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1. 供需两方面的嬗变无疑给酒店行业提了个醒,仅靠评级就想躺着赚钱的时代早已过时
2. 中学禁止学生网购,对于学校的这一规定,你怎么看?。
3. 提尼安塔呼叫:“‘伊诺拉·盖伊’,‘伊诺拉·盖伊’,在A跑道向东起飞。”
4.   There the three impartiall judges, imposed this further inflictionon us both; namely, that she should flye in this manner before me, andI (who loved her so deerely while I lived) must pursue her as mydeadly enemy, not like a woman that had a taste of love in her. And sooften as I can overtake her, I am to kill her with this sword, thesame Weapon wherewith I slew my selfe. Then am I enjoyned, therewithto open her accursed body, and teare out her hard and frozen heart,with her other inwards, as now thou seest me doe, which I give unto myHounds to feede on. Afterward, such is the appointment of the supreamepowers, that she re-assumeth life againe, even as if she had notbene dead at all, and falling to the same kinde of flight, I with myHounds am still to follow her; without any respite or intermission.Every Friday, and just at this houre, our course is this way, whereshe suffereth the just punishment inflicted on her. Nor do we rest anyof the other dayes, but are appointed unto other places, where shecruelly executed her malice against me, being now (of her deareaffectionate friend) ordained to be her endlesse enemy, and topursue her in this manner for so many yeares, as she exercised monethsof cruelty, towards me. Hinder me not then, in being the executionerof divine justice; for all thy interposition is but in vaine, inseeking to crosse the appointment of supreame powers.
6.   Can never sute it selfe with my desire.


1. 这个群体普遍对公立医疗满意度偏低,寻求更个性化、更高效、更高质的私人医疗服务。
2. 陈元贵说,由于尾矿库水位上升,中和渣含水过重,他们停止了收购。
3.   "That's all right," said Drouet, feeling her thought. "He doesn'tknow anything. You're Mrs. Drouet now."
4. 红星新闻图11月24日,成章学校一名工作人员向红星新闻介绍,肖某某系该校初中部二年级的年级副部长,11月14日当天下午,李某某所在班上有一名同学不在学校寝室,需找回。
5.   But a child, a baby! That was still one of the sensations. She would venture very gingerly on that experiment. There was the man to consider, and it was curious, there wasn't a man in the world whose children you wanted. Mick's children! Repulsive thought! As lief have a child to a rabbit! Tommy Dukes? he was very nice, but somehow you couldn't associate him with a baby, another generation. He ended in himself. And out of all the rest of Clifford's pretty wide acquaintance, there was not a man who did not rouse her contempt, when she thought of having a child by him. There were several who would have been quite possible as lover, even Mick. But to let them breed a child on you! Ugh! Humiliation and abomination.
6. 最早的惩罚措施,是禁止被定罪的垄断者使用公共设施,包括邮政服务和铁路运输服务。后来又有人提出禁止垄断者使用联邦法庭,结果这些做法被发现行不通,便开始要垄断者发配充军,参与在欧洲爆发的战事。实施一段时间后,有议员又建议让涉嫌垄断者多交税,但这无异于认同了垄断行为,还是行不通;后来才逐渐出现强行分拆公司和干预产品内部设计等措施。


1. 博客和其他网民已经开始与主流媒体展开竞争,播报最新的突发新闻、激进运动。据Alexa·com——一个以用户使用频率为标准给网址评级的网络信息公司——的统计显示,世界上大众喜爱的博客有:网络圈(Webring),一个个人主义者聚集的网络,宣称它的目的是支持强烈的个人主义,坚决反对任何集体主义的形式;鲁洛克威尔网(LewRockwell),一个反对国家,拥护自由市场,由路德维希·冯·米塞斯研究所所长管理的网站;还有马克思主义者互联网档案(MarxistsInternetArchive)。这些网站激起了全球上百万人的政治热情。就像每日科斯网(DailyKos·com)、谈话要点备忘网(TalkingPointsMemo·com)和其他一些网站近年来在美国动员自由派民主人士,这些网站具有真正的政治影响力。
2. 恒指直接低开1.12%,报26587.59点。
3.   Margaret
4. This was nowhere better shown than in that matter of food supply, which I will now attempt to describe.
5. 而熊本熊在收到贺年片后会一一回信,并亲手签名。
6. 由于李华松的干预,该案一直未得到妥善解决,直到李华松被留置后,才重启调查。


1. 这种模式逐渐被不少地方采用。
2. 所以第一个问题我们想要问一下,投资人和企业家同样的问题,怎么来看待我们今天的主题,就是重新定义TO B这样一个主题。
3. 正因为如此,有越来越多的个人、团体、企业和政府都非常认真地追求着长生不死、幸福快乐以及如神一般的能力。预期寿命大幅提升,已经让保险公司、退休基金、卫生系统和财政部门心惊胆战。现代人活得要比预期更久,而我们并没有足够资金应付他们的退休金和医疗开支。由于未来的70岁有可能就像现在的40岁,已有专家呼吁提高退休年龄,并重新调整就业市场的结构。
4.   "My brother, be not surprised to see us; this is our land, and as we came to get water from the river we noticed your raft floating down it, and one of us swam out and brought you to the shore. We have waited for your awakening; tell us now whence you come and where you were going by that dangerous way?"
5.   "I'll trouble you to walk out of my house, sir," said he. "You cantell your employer, Lord Mount-James, that I do not wish to haveanything to do either with him or with his agents. No, sir- notanother word!" He rang the bell furiously. "John, show these gentlemenout!" A pompous butler ushered us severely to the door, and we foundourselves in the street. Holmes burst out laughing.
6. 沙岭村在辽中平原上,村子不大,但是,守敌很狂妄,并不把解放军放在眼里。


1.   `Lady Chatterley!' he said. `Will you come in?'
2.   There was much commiseration for her as she was removed, and much sympathy with her father. It had evidently been a great distress to him, to have the days of his imprisonment recalled. He had shown strong internal agitation when he was questioned, and that pondering or brooding look which made him old, had been upon him, like a heavy cloud, ever since. As he passed out, the jury, who had turned back and paused a moment, spoke, through their foreman.
3. 这样,第一次世界大战便告结束——这场战争历时4年零3个月,涉及到30个主权国家,推翻了4个帝国,产生了7个新的国家,死亡人数为:战斗员约850万,非战斗员约1000万,直接经济损失达1805亿美元,间接经济损失达1516亿美元。

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      When one of her mind sees many things emphasized and re-emphasized and admired, she gathers the logic of it and appliesaccordingly. Drouet was not shrewd enough to see that this wasnot tactful. He could not see that it would be better to makeher feel that she was competing with herself, not others betterthan herself. He would not have done it with an older, wiserwoman, but in Carrie he saw only the novice. Less clever thanshe, he was naturally unable to comprehend her sensibility. Hewent on educating and wounding her, a thing rather foolish in onewhose admiration for his pupil and victim was apt to grow.

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      She did not do the part as she had at rehearsal, but she wasbetter. The audience was at least not irritated. Theimprovement of the work of the entire company took away directobservation from her. They were making very fair progress, andnow it looked as if the play would be passable, in the lesstrying parts at least.

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