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1.   Madam Eliza having ended her Tale, and heard what commendationsthe whole company gave thereof; the Queene commanded Philostratus,to tell a Novell agreeing with his owne minde, smiling thereat, thusreplyed. Faire Ladies, I have bene so often checkt and snapt, for myyesterdayes matter and argument of discoursing, which was both tediousand offensive to you; that if I intended to make you any amends, Ishould now undertake to tell such a Tale, as might put you into amirthfull humour. Which I am determined to do, in relating a briefeand pleasant Novell, not any way offensive (as I trust) butexemplary for some good notes of observation.
2.   "That pity runneth soon in gentle heart (Feeling his simil'tude in paines smart), Is proved every day, as men may see, As well *by work as by authority;* *by experience as by doctrine* For gentle hearte kitheth* gentleness. *sheweth I see well, that ye have on my distress Compassion, my faire Canace, Of very womanly benignity That nature in your princples hath set. But for no hope for to fare the bet,* *better But for t' obey unto your hearte free, And for to make others aware by me, As by the whelp chastis'd* is the lion, *instructed, corrected Right for that cause and that conclusion, While that I have a leisure and a space, Mine harm I will confessen ere I pace."* *depart And ever while the one her sorrow told, The other wept, *as she to water wo'ld,* *as if she would dissolve Till that the falcon bade her to be still, into water* And with a sigh right thus she said *her till:* *to her* "Where I was bred (alas that ilke* day!) *same And foster'd in a rock of marble gray So tenderly, that nothing ailed me, I wiste* not what was adversity, *knew Till I could flee* full high under the sky. *fly Then dwell'd a tercelet <30> me faste by, That seem'd a well of alle gentleness; *All were he* full of treason and falseness, *although he was* It was so wrapped *under humble cheer,* *under an aspect And under hue of truth, in such mannere, of humility* Under pleasance, and under busy pain, That no wight weened that he coulde feign, So deep in grain he dyed his colours. Right as a serpent hides him under flow'rs, Till he may see his time for to bite, Right so this god of love's hypocrite Did so his ceremonies and obeisances, And kept in semblance all his observances, That *sounden unto* gentleness of love. *are consonant to* As on a tomb is all the fair above, And under is the corpse, which that ye wet, Such was this hypocrite, both cold and hot; And in this wise he served his intent, That, save the fiend, none wiste what he meant: Till he so long had weeped and complain'd, And many a year his service to me feign'd, Till that mine heart, too piteous and too nice,* *foolish, simple All innocent of his crowned malice, *Forfeared of his death,* as thoughte me, *greatly afraid lest Upon his oathes and his surety he should die* Granted him love, on this conditioun, That evermore mine honour and renown Were saved, bothe *privy and apert;* *privately and in public* This is to say, that, after his desert, I gave him all my heart and all my thought (God wot, and he, that *other wayes nought*), *in no other way* And took his heart in change of mine for aye. But sooth is said, gone since many a day, A true wight and a thiefe *think not one.* *do not think alike* And when he saw the thing so far y-gone, That I had granted him fully my love, In such a wise as I have said above, And given him my true heart as free As he swore that he gave his heart to me, Anon this tiger, full of doubleness, Fell on his knees with so great humbleness, With so high reverence, as by his cheer,* *mien So like a gentle lover in mannere, So ravish'd, as it seemed, for the joy, That never Jason, nor Paris of Troy, -- Jason? certes, nor ever other man, Since Lamech <31> was, that alderfirst* began *first of all To love two, as write folk beforn, Nor ever since the firste man was born, Coulde no man, by twenty thousand Counterfeit the sophimes* of his art; *sophistries, beguilements Where doubleness of feigning should approach, Nor worthy were t'unbuckle his galoche,* *shoe <32> Nor could so thank a wight, as he did me. His manner was a heaven for to see To any woman, were she ne'er so wise; So painted he and kempt,* *at point devise,* *combed, studied As well his wordes as his countenance. *with perfect precision* And I so lov'd him for his obeisance, And for the truth I deemed in his heart, That, if so were that any thing him smart,* *pained All were it ne'er so lite,* and I it wist, *little Methought I felt death at my hearte twist. And shortly, so farforth this thing is went,* *gone That my will was his wille's instrument; That is to say, my will obey'd his will In alle thing, as far as reason fill,* *fell; allowed Keeping the boundes of my worship ever; And never had I thing *so lefe, or lever,* *so dear, or dearer* As him, God wot, nor never shall no mo'.
3.   We insensibly approached the old boat, and entered. Mrs. Gummidge, no longer moping in her especial corner, was busy preparing breakfast. She took Mr. Peggotty's hat, and placed his seat for him, and spoke so comfortably and softly, that I hardly knew her.
4. 在全国各地发生农民暴动的同时,西汉统治集团内部也出现了一系列严重的危机,即巫蛊之祸.这一危机是社会矛盾在上层统治集团内部的反映,直接导致了对匈奴战争的失败和皇位继承人的确立。
5. 4)新的和改进后的优质鸡肉三明治。
6. 零重力实验室作为商业航天行业的自主卫星研制、生产、运营、数据服务企业。


1. 数据来源:公司公告、中商产业研究院整理从产品收入构成来看,生活电器和智能装备分别占总营收的1.55%和1.43%。
2. 记者进入小区看到,4号楼南侧目前还处于整修状态,地上铺着绿色苫布,一台小型挖掘机孤零零地停在楼前。
3. 记忆还可以训练?她对此产生了极大兴趣,便推掉了兼职,报名做了助教。
4. 遗憾的是,无论是谷歌、微软、亚马逊,还是其他厂商,在对待智能音箱上,无一例外都把语音交互放到了第一位,而忽视了音箱本质的功能,这让他们的产品没有太多差异化特色。
5. 2018年、2019年使用过的节日景观小品重新与市民见面,添加农历鼠年元素,使用过的灯笼清理后继续使用。
6. 比如说你的传感器就会像沙子一样,探针类的东西可以被支持,现在就非常困难。


1.   These propositions will be most readily understood by looking to our domestic races. The most distinct breeds of pigeons, in countries most widely apart, present sub-varieties with reversed feathers on the head and feathers on the feet, characters not possessed by the aboriginal rock-pigeon; these then are analogous variations in two or more distinct races. The frequent presence of fourteen or even sixteen tail-feathers in the pouter, may be considered as a variation representing the normal structure of another race, the fantail. I presume that no one will doubt that all such analogous variations are due to the several races of the pigeon having inherited from a common parent the same constitution and tendency to variation, when acted on by similar unknown influences. In the vegetable kingdom we have a case of analogous variation, in the enlarged stems, or roots as commonly called, of the Swedish turnip and Ruta baga, plants which several botanists rank as varieties produced by cultivation from a common parent: if this be not so, the case will then be one of analogous variation in two so-called distinct species; and to these a third may be added, namely, the common turnip. According to the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we should have to attribute this similarity in the enlarged stems of these three plants, not to the vera causa of community of descent, and a consequent tendency to vary in a like manner, but to three separate yet closely related acts of creation.With pigeons, however, we have another case, namely, the occasional appearance in all the breeds, of slaty-blue birds with two black bars on the wings, a white rump, a bar at the end of the tail, with the outer feathers externally edged near their bases with white. As all these marks are characteristic of the parent rock-pigeon, I presume that no one will doubt that this is a case of reversion, and not of a new yet analogous variation appearing in the several breeds. We may I think confidently come to this conclusion, because, as we have seen, these coloured marks are eminently liable to appear in the crossed offspring of two distinct and differently coloured breeds; and in this case there is nothing in the external conditions of life to cause the reappearance of the slaty-blue, with the several marks, beyond the influence of the mere act of crossing on the laws of inheritance.
2. “百年不遇牛市市场”过早地结束了,我已经排除了第二次牛市市场的可能性,不过也许会有某种局部的进展。①
3. 电视画面里,餐馆直接排污入河,河道里布满垃圾,水草丛生,更有居民直接在岸边宰杀家禽,洗涤拖把,令人触目惊心。
4. 乾隆帝褒奖明末忠臣,又将历仕两朝的汉臣分别列等编传,可谓用心良苦。他自称这是出于“大中至正之心”,“为万世子孙植纲常”。实际目的,还是要控制广大汉人臣僚效忠于满洲皇帝,以巩固清朝的统治。他的这些举动,虽然在汉人官员中不无成效,但并不能弧止广大人民的反抗。
5. "Same way we do, of course. If three valuable American citizens are lost up there, they will follow somehow--to say nothing of the glittering attractions of that fair land--let's call it `Feminisia,'" he broke off.
6. 魁奈对于人们反驳他的各点,在他的书里逐条叙入,并逐条作了答复。在他书里出现的、假定为反对者嘴里说出来的那些道理,都是那样的健全正确,而他反驳时提出来的论点却是那样的荒谬绝伦,使人看了简直惊奇之至。尽管如此,由于他的理论的趋向与法国当时的情况相符合,是同那一个世纪流行的博爱主义与世界主义思想沆瀣一气的,因此得到了与这位改革家同时代人们的赞许,认为是智慧的化身。


1. IceAddis提供办公空间,为年轻创业者(主要是大学刚毕业的学生)提供辅导和支持,以提供的资源换10%股权,目前共孵化40多家初创团队。
2. 中国家电协会理事长姜风表示,过去由于没有标准,人们对家电等耐用消费品没有寿命概念,导致大量家电超过10年仍在使用。
3.   'No, really, my dear Doctor, you must excuse me if I appear to dwell on this rather, because I feel so very strongly. I call it quite my monomania, it is such a subject of mine. You are a blessing to us. You really are a Boon, you know.'
4.   'So I think: you have no ghost, then?'
5. 不搞“封兄荫弟”那一套,是每个官员应该恪守的基本原则。
6. 当然,对于瑞幸咖啡而言,现阶段公司的现金流运转还在安全阀之内,但是长期来看,在主营业务盈利能力尚未确定的情况之下,过猛投入新业务,也将意味着悬在公司头上的达摩克利斯之剑随时都可能掉下。


1.   THEN, when we had got down to the sea shore we drew our ship intothe water and got her mast and sails into her; we also put the sheepon board and took our places, weeping and in great distress of mind.Circe, that great and cunning goddess, sent us a fair wind that blewdead aft and stayed steadily with us keeping our sails all the timewell filled; so we did whatever wanted doing to the ship's gear andlet her go as the wind and helmsman headed her. All day long her sailswere full as she held her course over the sea, but when the sun wentdown and darkness was over all the earth, we got into the deepwaters of the river Oceanus, where lie the land and city of theCimmerians who live enshrouded in mist and darkness which the raysof the sun never pierce neither at his rising nor as he goes downagain out of the heavens, but the poor wretches live in one longmelancholy night. When we got there we beached the ship, took thesheep out of her, and went along by the waters of Oceanus till we cameto the place of which Circe had told us.
2. 在赋税上,武帝将口赋的起算年龄从7岁提前至3岁,又增加了各种其他的名目,如加三文以补车骑马,加征三十文以助边用等等。由于农民受到中央政府以及地主豪强、富商大贾的双重压迫,一旦遇有天灾人祸,便难免破产。因此,在武帝统治时期政治强大和经济繁荣的背后,隐藏着日益严重的社会危机。失去土地的农民,除一部分沦为奴婢外,大部分四散流亡。元封四年(公元前107年),关东流民竟达200万口,无户籍者也有40万。流落他乡的农民的境地非常悲惨,因冻饿死于道路的不计其数,甚至出现了人相食的现象。
3.   When he had ended these words, hee turned to Lisana, saying: Heeredoe I freely give over all further fruits of your affection towardsme, thanking you for your former love: so taking her head betweene hishands he kissed her faire forhead, which was the usuall custome inthose times. Perdicano, the Father and Mother of Lisana, and she herselfe likewise, extraordinarily joyfull for this so fortunate amarriage, returned humble and hearty thankes both to the King andQueene, and (as many credible Authors doe affirme) the King kept hispromise made to Lisana, because (so long as he lived) he alwalestermed himselfe by the name of her Knight, and in al actions ofChivalry by him undertaken, he never carried any other devise, butsuch as he received still from her.

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