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1.   That is among my very earliest impressions. That, and a sense that we were both a little afraid of Peggotty, and submitted ourselves in most things to her direction, were among the first opinions - if they may be so called - that I ever derived from what I saw.
2.   The hard air was still sulphurous, but they were both used to it. Round the near horizon went the haze, opalescent with frost and smoke, and on the top lay the small blue sky; so that it was like being inside an enclosure, always inside. Life always a dream or a frenzy, inside an enclosure.
3. 回头说我和学生在街头卖桔的例子吧。年宵之夜,桔子市场的需求变动得非常快,晚上九时之后客似云来,十一时后散去,午夜后又再回升。在前文我说同样的桔子在同时同地以不同之价出售,是价格分歧。这里重要的是「同时」。不同时间,顾客多少不同而引起的价格不同,就算不上是价格分歧了。客似云来之际,卖出的桔子的平均售价上升,是因为成本上升!我出较高之价你不买,有人买,我不会低价卖给你,因为他人愿意出的较高之价就是我较高的机会成本。
4. "But acquired traits are not transmissible," Terry declared. "Weissman has proved that."
5. 经核实,旅行团共21人,事故中无人死亡,2人重伤,1人中度受伤,均已送至医院救治,正在接受手术。
6. 此外,网络交友是主流手段,婚恋网站、QQ群是重灾区。


1.   'I think our schoolmaster might have made them happier, without doing any harm to any of us, I acknowledge,' I returned.
2. 以往过年,我们一大家子都要聚在一起吃饭,今年春节虽然没有家族聚会,但这个假期我跟着妈妈学了几个新菜,让家人尝到了我的手艺。
3.   "Why did he not bring it to me here?"
4.   "O queen," he said, "I implore your aid- but tell me, are you agoddess or are you a mortal woman? If you are a goddess and dwell inheaven, I can only conjecture that you are Jove's daughter Diana,for your face and figure resemble none but hers; if on the otherhand you are a mortal and live on earth, thrice happy are yourfather and mother- thrice happy, too, are your brothers and sisters;how proud and delighted they must feel when they see so fair a scionas yourself going out to a dance; most happy, however, of all willhe be whose wedding gifts have been the richest, and who takes youto his own home. I never yet saw any one so beautiful, neither man norwoman, and am lost in admiration as I behold you. I can only compareyou to a young palm tree which I saw when I was at Delos growingnear the altar of Apollo- for I was there, too, with much people afterme, when I was on that journey which has been the source of all mytroubles. Never yet did such a young plant shoot out of the groundas that was, and I admired and wondered at it exactly as I nowadmire and wonder at yourself. I dare not clasp your knees, but I amin great distress; yesterday made the twentieth day that I had beentossing about upon the sea. The winds and waves have taken me allthe way from the Ogygian island, and now fate has flung me upon thiscoast that I may endure still further suffering; for I do not thinkthat I have yet come to the end of it, but rather that heaven hasstill much evil in store for me.
5. 调查三人嫌打工挣钱慢,买开锁工具入室盗窃接到报警后,南部县公安局刑警大队随即立案侦查。
6.   But we may go further than this. The original species of our genus were supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature; species (A) being more nearly related to B, C, and D, than to the other species; and species (I) more to G, H, K, L, than to the others. These two species (A) and (I), were also supposed to be very common and widely diffused species, so that they must originally have had some advantage over most of the other species of the genus. Their modified descendants, fourteen in number at the fourteen-thousandth generation, will probably have inherited some of the same advantages: they have also been modified and improved in a diversified manner at each stage of descent, so as to have become adapted to many related places in the natural economy of their country. It seems, therefore, to me extremely probable that they will have taken the places of, and thus exterminated, not only their parents (A) and (I), but likewise some of the original species which were most nearly related to their parents. Hence very few of the original species will have transmitted offspring to the fourteen-thousandth generation. We may suppose that only one (F), of the two species which were least closely related to the other nine original species, has transmitted descendants to this late stage of descent.The new species in our diagram descended from the original eleven species, will now be fifteen in number. Owing to the divergent tendency of natural selection, the extreme amount of difference in character between species a14 and z14 will be much greater than that between the most different of the original eleven species. The new species, moreover, will be allied to each other in a widely different manner. Of the eight descendants from (A) the three marked a14, q14, p14, will be nearly related from having recently branched off from a14; b14 and f14, from having diverged at an earlier period from a5, will be in some degree distinct from the three first-named species; and lastly, o14, e14, and m14, will be nearly related one to the other, but from having diverged at the first commencement of the process of modification, will be widely different from the other five species, and may constitute a sub-genus or even a distinct genus. The six descendants from (I) will form two sub-genera or even genera. But as the original species (I) differed largely from (A), standing nearly at the extreme points of the original genus, the six descendants from (I) will, owing to inheritance, differ considerably from the eight descendants from (A); the two groups, moreover, are supposed to have gone on diverging in different directions. The intermediate species, also (and this is a very important consideration), which connected the original species (A) and (I), have all become, excepting (F), extinct, and have left no descendants. Hence the six new species descended from (I), and the eight descended from (A), will have to be ranked as very distinct genera, or even as distinct sub-families.Thus it is, as I believe, that two or more genera are produced by descent, with modification, from two or more species of the same genus. And the two or more parent-species are supposed to have descended from some one species of an earlier genus. In our diagram, this is indicated by the broken lines, beneath the capital letters, converging in sub-branches downwards towards a single point; this point representing a single species, the supposed single parent of our several new sub-genera and genera.


1.   I could not remember that I ever had.
2.   ...I declare to my nephew, Guido Spada
3. 这样严密的防范,并不限于矿场。盐场、渔场和其他出海船只,也不例外。乾隆二十二年(一七五七)规定:“盐场井灶,另编牌甲,所雇工人,随灶户填注,即令约束,责成场员督查”。而在此以前三十年,就规定“商渔船只,造船时呈报州县官,查取澳甲、户族、里长、邻佑保结,方准成造。完日报官,亲验给照,开明在船人年貌、籍贯”,“舵工、水手人等,俱各给予腰牌,开明姓名、年貌、籍贯。”“船只出洋,十船编为一甲,取具连环保结,一船为非,余船并坐”。
4. 单词charity 联想记忆:
5. 很显然当某一个城市与另外城市拥有相同或者是相近非物质吸引力的时候,毕业生将选择物质消费高的城市,这是一种理性选择。
6. 最后,我还要提醒你2句话:好了,今天就聊到这里,如果对你能有一丁点的帮助,这篇文章就算没有白写


1. 成本曲线有三条:总成本、平均成本、边际成本。知一可以知三,总成本曲线可以不用。平均成本是总成本除以总产量,边际成本是总成本的变量除以总产量的变量,二者的量度单位相同,都在纵轴,所以平均成本与边际成本这两条曲线可以画在一起。这是经济学入门的课程了。
2. 中国遭受的第三次失败是最为耻辱的,因为这次是败在邻近小国日本的手下。在本章的后半部分我们将看到,日本人和中国人大不相同,他们已有能力使西方技术适应他们的需要,有能力建立一支有效的军事力量。在达到其他东方国家当时所不能达到的水平之后,日本这时便迫使朝鲜接受一些内容不十分明确的要求。传统上,朝鲜人承认中国的宗主权,但他们还定期向日本纳贡。因此,1894年,当朝鲜为镇压起义请求援助、中国为此向那里派遣一支小部队时,日本人的一支海军分遣队也登陆了。两支军队发生冲突,1894年8月,中日双方正式宣战。中国军队又轻易地被击溃了,1895年4月,北京不得不接受了《马关条约》。条约的条款要求中国赔款,承认朝鲜独立,割让台湾岛、澎湖列岛和辽东半岛给日本,并再开放四丁通商口岸。欧洲某些强国对在中国出现一个新的租界竞争对手极为不满。因此,俄国、法国和德国联合提出将战略要地辽东半岛归还给中国的要求,日本勉强地接受了这一要求。
3. 如向公安提供上述材料,律师郭雄伟将不可避免地成为该案证人,将直接导致其无法作为辩护人出席法庭庭审,这将对律师行业构成破坏。
4. 账账相符:是会计账簿之间对应记录核对相符的简称。
5. 其中有两个年轻人分别是苹果创始人乔布斯和微软创始人比尔·盖茨。
6.   "So I was," he exclaimed. "I couldn't help the interruption, butI made up for it afterward by working until two."


1.   Connie had a sitting-room on the third floor, the top floor of the central portion of the house. Clifford's rooms were on the ground floor, of course. Michaelis was flattered by being asked up to Lady Chatterley's own parlour. He followed blindly after the servant...he never noticed things, or had contact with Isis surroundings. In her room he did glance vaguely round at the fine German reproductions of Renoir and Cézanne.
2. 科学院说:“今年的诺奖关注的是经济学的一个中心问题:如何尽可能适当地匹配不同市场主体。”
3. 日本总体排名第五,是亚洲表现最优异的国家。“原动力”排名第五,“前瞻性”排名第一。

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