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1. (二)名字使用最多的50个字全国户籍人口中,名字使用频率最高的50个字依次为英华文玉秀明丽兰红金等。
2.   "Well," said Beauchamp, "what still oppresses you, myfriend?"
3.   From the facts alluded to in the first chapter, I think there can be little doubt that use in our domestic animals strengthens and enlarges certain parts, and disuse diminishes them; and that such modifications are inherited. Under free nature, we can have no standard of comparison, by which to judge of the effects of long-continued use or disuse, for we know not the parent-forms; but many animals have structures which can be explained by the effects of disuse. As Professor Owen has remarked, there is no greater anomaly in nature than a bird that cannot fly; yet there are several in this state. The logger-headed duck of South America can only flap along the surface of the water, and has its wings in nearly the same condition as the domestic Aylesbury duck. As the larger ground-feeding birds seldom take flight except to escape danger, I believe that the nearly wingless condition of several birds, which now inhabit or have lately inhabited several oceanic islands, tenanted by no beast of prey, has been caused by disuse. The ostrich indeed inhabits continents and is exposed to danger from which it cannot escape by flight, but by kicking it can defend itself from enemies, as well as any of the smaller quadrupeds. We may imagine that the early progenitor of the ostrich had habits like those of a bustard, and that as natural selection increased in successive generations the size and weight of its body, its legs were used more, and its wings less, until they became incapable of flight.Kirby has remarked (and I have observed the same fact) that the anterior tarsi, or feet, of many male dung-feeding beetles are very often broken off; he examined seventeen specimens in his own collection, and not one had even a relic left. In the Onites apelles the tarsi are so habitually lost, that the insect has been described as not having them. In some other genera they are present, but in a rudimentary condition. In the Ateuchus or sacred beetle of the Egyptians, they are totally deficient. There is not sufficient evidence to induce us to believe that mutilations are ever inherited; and I should prefer explaining the entire absence of the anterior tarsi in Ateuchus, and their rudimentary condition in some other genera, by the long-continued effects of disuse in their progenitors; for as the tarsi are almost always lost in many dung-feeding beetles, they must be lost early in life, and therefore cannot be much used by these insects.
4. 嫌疑人周某今年40岁,没有正当职业,目前因涉嫌盗窃罪已经被公安机关依法刑事拘留。
5. 'But then what I do is I nudge him with a little reference to a newspaper article he happens to glance at which just reminds him that these things will give him cancer.
6. 小红书首先建立了更清晰的管理组织。


1. 既然破除以药养医的趋势不可逆,那么对于医生来说,在已经丧失药品端利益的情况下,开展远程医疗,虽然会在一定程度上增加其额外的工作负担,但从收益上来看,也不失为一种补偿性措施。
2. 翟女士听后很感慨,觉得正是当年民警及时化解家庭纠纷,才让儿子与岳父一家没有产生隔阂,稳定了家庭和谐。
3. 浙赣矿工起义——一五六六年二月,浙江开化、江西德兴矿工起义,转战徽、宁等处,遂入婺源县。后又转战江西玉山、浙江遂安,闰十月被官军镇压。
4.   "Oh, dear!" exclaimed Carrie. "Where is his office?"
5.   I hold my peace of other thinges hid: Here shall my soul, and not my tongue, bewray; But how she was array'd, if ye me bid, That shall I well discover you and say: A bend* of gold and silk, full fresh and gay, *band With hair *in tress, y-broidered* full well, *plaited in tresses* Right smoothly kempt,* and shining every deal. *combed
6. 突厥人操同一语系的语言,但不是同一种族集团,他们因都说一种或另一种突厥语而共同联结在一起。尽管他们种族上是一个混杂的民族,但一般说来,他们看上去更象高加索种人,而不象蒙古种人。到6世纪中叶,他们统治了从蒙古到奥克苏斯河即阿姆河的广大平原地区。从8世纪起,由于阿拉伯人征服了波斯,并在怛逻斯打败了中国人(751年),突厥人日益受到伊斯兰教的影响。


1. I wish I could represent the kind, quiet, steady, ingenious way they questioned us. It was not just curiosity--they weren't a bit more curious about us than we were about them, if as much. But they were bent on understanding our kind of civilization, and their lines of interrogation would gradually surround us and drive us in till we found ourselves up against some admissions we did not want to make.
2. 于是医生立马给林宝安排检查,结果让人大惊失色。
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4.   "Except you, Athos, who never had one."
5.   But it was not really a refuge, a sanctuary, because she had no connexion with it. It was only a place where she could get away from the rest. She never really touched the spirit of the wood itself...if it had any such nonsensical thing.
6.   Yet another suffered the pain of personal rebuke.


1. 要确定行为人构成妨害传染病防治罪,则行为人对引起新冠肺炎传播或者传播的严重危害的主观罪过必须是过失。
2.   Milady reseated herself, foaming. The officer leaned forward,looked at her in his turn, and appeared surprised to see thatface, just before so beautiful, distorted with passion and almosthideous. The artful creature at once comprehended that she wasinjuring herself by allowing him thus to read her soul; shecollected her features, and in a complaining voice said: "In thename of heaven, sir, tell me if it is to you, if it is to yourgovernment, if it is to an enemy I am to attribute the violencethat is done me?"
3.   The rest of the half-year is a jumble in my recollection of the daily strife and struggle of our lives; of the waning summer and the changing season; of the frosty mornings when we were rung out of bed, and the cold, cold smell of the dark nights when we were rung into bed again; of the evening schoolroom dimly lighted and indifferently warmed, and the morning schoolroom which was nothing but a great shivering-machine; of the alternation of boiled beef with roast beef, and boiled mutton with roast mutton; of clods of bread-and-butter, dog's eared lesson-books, cracked slates, tear-blotted copy-books, canings, rulerings, hair-cuttings, rainy Sundays, suet-puddings, and a dirty atmosphere of ink, surrounding all.
4. 这次的条约与李、福简约无甚出入,一年来的战争近乎毫无意义。法国虽未得到赔款,但终于达到兼并越南的目的。中国除丧失了唇齿相依的越南,法国的势力进入了云南、广西,取得了在中国筑铁路的优先权。闽海舰队之被摧毁,证明二十年来之所谓自强,毫无实际,中国仍无力自卫。谅山之役虽曾获胜,而不敢继续进攻,又证明中国缺乏战斗决心,重启侵略者的轻视。
5. 1292年,马可·波罗访问费莱克(今亚齐)时,发现那里有许多穆斯林。“众所周知,费莱克人民过去都是偶像崇拜者。但是由于同经常乘船来此的萨拉森商人接触,现在,他们都改信了穆罕默德的教义。”到15世纪末,伊斯兰教向东最远传到菲律宾的棉兰老岛。马六甲的穆斯林国家,是著名的商业中心,控制着经过海峡的所有贸易,在传播伊斯兰教方面,起了重要的作用,它不仅吸引着来自印度和整个东南亚的商人,而且通过提供指导富裕的赞助人的机会,吸引了著名的教师和经师。马六甲最大的成就是,使爪哇皈依伊斯兰教;爪哇的穆斯林君主,推翻前印度教的麻喏巴歇王国的胜利,正是这一皈依的标志。若把东南亚看作一个整体,那么,穆斯林主要的中心正如所期望的那样,是那些贸易交往最为活跃的地区:马来半岛和印度尼西亚群岛。
6. 康熙帝生母佟佳氏原为汉军旗人。康熙帝生于北京,自幼学习汉文化,于辽东满洲旧俗并非亲历,与那些出身奴隶主的老一辈满洲贵族,经历全然不同。自清太祖建国至康熙帝亲政已经过了半个世纪,辅佐康熙帝的满汉大臣,也多是清朝建国后才参预政事。康熙帝除鳌拜后,在索额图、熊赐履等人辅佐下,适应满汉官员的要求,采取了一系列新措施。


1. (5)杂事:说运营琐碎,就是因为安排好以上几大块工作外,还要自己默默低头审商品、做图片、编页面、营销后台人肉操作甚至采购发货等。
2. 至于“宇宙奥秘”要怎么变成世俗的“秩序制定者”,常常都是通过某本神圣的经典来完成连接。在这本经典里会写出鸡毛蒜皮的规定,但号称一切都是为了宇宙的奥秘。据说这本书的编写者创造了空间和时间,但他不惜屈尊降贵为我们带来启发,只不过主要管的就是该做什么神秘的寺庙仪式,饮食上该有什么禁忌。事实上,并没有任何证据证明《圣经》《摩门经》《吠陀经》或其他神圣经典背后的编写者,就是那个决定了E=mc2、质子的质量为电子的1837倍的神秘力量。就目前所知的科学知识而言,所有这些神圣经典文本都是由富有想象力的智人写成的,它们都是祖先发明的故事,目的是让各种社会规范和政治结构合法化。
3. 在针对琼山区农林局的采访中,其工作人员就解释称,如果只公布姓名,不公布完整身份证号,怎么知道补贴是不是发放到他本人?言下之意,公布翔实信息是为了补贴发放的准确性。

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