomething for any respectable stranger who comes here; but there is nogetting a kind word or deed out of my mistress, for the house hasfallen into the hands of wicked people. Servants want sometimes to seetheir mistress and have a talk with her; they like to have somethingto eat and drink at the house, and something too to take back withthem into the country. This is what will keep servants in a goodhumour."


1.   It portended that there was one stone face too many, up at the chaateau.
2.   He had put his hand upon my shoulder, and turned me about, to walk with them. I did not know what to reply, and glanced dubiously at Mr. Murdstone.
3.   "Let him be sent for instantly."
4. 单词affection 联想记忆:
5. 只有她们平安,大家才有希望。
6. 还有包括比尔·盖茨(BillGates)和理查德·布兰森(RichardBranson)等投资者参投。


1. 对于已经成为全国性品牌的企业而言,这无疑是件好事。
2. 可就算淘集集拿到融资,就能救得了平台吗?10月,淘集集负债总额高达16亿,一名内部员工表示,亏损的大头在于补贴,每天补贴金额就要超过两三百万。
3.   Neverthelesse, by such as know them not, they are held and reputedto be blamelesse Women, and by yeilding their bodyes unto generalluse, are the occasion of infinite misfortunes to men. For so sooneas they espy a Merchant-stranger there arrived, they win informationfrom the Booke belonging to the Magazin, what wares are thereinstored, of what valew they bee, and who is the Owner of them.Afterwards, by amorous actions, and affable speeches, they allure yongMerchants to take knowledge of them, to bee familiar in their company,till from some they get most part of their wealth, from others all.Nay, divers have gone so farre, as to make Port-sale of Ship, Goods,and Person, so cunningly they have bene shaven by these Barbers, andyet without any Razor.
4. 尤其是混搭在长大衣+短靴,彰显高挑气质的同时兼顾着精致的复古。
5. Average age: 36
6. 单词episode 联想记忆:


1.   Milady saw by the contraction of his countenance that thetrigger was about to be pulled; she reached her hand quicklyto her bosom, drew out a paper, and held it toward Athos."Take it," said she, "and be accursed!"
2. 新产品版本更新,特斯拉家用充电桩可连Wi-Fi日前,特斯拉升级了家用充电桩——壁挂式连接器,新版本充电桩降具有Wi-Fi连接的功能。
3.   "But we have no warrant for his arrest."
4. 买家和卖家
5. 9时56分,民航总医院抢救室的工作人员告诉澎湃新闻,杨文医生正在抢救。
6. 此外,本次全明星赛还设置了最新的1V1环节,由周琦VS易建联,赵睿VS林书豪。


1.   'You say you have faults, Helen: what are they? To me you seem verygood.'
2. 这样的科学家值得尊重,这样的科学情怀值得弘扬,以此去审视现实,在参照样本中找到差距和方向,是当下亟待面对和解决的问题。
3.   Ulysses answered, "I hope you may be as dear to the gods as youare to me, for having saved me from going about and getting intotrouble; there is nothing worse than being always ways on the tramp;still, when men have once got low down in the world they will gothrough a great deal on behalf of their miserable bellies. Sincehowever you press me to stay here and await the return ofTelemachus, tell about Ulysses' mother, and his father whom he left onthe threshold of old age when he set out for Troy. Are they stillliving or are they already dead and in the house of Hades?"

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