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1.   I replied that nothing would please me better than to tell them, but that I was starving, and would fain eat something first. I was soon supplied with all I needed, and having satisfied my hunger I told them faithfully all that had befallen me. They were lost in wonder at my tale when it was interpreted to them, and said that adventures so surprising must be related to their king only by the man to whom they had happened. So, procuring a horse, they mounted me upon it, and we set out, followed by several strong men carrying my raft just as it was upon their shoulders. In this order we marched into the city of Serendib, where the natives presented me to their king, whom I saluted in the Indian fashion, prostrating myself at his feet and kissing the ground; but the monarch bade me rise and sit beside him, asking first what was my name.
2. 此外,车企的盈利能力也面临严峻考验,预计未来几年将大幅下跌20%至30%
3.   It was no longer the same man -- the fearful revelations ofthe three last days had crushed him. This thought -- thehouse of Morrel is about to stop payment -- bent him to theearth more than twenty years would otherwise have done.
4. Anders Boman 现已担任 Fieldly 首席执行官。
5. 第一届超会议吸引了9万多人来到现场,347万人观看直播,2016年举办的超会议吸引了15万人到达现场。
6. 随着2017年9月,官方开始的虚拟货币清理整顿,中新网记者发现,目前一些从事虚拟货币行业的人对行业和职业都讳莫如深。


1. 其一,继续开拓我们的基地,明年计划进驻5-6个城市,比如黄山、成都、贵阳、青岛、宁波等有一定经济基础和自然条件的城市。
2. 复旦大学附属肿瘤医院门诊办公室主任董枫补充,绑定信息后的代挂号人,也可以通过人脸识别系统自助代约专家号。
3.   "Not so bad yet," replied Athos; "for by this time she musthave quit the shores of France."
4.   "Speak, monsieur."
5. 6. Gene therapy comes good.
6. 这里讲的律师也不一定是人。在电影和电视上,似乎律师整天在法庭上喊着“反对”,然后发表慷慨激昂的演讲。然而,大多数普通律师得花上最多时间的,反而是翻阅海量文件,寻找判例、漏洞,或是那一丝丝可能相关的证据。有些得忙着找出某人被杀的当晚究竟发生了什么事,也有些忙着写出厚度惊人的商业合约,确保客户避开任何目前可知的风险。如果有一天,复杂的搜寻算法只要一天时间,找到的判例就能比一个人花一辈子找到的还要多,而且只要按个按钮进行脑部扫描,就能戳破所有的谎言和欺骗,这些律师该何去何从?仅靠观察脸部表情和说话语调,就算是经验极其丰富的律师和侦探,也很难准确判断对方是否心口一致。然而,说谎用的脑部区域和说实话的脑部区域大有不同,虽然目前尚未实现,但已经可以想象,在不太遥远的未来,功能性磁共振成像扫描就能用作几乎绝对精准的测谎议。这样一来,几百万的律师、法官、警察和侦探还能做什么?岂不是得回学校再学个新的专业?6


1. 有的广告穿上了VIP的马甲,摇身一变成为会员专属。
2. 游客们看到四角山羊,表现地非常激动,因为绝大多数游客都是第一次看到。
3. 本案的所谓古玉石雕刻品,不是万伟勋与彭子曦双方买卖的标的,也不是支付价款后取得的对价物品。
4. Lavinia could not think of exactly the right thing to say. Several times she had found that she could not think of a satisfactory reply when she was dealing with Sara. The reason for this was that, somehow, the rest always seemed to be vaguely in sympathy with her opponent. She saw now that they were pricking up their ears interestedly. The truth was, they liked princesses, and they all hoped they might hear something more definite about this one, and drew nearer Sara accordingly.
5. 过了几天,丁女士还介绍了自己的小姐妹王女士,用同样的方式和价格在沈医生处做了拉皮手术。
6.   This being another question hard to answer, Mr. Jarvis Lorry withdrew to consider it.CHAPTER VThe Wine-shopA LARGE cask of wine had been dropped and broken, street. The accident had happened in getting it out of a cart; the cask had tumbled out with a run, the hoops had burst, and it lay on the stones just outside the door of the wine-shop, shattered like a walnut-shell.


1.   'I have none.'
2. “我们从这次事件中可以得出的唯一结论就是,对于英超联赛来说,赚取最大利润才是至关紧要的事情。我担心这可能就是我们如今要面对的足球界了。”
3. "Isn't it?" gasped Lottie, and as she looked round it she bit her lip. She was a spoiled child yet, but she was fond enough of her adopted parent to make an effort to control herself for her sake. Then, somehow, it was quite possible that any place in which Sara lived might turn out to be nice. "Why isn't it, Sara?" she almost whispered.
4.   "Madam, I must confess that I should deceive you were I to declare one to be handsomer than the other. There seems to me only one way in which to decide the matter, and that is to wake one after the other and judge which of them expresses the greater admiration for the other."
5. 顺治帝幼年即位,朝政由摄政王多尔衮所掌握。一六五○年多尔衮病死,顺治帝亲政。顺治一朝前后经历了摄政期与亲政期两个阶段。
6. 根据村田路人《安政五年的霍乱流行与医疗行政》一文介绍,八月中旬霍乱席卷大坂时,大坂市民的自治机构开始派发药品,幕府设在大坂的幕府领地管理机构铃木町代官役所则向所辖各村传授霍乱预防、治疗的方法及法国传授的药方等


1.   "And a non-commissioned officer."
2. 例如,粉丝购买明星杂志、专辑、周边、同款或代言商品等。
3. 但是对于使用cms系统需要懂简单的代码,不然在套用模板过后不懂如何修改样式。

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