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1. 南京一小区超800万住宅专项维修资金被挪用据中国之声报道,近日,多位南京市民向中国之声反映,自己所居住小区的住宅专项维修资金被小区物业通过伪造签名和材料的方式违规使用。
2. 如果把高剂量的核辐射值物品长期带在身边,显然增加了辐射风险。
3.   As she spoke she infused fresh vigour into him, and when he hadprayed to her he poised his spear and hurled it. He hit Eupeithes'helmet, and the spear went right through it, for the helmet stayedit not, and his armour rang rattling round him as he fell heavily tothe ground. Meantime Ulysses and his son fell the front line of thefoe and smote them with their swords and spears; indeed, they wouldhave killed every one of them, and prevented them from ever gettinghome again, only Minerva raised her voice aloud, and made every onepause. "Men of Ithaca," she cried, cease this dreadful war, and settlethe matter at once without further bloodshed."
4. 中央美术学院教授邵彦说,杨先生千古。
5.   Secondly, is it possible that an animal having, for instance, the structure and habits of a bat, could have been formed by the modification of some animal with wholly different habits? Can we believe that natural selection could produce, on the one hand, organs of trifling importance, such as the tail of a giraffe, which serves as a fly-flapper, and, on the other hand, organs of such wonderful structure, as the eye, of which we hardly as yet fully understand the inimitable perfection?
6. 我想大家都猜到了,这家公司就是字节跳动。


1.   "Their hearts sank as they heard me, for they remembered how theyhad been treated by the Laestrygonian Antiphates, and by the savageogre Polyphemus. They wept bitterly in their dismay, but there wasnothing to be got by crying, so I divided them into two companiesand set a captain over each; I gave one company to Eurylochus, while Itook command of the other myself. Then we cast lots in a helmet, andthe lot fell upon Eurylochus; so he set out with his twenty-two men,and they wept, as also did we who were left behind.
2. 在经济领域中,与杜鲁门主义相似的东西是马歇尔计划。1947年6月5日,国务卿乔治·马歇尔在哈佛大学讲话时指出,至少在以后几年中,欧洲的需要大大超过了它的支付能力。他又说:“美国应尽最大努力帮助恢复世界正常的经济繁荣,如果不这样做,就不会有政治上的稳定和有保证的和平——这是符合逻辑的。”在马歇尔主张提供援助后的第二年春天,欧洲复兴计划即通常所称的马歇尔计划业匕已定。到1951年12月31日这一计划终止时,美国为支持马歇尔计划的实施总共支付了125亿美元。这一巨大投资和欧洲的人力物力一起,使欧洲能迅速复原,使欧洲的生产水平和生活水平超过了战前的水平。但是,从东、西方间的关系这一角度看,马歇尔计划是走向冷战的最后一步。援助是不分意识形态,向所有国家提供的。然而,莫斯科却把这种提供说成是反共产党的策略,命令曾有意接受援助的捷克人和波兰人予以拒绝。1949年1月,莫斯科设立了经济互助委员会(莫洛托夫计划),将它作为东欧的、与马歇尔计划相当的东西。
3. 张卫荣则认为,虽然法院查封、冻结其相关资产是在民事案件办理过程中,但对其错误羁押的刑事手段,给其公司造成了实际损失,故对共青城市法院此次决定赔偿的数额持有异议,将向九江市中级法院申请作出赔偿决定。
4. 要把网络本身变成防火墙,让企业的信息、数据都是可靠的。
5.   The procureur entered with the same grave and measured stephe would have employed in entering a court of justice. Hewas the same man, or rather the development of the same man,whom we have heretofore seen as assistant attorney atMarseilles. Nature, according to her way, had made nodeviation in the path he had marked out for himself. Frombeing slender he had now become meagre; once pale, he wasnow yellow; his deep-set eyes were hollow, and the goldspectacles shielding his eyes seemed to be an integralportion of his face. He dressed entirely in black, with theexception of his white tie, and his funeral appearance wasonly mitigated by the slight line of red ribbon which passedalmost imperceptibly through his button-hole, and appearedlike a streak of blood traced with a delicate brush.Although master of himself, Monte Cristo, scrutinized withirrepressible curiosity the magistrate whose salute hereturned, and who, distrustful by habit, and especiallyincredulous as to social prodigies, was much more dispisedto look upon "the noble stranger," as Monte Cristo wasalready called, as an adventurer in search of new fields, oran escaped criminal, rather than as a prince of the HolySee, or a sultan of the Thousand and One Nights.
6. 通告景洪市景哈乡居民郦某某,2019年12月至今年1月有武汉旅居史,返回景洪后出现咳嗽等症状,被卫生防疫机构采取隔离观察治疗,1月24日,郦某某被确诊新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎。


1. 早在1997年,当时张兰的三家酒楼每日的营业额就达到了150多万元,她就陷入了极大的矛盾之中:“是继续赚钱还是做一个品牌出来?”一番思索之后,张兰还是把三家酒楼都卖了出去,“我了解自己的性格,我是一个武断的人。
2. 根据中汽协公布的数据,2019年我国新能源汽车市场的总产量为124.2万辆,同比下滑2.3%。
3. 国有化风暴横扫欧美
4. 这种自上而下的传播和裂变,让小鹅通成为了这个赛道当之无愧的头部服务商。
5. 2019年6月18日,光猪圈健身的创始人王锋在ChinaFit健身展会上就曾公开表示,目前国内80%的健身房不盈利,或利润很低。
6. 2018年借偶像团体选秀节目《创造101》而起的叔圈101网络评选,吴秀波因闷骚有趣、佛系低调、颜值超长待机、温柔细腻等雅痞叔系设定而位列其中,最终经过两次事件发酵后彻底扭转为反面渣男。


1. 夏剑指出,体外膜肺氧合(ECMO)技术并非适用于所有患者,这项技术已有几十年的应用,特别是在急症重症治疗中广泛应用,不止救治肺炎,还救治了很多心脏衰竭的病人。
2.   "Now we are here we may as well begin to dig our graves at once, since from this fatal spot no shipwrecked mariner has ever returned."
3. 如果按照前面对过去5个世纪的世界历史的分析来考察所有这些世界性的发展,那么,这些发展将表明全球关系发展的一个新阶段。人们将回想起,在欧洲发生决定性的转变和进行扩张之前,几大地区或是自治地并存着,或是完全孤立地并存着——自治的欧洲地区、穆斯林地区和儒教地区,基本孤立的撒哈拉以南非洲和完全孤立的美洲和澳大利亚。哥伦布、达·伽马和麦哲伦之后,这种隔绝状态让位给了由欧洲支配、为欧洲所利用的日益增长的相互影响和一体化。到19世纪时,这一趋势最终导致了前所未有的欧洲几个大国的全球霸权。两次世界大战打破了欧洲的这一统治,取而代之的是莫斯科和华盛顿的仅维持一、二十年的两极统治——这一阶段的短暂反映了世界事态不断加快的发展速度。
4. 为充分理解这一点,我们逐一考虑以下各种情况。硬件公司知道,软件公司可能宣布高、中、低水平的三个数字之一。假如软件公司宣布的数字是900万美元(低水平),那么,无论硬件公司宣布什么样的成本数字,这个项目都要继续下去,而硬件公司的收入将为3000万美元(即3900万美元-900万美元),足够补偿一切成本。接下来,假定软件公司说的是1200万美元。假如硬件公司的真实成本是1800万美元(低水平)或2400万美元(中水平),它说实话就能使这个项目继续下去,得到2700万美元的收入,仍然足够补偿1800万美元或2400万美元的真实成本。将成本夸大为高水平只能导致项目取消,等于错过一个有利可图的机会。而另一方面,假如硬件公司的成本真的达到3000万美元(高水平),而它瞒报为低或中水平,结果,项目继续下去,而硬件公司最后所得为2700万美元,等于净亏300万美元。
5.   `If I had never seen Charles, my father, I should have been quite happy with you.'
6. 一般而言,套套逻辑并不是「四足动物有四只脚」那么简单,那么一目了然。空泛而没有内容的,而又不可能错的「理论」多的是,然而很多时就是大学博士也不易察觉。且让我举一些例子吧。


1.   But Lord de Winter might suspect him; Felton himself might now bewatched!
2.   I obey the first clause of the injunction by trying once more, but am not so successful with the second, for I am very stupid. I tumble down before I get to the old place, at a point where I was all right before, and stop to think. But I can't think about the lesson. I think of the number of yards of net in Miss Murdstone's cap, or of the price of Mr. Murdstone's dressing-gown, or any such ridiculous problem that I have no business with, and don't want to have anything at all to do with. Mr. Murdstone makes a movement of impatience which I have been expecting for a long time. Miss Murdstone does the same. My mother glances submissively at them, shuts the book, and lays it by as an arrear to be worked out when my other tasks are done.
3. 西方的健身房及健身器械已有120年的发展历史,而西方健身器械的大规模商业化则发生在20世纪70年代。

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    "The child is the little friend of all things, Sahib," he answered. "She is not as other children. I see her when she does not see me. I slip across the slates and look at her many nights to see that she is safe. I watch her from my window when she does not know I am near. She stands on the table there and looks out at the sky as if it spoke to her. The sparrows come at her call. The rat she has fed and tamed in her loneliness. The poor slave of the house comes to her for comfort. There is a little child who comes to her in secret; there is one older who worships her and would listen to her forever if she might. This I have seen when I have crept across the roof. By the mistress of the house--who is an evil woman--she is treated like a pariah; but she has the bearing of a child who is of the blood of kings!"