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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Maitland! Maitland!" he called once.
2.  "You find time to go with other people, though," she replied,with considerable irritation.
3.  The rooms which Mr. Withers displayed to Carrie and Lola werethree and bath--a suite on the parlour floor. They were done inchocolate and dark red, with rugs and hangings to match. Threewindows looked down into busy Broadway on the east, three into aside street which crossed there. There were two lovely bedrooms,set with brass and white enamel beds, white ribbon-trimmed chairsand chiffoniers to match. In the third room, or parlour, was apiano, a heavy piano lamp, with a shade of gorgeous pattern, alibrary table, several huge easy rockers, some dado book shelves,and a gilt curio case, filled with oddities. Pictures were uponthe walls, soft Turkish pillows upon the divan footstools ofbrown plush upon the floor. Such accommodations would ordinarilycost a hundred dollars a week.
4.  "It's a lie, I tell you," he said, in a low, sharp voice."You've been searching around for some cheap accusation formonths and now you think you have it. You think you'll springsomething and get the upper hand. Well, I tell you, you can't.As long as I'm in this house I'm master of it, and you or any oneelse won't dictate to me--do you hear?"
5.  "Where are you going?" he said, stepping over and heading heroff.
6.  Not long after this Mrs. Hurstwood came with a similarproposition, only it was to a matinee this time.


1.  "One of the largest clusters of jewels I have ever seen," saidAmes.
2.  "Why, nearly every day."
3.  On the fourth day she was down town all day, having borrowed tencents for lunch from Minnie. She had applied in the cheapestkind of places without success. She even answered for a waitressin a small restaurant where she saw a card in the window, butthey wanted an experienced girl. She moved through the thickthrong of strangers, utterly subdued in spirit. Suddenly a handpulled her arm and turned her about.
4.  "How about this ad of yours?" asked Hurstwood, who ratherobjected to the looks of the place.
5.  "Good-nature," returned the manager. "Like to see the boys, youknow."
6.  Hurstwood was an interesting character after his kind. He wasshrewd and clever in many little things, and capable of creatinga good impression. His managerial position was fairly important--a kind of stewardship which was imposing, but lacked financialcontrol. He had risen by perseverance and industry, through longyears of service, from the position of barkeeper in a commonplacesaloon to his present altitude. He had a little office in theplace, set off in polished cherry and grill-work, where he kept,in a roll-top desk, the rather simple accounts of the place--supplies ordered and needed. The chief executive and financialfunctions devolved upon the owners--Messrs. Fitzgerald and Moy--and upon a cashier who looked after the money taken in.


1.  They were returning to Ogden Place in the cab, when he asked:
2.  "The devil!" he said a dozen times in an hour.
3.  "Oh, don't," said Carrie.
4.  Hurstwood kept silent for a while.
5.   "Eat," he mumbled. "That's right, eat. Nobody else wants any."
6.  There came a time when he said nothing at all. Money was handedhim, and for each twelve cents he singled out a man and put himin the other line. Then he walked up and down as before, lookingat the ground.


1.  She recalled, with more subtle emotions, that he did not look ather now with any of the old light of satisfaction or approval inhis eye. Evidently, along with other things, he was taking herto be getting old and uninteresting. He saw her wrinkles,perhaps. She was fading, while he was still preening himself inhis elegance and youth. He was still an interested factor in themerry-makings of the world, while she--but she did not pursue thethought. She only found the whole situation bitter, and hatedhim for it thoroughly.
2.  He was not at all abashed by his position. He knew these peopleneeded men. If one didn't take him, another would. This mancould take him or leave him, just as he chose.
3.  "I thought you were," she said, smiling.
4、  She acknowledged that she had not.
5、  Carrie heard this with indifference.




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      She was completely restored and delighted by his consideration,but she made him promise not to come around.

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      He noted her puzzled look, and then added: "What is it you wishto see about?"

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       He put his paper down on his knees and gazed idly out of thewindow. He did not propose to lose his temper, but merely to bepersistent and agreeable, and by a few questions bring around amild understanding of some sort.

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      "So long," said Shaughnessy, scarcely deigning a notice.

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    {  The hours slipped by, and with them the possibility of the unionhe had contemplated. He had thought to be joyously aiding Carrieby now in the task of joining her interests to his, and here itwas afternoon and nothing done. Three o'clock came, four, five,six, and no letter. The helpless manager paced the floor andgrimly endured the gloom of defeat. He saw a busy Saturdayushered out, the Sabbath in, and nothing done. All day, the barbeing closed, he brooded alone, shut out from home, from theexcitement of his resort, from Carrie, and without the ability toalter his condition one iota. It was the worst Sunday he hadspent in his life.

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      "Yes," he said.}

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      Once during the day, when he sat near the radiator, hunched upand reading, she passed through, and seeing him, wrinkled herbrows. In the front room, where it was not so warm, she sat bythe window and cried. This was the life cut out for her, was it?To live cooped up in a small flat with some one who was out ofwork, idle, and indifferent to her. She was merely a servant tohim now, nothing more.

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      Thus crowded fortune. For this whole week, though her largesalary had not yet arrived, it was as if the world understood andtrusted her. Without money--or the requisite sum, at least--sheenjoyed the luxuries which money could buy. For her the doors offine places seemed to open quite without the asking. Thesepalatial chambers, how marvellously they came to her. Theelegant apartments of Mrs. Vance in the Chelsea--these were hers.Men sent flowers, love notes, offers of fortune. And still herdreams ran riot. The one hundred and fifty! the one hundred andfifty! What a door to an Aladdin's cave it seemed to be. Eachday, her head almost turned by developments, her fancies of whather fortune must be, with ample money, grew and multiplied. Sheconceived of delights which were not--saw lights of joy thatnever were on land or sea. Then, at last, after a world ofanticipation, came her first installment of one hundred and fiftydollars.

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       "Why, I know it. I've always known it," said Drouet.

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    {  "They can't win," he said, concerning the men. "They haven't anymoney. The police will protect the companies. They've got to.The public has to have its cars."

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      Mrs. Hurstwood directed an inquiring glance at her husband, butcould not judge from his appearance whether it was any more thana casual look into the theatre which was referred to.