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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie was sipping coffee, and did not look up.
2.  "I'm not feeling very well to-night. I had a slight cold theother day."
3.  Her need of clothes--to say nothing of her desire for ornaments--grew rapidly as the fact developed that for all her work she wasnot to have them. The sympathy she felt for Hurstwood, at thetime he asked her to tide him over, vanished with these newerurgings of decency. He was not always renewing his request, butthis love of good appearance was. It insisted, and Carrie wishedto satisfy it, wished more and more that Hurstwood was not in theway.
4.  "Why don't we get married?" she inquired, thinking of the volublepromises he had made.
5.  As yet, Hurstwood had only a thought of pleasure withoutresponsibility. He did not feel that he was doing anything tocomplicate his life. His position was secure, his home-life, ifnot satisfactory, was at least undisturbed, his personal libertyrather untrammelled. Carrie's love represented only so muchadded pleasure. He would enjoy this new gift over and above hisordinary allowance of pleasure. He would be happy with her andhis own affairs would go on as they had, undisturbed.
6.  While the appearance of the shop and the announcement of theprice paid per week operated very much as a blow to Carrie'sfancy, the fact that work of any kind was offered after so rude around of experience was gratifying. She could not begin tobelieve that she would take the place, modest as her aspirationswere. She had been used to better than that. Her mere experienceand the free out-of-door life of the country caused her nature torevolt at such confinement. Dirt had never been her share. Hersister's flat was clean. This place was grimy and low, the girlswere careless and hardened. They must be bad-minded and hearted,she imagined. Still, a place had been offered her. SurelyChicago was not so bad if she could find one place in one day.She might find another and better later.


1.  "I'd like for you to be there, if you want to come, but I don'tsee how you can unless he asks you."
2.  "Now I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll go over here toPartridge's and you pick out what you want. Then we'll lookaround for a room for you. You can leave the things there. Thenwe'll go to the show to-night."
3.  "See here," he said, "there's no use my talking about this atall. I respect your power all right, but I'll have to deal withthe people who know."
4.  "If I can only get over this summer," he added, "I think I'll beall right. I'm hearing from some of my friends again."
5.  Carrie listened to these things with considerable interest, forthey were suggested with more of friendliness than is usuallycommon between pretty women. Mrs. Vance liked Carrie's stablegood-nature so well that she really took pleasure in suggestingto her the latest things.
6.  "I gave it to her."


1.  "You're a dandy, Hurstwood," his friend Walker said. He wasstanding again well dressed, smiling, good-natured, the recipientof encores for a good story.
2.  "A pickpocket! Well!" exclaimed Mr. Bamberger, speaking the linesthat here fell to him.
3.  "What a cursed thing that Mrs. Vance's call was, anyhow," hethought. "Stood right there, and looked me over. I know whatshe was thinking."
4.  "I think we had better go right on through to Montreal," he saidto Carrie. "I'll see what the connections are when we get off."
5.   "Didn't think!" said Carrie, now angered to the core by the man'speculiar attitude. "Of course not. You thought only of whatwould be to your satisfaction. You thought you'd make a toy ofme--a plaything. Well, I'll show you that you won't. I'll havenothing more to do with you at all. You can take your old thingsand keep them," and unfastening a little pin he had given her,she flung it vigorously upon the floor and began to move about asif to gather up the things which belonged to her.
6.  Of course, as his own self-respect vanished, it perished for himin Carrie. She could not understand what had gotten into theman. He had some money, he had a decent suit remaining, he wasnot bad looking when dressed up. She did not forget her owndifficult struggle in Chicago, but she did not forget either thatshe had never ceased trying. He never tried. He did not evenconsult the ads in the papers any more.


1.  The next evening Carrie was called out, much as if for an error.
2.  "Chicago is no place to get a start," he said. "You ought to bein New York."
3.  Hurstwood ran the car close and stopped. He had not done sowholly, however, before a crowd gathered about. It was composedof ex-motormen and conductors in part, with a sprinkling offriends and sympathisers.
4、  "Why?" she questioned.
5、  "You'll feel better when we reach Montreal," he said.




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      The place smelled of the oil of the machines and the new leather--a combination which, added to the stale odours of the building,was not pleasant even in cold weather. The floor, thoughregularly swept every evening, presented a littered surface. Notthe slightest provision had been made for the comfort of theemployees, the idea being that something was gained by givingthem as little and making the work as hard and unremunerative aspossible. What we know of foot-rests, swivel-back chairs,dining-rooms for the girls, clean aprons and curling ironssupplied free, and a decent cloak room, were unthought of. Thewashrooms were disagreeable, crude, if not foul places, and thewhole atmosphere was sordid.

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      Doing her simple part, Carrie gradually realised the meaning ofthe applause which was for her, and it was sweet. She feltmildly guilty of something--perhaps unworthiness. When herassociates addressed her in the wings she only smiled weakly.The pride and daring of place were not for her. It never oncecrossed her mind to be reserved or haughty--to be other than shehad been. After the performances she rode to her room with Lola,in a carriage provided.

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       "No," said Lola, "not very often. You won't go anywhere. That'swhat's the matter with you."

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      The captain remained stolid and determined. He talked on, veryslowly, uttering the fewest words and with a certain assurance,as though he could not fail.

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    {  "Did she say when?"

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      "Here're three," he said.}

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      "Yes, sir; she surprised me the other night. By George, if shedidn't."

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      "God damned dog!" he said. "Damned old cur," wiping the slushfrom his worthless coat. "I--I hired such people as you once."

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       "Well enough," she said, still somewhat reduced after Drouet.

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    {  Hurstwood looked, but there was no face there now. He climbedmoodily into the cab, relieved and distressed.

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      All the time he had been talking he had been moving away from thedoor, down the corridor, out of the hearing of Carrie. They werenow near the end where the corridor opened into the large generalparlour.