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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you mean, sir?" asked Villefort, trembling at thenew idea inspired by the delirium of Morrel.
2.  "Yes; I am calculating -- by the way, Morcerf, thatindirectly concerns you -- I am calculating what the houseof Danglars must have gained by the last rise in Haitibonds; from 206 they have risen to 409 in three days, andthe prudent banker had purchased at 206; therefore he musthave made 300,000 livres."
3.  "Shut up, there!" cried the pit in chorus. And this time thetone and manner in which the command was given, betokenedsuch growing hostility that the two young men perceived, forthe first time, that the mandate was addressed to them.Leisurely turning round, they calmly scrutinized the variouscountenances around them, as though demanding some oneperson who would take upon himself the responsibility ofwhat they deemed excessive impertinence; but as no oneresponded to the challenge, the friends turned again to thefront of the theatre, and affected to busy themselves withthe stage. At this moment the door of the minister's boxopened, and Madame Danglars, accompanied by her daughter,entered, escorted by Lucien Debray, who assiduouslyconducted them to their seats.
4.  "A girl of six or seven -- that is, a little younger thanVampa -- tended sheep on a farm near Palestrina; she was anorphan, born at Valmontone and was named Teresa. The twochildren met, sat down near each other, let their flocksmingle together, played, laughed, and conversed together; inthe evening they separated the Count of San-Felice's flockfrom those of Baron Cervetri, and the children returned totheir respective farms, promising to meet the next morning.The next day they kept their word, and thus they grew uptogether. Vampa was twelve, and Teresa eleven. And yet theirnatural disposition revealed itself. Beside his taste forthe fine arts, which Luigi had carried as far as he could inhis solitude, he was given to alternating fits of sadnessand enthusiasm, was often angry and capricious, and alwayssarcastic. None of the lads of Pampinara, Palestrina, orValmontone had been able to gain any influence over him oreven to become his companion. His disposition (alwaysinclined to exact concessions rather than to make them) kepthim aloof from all friendships. Teresa alone ruled by alook, a word, a gesture, this impetuous character, whichyielded beneath the hand of a woman, and which beneath thehand of a man might have broken, but could never have beenbended. Teresa was lively and gay, but coquettish to excess.The two piastres that Luigi received every month from theCount of San-Felice's steward, and the price of all thelittle carvings in wood he sold at Rome, were expended inear-rings, necklaces, and gold hairpins. So that, thanks toher friend's generosity, Teresa was the most beautiful andthe best-attired peasant near Rome. The two children grew uptogether, passing all their time with each other, and givingthemselves up to the wild ideas of their differentcharacters. Thus, in all their dreams, their wishes, andtheir conversations, Vampa saw himself the captain of avessel, general of an army, or governor of a province.Teresa saw herself rich, superbly attired, and attended by atrain of liveried domestics. Then, when they had thus passedthe day in building castles in the air, they separated theirflocks, and descended from the elevation of their dreams tothe reality of their humble position.
5.  We awake from every sleep except the one dreaded byDanglars. He awoke. To a Parisian accustomed to silkencurtains, walls hung with velvet drapery, and the softperfume of burning wood, the white smoke of which diffusesitself in graceful curves around the room, the appearance ofthe whitewashed cell which greeted his eyes on awakeningseemed like the continuation of some disagreeable dream. Butin such a situation a single moment suffices to change thestrongest doubt into certainty. "Yes, yes," he murmured, "Iam in the hands of the brigands of whom Albert de Morcerfspoke." His first idea was to breathe, that he might knowwhether he was wounded. He borrowed this from "Don Quixote,"the only book he had ever read, but which he still slightlyremembered.
6.  "Of myself," cried Morcerf; "parbleu, do you think I cannotbe saved as well as any one else, and that there are onlyArabs who cut off heads? Our breakfast is a philanthropicone, and we shall have at table -- at least, I hope so --two benefactors of humanity."


1.  "At the sight of papers of all sorts, -- titles, contracts,parchments, which were kept in the archives of the family,all descending from the poisoned cardinal, I in my turnexamined the immense bundles of documents, like twentyservitors, stewards, secretaries before me; but in spite ofthe most exhaustive researches, I found -- nothing. Yet Ihad read, I had even written a precise history of the Borgiafamily, for the sole purpose of assuring myself whether anyincrease of fortune had occurred to them on the death of theCardinal Caesar Spada; but could only trace the acquisitionof the property of the Cardinal Rospigliosi, his companionin misfortune.
2.  "Every criminal says the same thing."
3.  "And the same love for you -- eh, my dear child?"
4.  The extension provided for by the agent of Thomson & French,at the moment when Morrel expected it least, was to the poorshipowner so decided a stroke of good fortune that he almostdared to believe that fate was at length grown weary ofwasting her spite upon him. The same day he told his wife,Emmanuel, and his daughter all that had occurred; and a rayof hope, if not of tranquillity, returned to the family.Unfortunately, however, Morrel had not only engagements withthe house of Thomson & French, who had shown themselves soconsiderate towards him; and, as he had said, in business hehad correspondents, and not friends. When he thought thematter over, he could by no means account for this generousconduct on the part of Thomson & French towards him; andcould only attribute it to some such selfish argument asthis: -- "We had better help a man who owes us nearly300,000 francs, and have those 300,000 francs at the end ofthree months than hasten his ruin, and get only six or eightper cent of our money back again." Unfortunately, whetherthrough envy or stupidity, all Morrel's correspondents didnot take this view; and some even came to a contrarydecision. The bills signed by Morrel were presented at hisoffice with scrupulous exactitude, and, thanks to the delaygranted by the Englishman, were paid by Cocles with equalpunctuality. Cocles thus remained in his accustomedtranquillity. It was Morrel alone who remembered with alarm,that if he had to repay on the 15th the 50,000 francs of M.de Boville, and on the 30th the 32,500 francs of bills, forwhich, as well as the debt due to the inspector of prisons,he had time granted, he must be a ruined man.
5.  "You had never anything to complain of?" said the governorto the jailer who had charge of the abbe.
6.  "But the means -- the means?" said Fernand.


1.  "Do not be uneasy, you little coward! All our servants arebusy, discussing the grand affair. Besides, what is thereastonishing, when you think of the grief I ought to be in,that I shut myself up? -- tell me!"
2.  "Do I know M. Debray? -- do I wish to know him? -- do I wishto know that he gives advice? -- do I wish to follow it? --do I speculate? No; you do all this, not I."
3.  "Nothing."
4.  "Philosophy, M. Bertuccio," interrupted the Count; "you havedone a little of everything in your life."
5.   "Thank you, sir -- thank you," replied the baroness; "youforget that what you have just paid me is much more than apoor woman requires, who intends for some time, at least, toretire from the world."
6.  "You see," said Danglars, addressing Caderousse, "the turnthings have taken. Do you still feel any desire to stand upin his defence?"


1.  "And who," said Albert with a forced smile, "is to marryMademoiselle Danglars instead of me, which grieves mecruelly."
2.  "Then," cried Villefort, "was it you who bought M. deSaint-Meran's house!"
3.  "The very prosaic one of our landlord."
4、  "Thank you, my good friend. I see that I have made atrifling mistake, as you say; but by way of rewarding yourhonesty I give you another double Napoleon, that you maydrink to my health, and be able to ask your messmates tojoin you."
5、  "And here is your fowl." Danglars sighed while he carved thefowl; it appeared very thin for the price it had cost. Asfor Peppino, he examined the paper attentively, put it intohis pocket, and continued eating his pease.




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      "Fourteen years!" he muttered -- "Fourteen years!" repeatedthe count. "During that time he had many moments of despair.He also, Morrel, like you, considered himself the unhappiestof men."

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      "And how far back into the past do your recollectionsextend?"

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       "Calm yourself, my friend," said the count, with the smilewhich he made at will either terrible or benevolent, andwhich now expressed only the kindliest feeling; "I am not aninspector, but a traveller, brought here by a curiosity hehalf repents of, since he causes you to lose your time."

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      "They told you, then, that M. d'Epinay consented to our allliving together?"

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    {  "But such services as these might involve him with theauthorities of the country in which he practices this kindof philanthropy," said Franz.

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      "Come, step in," said the young man. It was a pity thisscene had not occurred in daylight, for it was curious tosee this rascal throwing himself heavily down on the cushionbeside the young and elegant driver of the tilbury. Andreadrove past the last house in the village without saying aword to his companion, who smiled complacently, as thoughwell-pleased to find himself travelling in so comfortable avehicle. Once out of Auteuil, Andrea looked around, in orderto assure himself that he could neither be seen nor heard,and then, stopping the horse and crossing his arms beforethe man, he asked, -- "Now, tell me why you come to disturbmy tranquillity?"}

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      "Oh, I am a Christian," cried Dantes, guessing instinctivelythat this man meant to abandon him. "I swear to you by himwho died for us that naught shall induce me to breathe onesyllable to my jailers; but I conjure you do not abandon me.If you do, I swear to you, for I have got to the end of mystrength, that I will dash my brains out against the wall,and you will have my death to reproach yourself with."

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      "But two million francs make a nice little sum," repliedMorcerf.

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       "Oh, she is perfectly lovely -- what a complexion! And suchmagnificent hair! Is she French?"

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    {  "Really?"

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      "But you should take me there one day with you."