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1. 后来林心如因为要当制片人兼主演《倾世皇妃》,没有档期演于正的《笑傲江湖》,之后两人关系就不怎样了。
2.   At once there then men mighte see'n, A world of ladies fall on kneen Before my lady, --
3. 今天早上起得有点早,房间通了风,有点凉。
4. 但值得注意的是,当大多数团队进行实验时,他们希望通过实验来确定一个想法是否好,但这是另一个非是即否的决定。
5.   The princess had faith in the bird, who generally proved to be right, and taking the gardener with her early next morning followed out his directions carefully. After digging for some time they came upon a golden box fastened with little clasps.
6. 其中,2015年净利润增长的一共有2527家,占到“僵尸股”总数的67.21%。


1.   49. Reeve: A land-steward; still called "grieve" -- Anglo-Saxon, "gerefa" in some parts of Scotland.
2.   'But you are passionate, Jane, that you must allow: and nowreturn to the nursery- there's a dear- and lie down a little.'
3. 放在谁身上,很可能都会这么想
4. 己所不欲,勿施于人是儒家道德信条的基础。它的意思连小学生也能解释:每个人不要做他认为讨厌的事。它不像学雷锋,精神文明建设一类说法的含混不清。这一信条特别高超的地方是,它告诉人不要做什么,而不是应该做什么。它是从消极的一面叙述了人的道德守则。它强调了每个人无权干预别人的事务,尤其不能对人做他自己都不喜欢的事。它隐含着人与人平等的观念,这与当今的人权观念有内在的联系。人类历史上发生过的各种罪恶,人压迫人,人剥削人,损人利己,不都是违反了这一简单的信条吗?如果人人做到了这一信条,就会相安无事,天下太平。
5. 2019年,公司全年营收数千万元,三年共增长了20多倍,其付费客户数量也达到1万多家。
6. 陆风X7最大的亮点就是它的外观造型,刚出来的时候,可谓是高仿路虎极光,但其10万元左右的价格则仅有路虎极光的1/4,超高性价比让X7这款车型火爆一时,曾一个月卖出2万多辆


1. 反义寡核苷酸是一种人工合成的脱氧核糖核酸(DNA)片段,通过碱基互补配对原则识别靶基因,并通过阻止后者转录与翻译来消除或减少病变基因。
2. 他在45度接球强突内线腾空而起,隔着补防的泰斯完成了势大力沉的暴力劈扣,在最后31秒,伦纳德后场接球长传助攻前场的路威飚进关键三分,一举反超了比分。
3. 瑞幸咖啡5日股价走势图,来源:雪球瑞幸的盈利逻辑股市狂欢之下,质疑声也未间断。
4. 双方将在金融云、大数据、人工智能、区块链等关键领域展开合作,推动云+AI在金融行业大规模落地,加速金融产业智能化升级。
5. “以前觉得做得好就不用宣传,还是应该把做了20多年的经验传播出去,”郁瑞芬说,“信任是可以转化为销量的。
6. 如果双方不能达成同一调解意见,案件将定期宣判。


1. "Somehow, something always happens," she cried, "just before things get to the very worst. It is as if the Magic did it. If I could only just remember that always. The worst thing never QUITE comes."
2.   Knowing that this cry was in his house, hee tooke the Candle inhis hand, and going foorth of the Parlour, heard the cry to be louder;because the Asse removed not his foote, but rather trod the morefirmely on his hand. Comming to the Coope, driving the Asse, andtaking off the old sacke, he espyed the young man, who, beside thepainefull anguish he felt of his fingers, arose up trembling, asfearing some outrage beside to bee offered him by Pedro, who knewthe youth perfectly, and demaunded of him, how he came thither. Noanswere did hee make to that question, but humbly entreated (forcharities sake) that hee would not doe him any harme. Feare not (quothPedro) I will not offer thee any violence: onely tell mee how thoucamest hither, and for what occasion; wherein the youth fully resolvedhim.
3.   She thought that one of her slaves must have been telling tales of her, but they told her it was the parrot, and she resolved to revenge herself on him.
4. 斯坦福大学商学院校友的平均薪资最高,为19.5万美元,但总体而言,排在前15名之内的MBA课程在收入、职业发展和满意度方面都非常接近。除了一所学校外,这些商学院的校友平均薪资均超过15万美元,与就读MBA以前的收入相比,薪资上涨了大约100%。
5.   LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.
6.   The man looked at him, looked at the village in the hollow, at the mill, and at the prison on the crag. When he had identified these objects in what benighted mind he had, he said, in a dialect that was just intelligible:


1. 另外聚会也并不是只有KTV这一种选择。
2. mod风度+est→做事有风度→礼貌的,谦虚的
3. I rather liked it myself, after I got used to it. Why we should so admire "a woman's crown of hair" and not admire a Chinaman's queue is hard to explain, except that we are so convinced that the long hair "belongs" to a woman. Whereas the "mane" in horses is on both, and in lions, buffalos, and such creatures only on the male. But I did miss it--at first.

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      Holy Father, I am halfe ashamed to tell you the truth in thiscase, as fearing least I should sinne in vaine-glory. Whereto theConfessor replyed; Speake boldly sonne, and feare not, for intelling the truth, bee it in confession or otherwise, a man cannever sinne. Then sayde Maister Chappelet, Father, seeing you giveme so good an assurance, I will resolve you faithfully heerein. I amso true a Virgin-man in this matter, even as when I issued forth of mymothers Wombe. O sonne (quoth the Friar) how happy and blessed ofGod art thou? Well hast thou lived, and therein hast thou not meanlymerited, having had so much libertie to doe the contrary if thouwouldest, wherein verie few of us can so answer for our selves.

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      These propositions will be most readily understood by looking to our domestic races. The most distinct breeds of pigeons, in countries most widely apart, present sub-varieties with reversed feathers on the head and feathers on the feet, characters not possessed by the aboriginal rock-pigeon; these then are analogous variations in two or more distinct races. The frequent presence of fourteen or even sixteen tail-feathers in the pouter, may be considered as a variation representing the normal structure of another race, the fantail. I presume that no one will doubt that all such analogous variations are due to the several races of the pigeon having inherited from a common parent the same constitution and tendency to variation, when acted on by similar unknown influences. In the vegetable kingdom we have a case of analogous variation, in the enlarged stems, or roots as commonly called, of the Swedish turnip and Ruta baga, plants which several botanists rank as varieties produced by cultivation from a common parent: if this be not so, the case will then be one of analogous variation in two so-called distinct species; and to these a third may be added, namely, the common turnip. According to the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we should have to attribute this similarity in the enlarged stems of these three plants, not to the vera causa of community of descent, and a consequent tendency to vary in a like manner, but to three separate yet closely related acts of creation.With pigeons, however, we have another case, namely, the occasional appearance in all the breeds, of slaty-blue birds with two black bars on the wings, a white rump, a bar at the end of the tail, with the outer feathers externally edged near their bases with white. As all these marks are characteristic of the parent rock-pigeon, I presume that no one will doubt that this is a case of reversion, and not of a new yet analogous variation appearing in the several breeds. We may I think confidently come to this conclusion, because, as we have seen, these coloured marks are eminently liable to appear in the crossed offspring of two distinct and differently coloured breeds; and in this case there is nothing in the external conditions of life to cause the reappearance of the slaty-blue, with the several marks, beyond the influence of the mere act of crossing on the laws of inheritance.

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