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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.
2.  "I'm going downtown, Carrie," he said, coming out. "I'm out ofsorts to-night."
3.  A long silence.
4.  "Come on, people," said Mrs. Vance, coming in smiling. "Bob,you'll have to look after Mrs. Wheeler."
5.  "You do not need to have me explain why I did not meet you," shewrote in part. "How could you deceive me so? You cannot expectme to have anything more to do with you. I wouldn't under anycircumstances. Oh, how could you act so?" she added in a burstof feeling. "You have caused me more misery than you can think.I hope you will get over your infatuation for me. We must notmeet any more. Good-bye."
6.  Drouet took on a slightly more serious tone. He was uncertain asto whether she was joking or not.


1.  She shook her head negatively.
2.  She made no answer.
3.  "My money is nearly gone," he said, "and I hardly know where it'sgone to."
4.  "Oh, I've promised Mrs. Hale to go with her to the Exposition to-night," she returned, apologetically.
5.  He listened to this with but dull perception of what it meant.It had no serious ring to it. The question was not up forimmediate decision.
6.  The end came with a real mob, which met the car on its returntrip a mile or two from the barns. It was an exceedingly poor-looking neighbourhood. He wanted to run fast through it, butagain the track was blocked. He saw men carrying something outto it when he was yet a half-dozen blocks away.


1.  Hurstwood pretended not to see him. He kept his eyes straight onbefore and opened the lever wide. The voice had somethingappealing in it.
2.  Hurstwood scowled fiercely.
3.  There was no answer ready for this. He had got used to thesuggestion.
4.  Both Hurstwood and Drouet viewed her pretty figure with risingfeelings. The fact that such ability should reveal itself inher, that they should see it set forth under such effectivecircumstances, framed almost in massy gold and shone upon by theappropriate lights of sentiment and personality, heightened hercharm for them. She was more than the old Carrie to Drouet. Helonged to be at home with her until he could tell her. Heawaited impatiently the end, when they should go home alone.
5.   "It's nine dollars," said Carrie.
6.  "Good-night," he whispered, as the cab rolled away.


1.  He now turned his attention to Mrs. Vance, and in a flash Carriesaw again what she for some time had subconsciously missed inHurstwood--the adroitness and flattery of which he was capable.She also saw that she was not well dressed--not nearly as welldressed--as Mrs. Vance. These were not vague ideas any longer.Her situation was cleared up for her. She felt that her life wasbecoming stale, and therein she felt cause for gloom. The oldhelpful, urging melancholy was restored. The desirous Carrie waswhispered to concerning her possibilities.
2.  "Come down," the man repeated gently. "You don't want to fightpoor men. Don't fight at all." It was a most philosophic andjesuitical motorman.
3.  Going out, the same Broadway taught her a sharper lesson. Thescene she had witnessed coming down was now augmented and at itsheight. Such a crush of finery and folly she had never seen. Itclinched her convictions concerning her state. She had notlived, could not lay claim to having lived, until something ofthis had come into her own life. Women were spending money likewater; she could see that in every elegant shop she passed.Flowers, candy, jewelry, seemed the principal things in which theelegant dames were interested. And she--she had scarcely enoughpin money to indulge in such outings as this a few times a month.
4、  He smiled and went lightly away. Carrie was thoroughlyimpressed. She had never come in contact with such grace. Asfor Drouet, he was equally pleased.
5、  Not long after this matinee experience--perhaps a month--Mrs.Vance invited Carrie to an evening at the theatre with them. Sheheard Carrie say that Hurstwood was not coming home to dinner.




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      A day or two later he saw that he must say something to Carrie.

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       "If she isn't there bring it back."

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      Mrs. Morgan saw the drift of things and gleamed at Carrie withenvious and snapping black eyes.

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    {  "Yes," he rejoined.

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      "Yes, indeed," returned Carrie.}

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      He put the reins in her hand, and folded his arms.

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      Carrie noted the elegantly carpeted and decorated hall, themarbled lobby, and showy waiting-room. It was such a place asshe had often dreamed of occupying.

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       "I wisht I was in Sing Sing."

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    {  "Carrie Meeber."

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      "Carrie," he said, looking into her face and assuming a seriouslook which he did not feel, "suppose I were to come to you nextweek, or this week for that matter--to-night say--and tell you Ihad to go away--that I couldn't stay another minute and wasn'tcoming back any more--would you come with me?"His sweetheart viewed him with the most affectionate glance, heranswer ready before the words were out of his mouth.