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1. "Oh, Sara!" cried Lottie, cuddling in her guarding arm. "I like this attic--I like it! It is nicer than downstairs!"
2.   From these several considerations I think it inevitably follows, that as new species in the course of time are formed through natural selection, others will become rarer and rarer, and finally extinct. The forms which stand in closest competition with those undergoing modification and improvement, will naturally suffer most. And we have seen in the chapter on the Struggle for Existence that it is the most closely-allied forms, varieties of the same species, and species of the same genus or of related genera, which, from having nearly the same structure, constitution, and habits, generally come into the severest competition with each other. Consequently, each new variety or species, during the progress of its formation, will generally press hardest on its nearest kindred, and tend to exterminate them. We see the same process of extermination amongst our domesticated productions, through the selection of improved forms by man. Many curious instances could be given showing how quickly new breeds of cattle, sheep, and other animals, and varieties of flowers, take the place of older and inferior kinds. In Yorkshire, it is historically known that the ancient black cattle were displaced by the long-horns, and that these 'were swept away by the short-horns' (I quote the words of an agricultural writer) 'as if by some murderous pestilence.'Divergence of Character
3. 《老友记》是成长在90年代的小伙伴们心中标志性的存在,因为它的主题:友谊、大城市生存的不易,发现自我、寻求独立,与年轻人息息相关,如今亦是如此。
4. 产品目标简单来说可以分短期目标、中期目标、长期目标。
5.   Fourth Voyage
6. 通过一些媒体报道,我们可以发现近来与OYO平台发生不愉快的商家不在少数,诸如违背承诺、拖付款的问题也数次被提起。


1.   "For thilke* ground, that bears the weedes wick' *that same Bears eke the wholesome herbes, and full oft Next to the foule nettle, rough and thick, The lily waxeth,* white, and smooth, and soft; *grows And next the valley is the hill aloft, And next the darke night is the glad morrow, And also joy is next the fine* of sorrow." *end, border
2. 创业公司怎么去证明自己能活10年,这个其实挺难的。
3. 没跟家里商量,务实的张一鸣就擅自转到软件工程。
4. "Oh," sniffed Lavinia, spitefully, "that is the way her slippers are made. My mamma says that even big feet can be made to look small if you have a clever shoemaker. I don't think she is pretty at all. Her eyes are such a queer color."
5. 专家表示,频率高了,出现个别失误也在所难免。
6.   Mephistopheles (enters)


1.   The fifth statute, Not to be dangerous,* *fastidious, angry If that a thought would reave* me of my sleep: *deprive Nor of a sight to be over squaimous;* *desirous And so verily this statute was to keep, To turn and wallow in my bed and weep, When that my lady, of her cruelty, Would from her heart exilen all pity.
2.   "Well, I will avenge you of this wretch," repliedD'Artagnan, giving himself the airs of Don Japhet ofArmenia.
3.   M. de Treville approved of the resolution he had adopted,and assured him that if on the morrow he did not appear, hehimself would undertake to find him, let him be where hemight.
4. "They are kept shut up, or chained." She paused again, and asked, "Is not a dog fond of running? Are they not built for speed?" That we admitted, too, and Jeff, still malicious, enlightened them further.
5. 随着新技术逐步得到验证,我们相信市场会在某个催化剂事件之后迎来陡直的上升曲线。
6. 排名前20的大学有13所大学是美国的大学、还有4所英国大学和3所其他大学。


1.   "You will find that it is as good as another."
2. 原标题:北京一万多家餐饮企业正在营业,约占总量的13%2月5日,北京市市场监督管理局副局长陈言楷在疫情防控工作新闻发布会上发言。
3. 承保数字化变化显著,经代新势力诞生?用户行为和新场景的驱动下,保险产品设计环节首先被改变。
4.   He nodded his head.
5. 人口爆炸在整个历史上,阻止人口下降一直是人类的一个问题。今天,由于医学的发展和生产率的提高,这个问题变成完全相反的问题——如何控制正在阻止不发达国家的发展、给富裕国家造成严重问题的人口爆炸。
6.   The greatest and most representative expression of Goethe's powers iswithout doubt to be found in his drama of "Faust"; but before dealing withGoethe's masterpiece, it is worth while to say something of the history of thestory on which it is founded - the most famous instance of the old andwidespread legend of the man who sold his soul to the devil. The historicalDr. Faust seems to have been a self-called philosopher who traveled aboutGermany in the first half of the sixteenth century, making money by thepractise of magic, fortune-telling, and pretended cures. He died mysteriouslyabout 1540, and a legend soon sprang up that the devil, by whose aid hewrought his wonders, had finally carried him off. In 1587 a life of himappeared, in which are attributed to him many marvelous exploits and inwhich he is held up as an awful warning against the excessive desire forsecular learning and admiration for antique beauty which characterized thehumanist movement of the time. In this aspect the Faust legend is anexpression of early popular Protestantism, and of its antagonism to thescientific and classical tendencies of the Renaissance.While a succession of Faust books were appearing in Germany, the originallife was translated into English and dramatized by Marlowe. English playersbrought Marlowe's work back to Germany, where it was copied by Germanactors, degenerated into spectacular farce, and finally into a puppet show.Through this puppet show Goethe made acquaintance with the legend.By the time that Goethe was twenty, the Faust legend had fascinated hisimagination; for three years before he went to Weimar he had been workingon scattered scenes and bits of dialogue; and though he suspended actualcomposition on it during three distinct periods, it was always to resume, andhe closed his labors upon it only with his life. Thus the period of time betweenhis first experiments and the final touches is more than sixty years. During thisperiod the plans for the structure and the signification of the work inevitablyunderwent profound modifications, and these have naturally affected the unityof the result; but, on the other hand, this long companionship and persistentrecurrence to the task from youth to old age have made it in a unique way therecord of Goethe's personality in all its richness and diversity.The drama was given to the public first as a fragment in 1790; then thecompleted First Part appeared in 1808; and finally the Second Part waspublished in 1833, the year after the author's death. Writing in "Dichtung undWahrheit" of the period about 1770, when he was in Strasburg with Herder,Goethe says, "The significant puppet - play legend . . . echoed and buzzed inmany tones within me. I too had drifted about in all knowledge, and earlyenough had been brought to feel the vanity of it. I too had made all sorts ofexperiments in life, and had always come back more unsatisfied and moretormented. I was now carrying these things, like many others, about with meand delighting myself with them in lonely hours, but without writing anythingdown." Without going into the details of the experience which underlies thesewords, we can see the beginning of that sympathy with the hero of the oldstory that was the basis of its fascination and that accounted for Goethe'sdeparture from the traditional catastrophe of Faust's damnation.Hungarian March from the "Damnation of Faust"Op.24 by HectorBerlioz(1803 - 1869).


1. The invulnerable singer broadened into a wider emotional palette – musical too, with guitars and brass lacing through synthetic beats and dub effects. It could recall art-rock godmother Kate Bush (see the single "Green Light").
2. 2008年,张兰引入了国内知名投资方鼎晖投资。
3. 据介绍,志愿者们每天早上七点就来到村委会,开始一天的服务。

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      When the Ladies were arrived in this goodly valley, and upon advisedviewing it, had sufficiently commended it: in regard the heat of thedry was great, the place tempting, and the Pond free from sight ofany, they resolved there to bathe themselves. Wherefore they sentthe waiting Gentlewoman to have a diligent eye on t way where theyentered, least any one should chance to steale upon them. All seven ofthem being stript naked, into the water they went, which hid theirdelicate white bodies, like as a cleare Glasse concealeth a DamaskRose within it. So they being in the Pond, and the water nothingtroubled by their being there, they found much prety pastime together,running after the Fishes, to catch them with their hands, but theywere overquicke and cunning for them. After they had delightedthemselves there to their owne contentment, and were cloathed withtheir garments, as before: thinking it fit time for their returningbacke againe, least their over-long stay might give offence, theydeparted thence in an easie pace, dooing nothing else all the way asthey went, but extolling the Valley of Ladies beyond all comparison.

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      Meanwhile the daughter of Icarius, wise Penelope, had had had a richseat placed for her facing the court and cloisters, so that shecould hear what every one was saying. The dinner indeed had beenprepared amid merriment; it had been both good and abundant, forthey had sacrificed many victims; but the supper was yet to come,and nothing can be conceived more gruesome than the meal which agoddess and a brave man were soon to lay before them- for they hadbrought their doom upon themselves.