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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Alas!"
2.  "No, truly -- you comfort me."
3.  The rumor of Edmond arrest as a Bonapartist agent was notslow in circulating throughout the city.
4.  "Yes," replied the count; "a felon named Caderousse."Danglars turned slightly pale; Andrea reached the anteroombeyond the little drawing-room.
5.  "Nothing very difficult."
6.  "Your excellency has given me a louis on account."


1.  "You only look back to the past, and it is, indeed, badenough. Well, picture to yourself a future more gloomy still-- certainly frightful, perhaps sanguinary." The baronessknew how calm Villefort naturally was, and his presentexcitement frightened her so much that she opened her mouthto scream, but the sound died in her throat. "How has thisterrible past been recalled?" cried Villefort; "how is itthat it has escaped from the depths of the tomb and therecesses of our hearts, where it was buried, to visit usnow, like a phantom, whitening our cheeks and flushing ourbrows with shame?"
2.  "No; a Venetian."
3.  "Yes, like a clap of thunder."
4.  "Oh, be easy! I have no design upon your count, and youshall have him all to yourself. But," said Caderousse, againsmiling with the disagreeable expression he had beforeassumed, "you must pay for it -- you understand?"
5.  Albert seized them with a convulsive hand, tore them inpieces, and trembling lest the least vestige should escapeand one day appear to confront him, he approached thewax-light, always kept burning for cigars, and burned everyfragment. "Dear, excellent friend," murmured Albert, stillburning the papers.
6.  "Good-day, Penelon," returned Morrel, who could not refrainfrom smiling through his tears, "where is the captain?"


1.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "so this gentleman is anAcademician?"
2.  "I think so."
3.  "What?"
4.  "Do you think so?" said Monte Cristo, with interest.
5.   "By the countess's visiting the Colosseum, as we did lastnight, by moonlight, and nearly alone."
6.  "Do you know with what design M. de Monte Cristo purchased ahouse at Auteuil?"


1.  "I think I have some clew."
2.  Morrel looked towards Noirtier for permission to retire. Theold man, who had preserved all his usual coolness, made asign to him to do so. The young man pressed Valentine's handto his lips, and then left the house by a back staircase. Atthe same moment that he quitted the room, Villefort and thedoctor entered by an opposite door. Barrois was now showingsigns of returning consciousness. The crisis seemed past, alow moaning was heard, and he raised himself on one knee.D'Avrigny and Villefort laid him on a couch. "What do youprescribe, doctor?" demanded Villefort. "Give me some waterand ether. You have some in the house, have you not?"
3.  "I will come, count, -- I will be sure to come," saidVillefort eagerly.
4、  "Who supplied you with the materials for making thiswonderful work?"
5、  "Is it to the judge or to the husband?" stammered Madame deVillefort. "To the judge -- to the judge, madame!" It wasterrible to behold the frightful pallor of that woman, theanguish of her look, the trembling of her whole frame. "Ah,sir," she muttered, "ah, sir," and this was all.




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      "He did appear much disturbed when he read the letter thathad brought me into this scrape. He seemed quite overcome bymy misfortune."

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      "But I," said Monte Cristo, rising as he spoke -- "I amgallant enough to offer it you."

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       "Madame will be tired to-night," continued Monte Cristo,"and will, no doubt, wish to rest. Desire the Frenchattendants not to weary her with questions, but merely topay their respectful duty and retire. You will also see thatthe Greek servants hold no communication with those of thiscountry." He bowed. Just at that moment voices were heardhailing the concierge. The gate opened, a carriage rolleddown the avenue, and stopped at the steps. The count hastilydescended, presented himself at the already opened carriagedoor, and held out his hand to a young woman, completelyenveloped in a green silk mantle heavily embroidered withgold. She raised the hand extended towards her to her lips,and kissed it with a mixture of love and respect. Some fewwords passed between them in that sonorous language in whichHomer makes his gods converse. The young woman spoke with anexpression of deep tenderness, while the count replied withan air of gentle gravity. Preceded by Ali, who carried arose-colored flambeau in his hand, the new-comer, who was noother than the lovely Greek who had been Monte Cristo'scompanion in Italy, was conducted to her apartments, whilethe count retired to the pavilion reserved for himself. Inanother hour every light in the house was extinguished, andit might have been thought that all its inmates slept.

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      "Madame will await my return?"

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    {  "I had," replied the count.

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      "Azure seven merlets, or, placed bender," said he. "Theseare, doubtless, your family arms? Except the knowledge ofblazons, that enables me to decipher them, I am veryignorant of heraldry -- I, a count of a fresh creation,fabricated in Tuscany by the aid of a commandery of St.Stephen, and who would not have taken the trouble had I notbeen told that when you travel much it is necessary.Besides, you must have something on the panels of yourcarriage, to escape being searched by the custom-houseofficers. Excuse my putting such a question to you."}

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      "I have eaten nothing; I only drank a glass of my master'slemonade -- that's all;" and Barrois turned towardsNoirtier, who, immovably fixed in his arm-chair, wascontemplating this terrible scene without allowing a word ora movement to escape him.

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      The matter was no longer doubtful. Something was at work onthe other side of the wall; the prisoner had discovered thedanger, and had substituted a lever for a chisel.

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       "Not in the least; but if I can serve you in any way I shallbe delighted."

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    {  "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."

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      "I will respect his age as he has respected the honor of myfamily; if my father had offended him, why did he not attackhim personally? Oh, no, he was afraid to encounter him faceto face."