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1.   If there exist savages so barbarous as never to think of the inherited character of the offspring of their domestic animals, yet any one animal particularly useful to them, for any special purpose, would be carefully preserved during famines and other accidents, to which savages are so liable, and such choice animals would thus generally leave more offspring than the inferior ones; so that in this case there would be a kind of unconscious selection going on. We see the value set on animals even by the barbarians of Tierra del Fuego, by their killing and devouring their old women, in times of dearth, as of less value than their dogs.
2. 根据早前的报道,华为被迫推迟了将于今年早些时候在CESAsia上亮相的新型Windows笔记本电脑的发布。
3. 而卡戴珊没有像陈冠希、阿娇一样好傻好天真地退出娱乐圈,而是顺势整合资源,强力推出真人秀《与卡戴珊姐妹同行》——你想看,我就直播让你看。
4.   "I will tell you, Morrel," said the count, "that I do notneed entreating to spare the life of M. de Morcerf; he shallbe so well spared, that he will return quietly with his twofriends, while I" --
5. 部分案件中,还存在被告用侮辱性绰号辱骂某明星的粉丝群体,借以含沙射影辱骂该明星的现象。
6.   Griseld' of this (God wot) full innocent, That for her shapen* was all this array, *prepared To fetche water at a well is went, And home she came as soon as e'er she may. For well she had heard say, that on that day The marquis shoulde wed, and, if she might, She fain would have seen somewhat of that sight.


1. 俘户州县起初当是属于契丹最大奴隶主阿保机所有,或者说,其实只是他私有的奴隶,隶属于宫帐斡鲁朵。皇后另有自己的州县。述律皇后以西征的俘奴建仪坤州广义县(本回鹘牧地),当是属于述律后的“私奴”。
2. 图片来自央行网站1。
3. 这时通过开放创新,与不同领域的专家、企业与机构合作,显然成为了更优的选项。
4. 将强烈的视觉、声效、动作、图片都融合在一起,可以在短短的时间内形成新的情感纽带。
5. 一、国都的迁徒
6. Uber拓展UberWorks,帮助司机寻找其他临时性工作12月18日消息,据国外媒体报道,Uber今日将宣布拓展其UberWorks服务。


1. 为此,日本推崇本土的神道教,作为日本身份认同的基石。事实上,日本这个国家重新改造了神道教。传统的神道教是信奉各种神灵鬼怪的泛灵信仰,每个村庄、寺庙都有自己偏好的神灵及地方习俗。到了19世纪末20世纪初,日本创造了官方版本的神道教,同时打压了许多地方传统。日本当时的精英分子筛选并采用了欧洲帝国主义的想法,使官方的“国家神道”融合了再现代不过的国家和种族观念。另外,只要有助于巩固国家忠诚,佛教、儒学或武士封建习俗元素一律采纳。最重要的一点,国家神道的最高原则就是要崇敬日本天皇,认为天皇是一位永生神(livinggod),是天照大神的直系后裔。4
2.   "Supposing you get 'em and take 'em out to dinner?"
3.   "I guess this thing's got to come to an end," he said, affectingan air of concern.
4. 由于看中其品牌知名度,附近不少家长选择将孩子送到这里。
5. "Are you very poor now, Sara?" she had asked confidentially the first morning her friend took charge of the small French class. "Are you as poor as a beggar?" She thrust a fat hand into the slim one and opened round, tearful eyes. "I don't want you to be as poor as a beggar."
6.   'Different benevolent-minded ladies and gentlemen in thisneighbourhood and in London.'


1.   "Yes, devotion; for that is, I believe, the phrase forhopeful ambition."
2. 影响假离婚:离婚后也无法低首付购房近年来,房地产市场实际上确实出现了很多为了买房假离婚的做法。
3.   "Let us play at being the Cadi," said the brightest and quickest of them all; "I will be the Cadi. Bring before me Ali Cogia, and the merchant who robbed him of the thousand pieces of gold."
4. 农村的排斥、歧视有令人心里不舒服的一面,但从某种程度上限制了某些人的自由活动,可能也阻断了病毒的传播。
5. 待刘某完全酒醒后,民警又将刘某的车票买好,将其送上回家的列车。
6. 张加亮研究出的低压大电流闪充技术,与主流厂家高通、MTK等高压低电流快速充电走出了完全不一样的技术路径,效果却更好。


1.   "What are you thinking of, sir," exclaimed some; "why expose yourself to certain death? Are not the heads you see exposed on the town wall sufficient warning? For mercy's sake give up this mad idea and retire whilst you can."
2. 2016年,移动互联网发展迅速,尤其是视频直播平台表现更为突出和活跃。
3. 2008年,詹纳作为顾问与印度达拉维一家呼叫中心的员工进行了交流。达拉维是南亚最大的贫民窟。那名工人说有数以百万计的无业村民具备有与他一样的能力。詹纳说:“我想:‘有没有可能利用外包为数十亿人每个人带来几美元,而不是为少数富人带去数十亿美元?’” 于是,她成立了撒马源公司(Samasource),用这个高科技平台帮助贫困的女性和年轻人获得谷歌(Google)、商务社交媒体公司LinkedIn和微软(Microsoft)等公司的数字项目。到目前为止,这个非盈利机构已经帮助16,000人脱离了贫困。近期,它还在美国成立了一个国内项目SamaUSA,主要面向居住在旧金山的低收入学生。

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