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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You should not ask a stranger, a foreigner, for news."
2.  Although weakened, the young man's brain instantly respondedto the idea that haunts all prisoners -- liberty! It seemedto him that heaven had at length taken pity on him, and hadsent this noise to warn him on the very brink of the abyss.Perhaps one of those beloved ones he had so often thought ofwas thinking of him, and striving to diminish the distancethat separated them.
3.  "Hush," cried Valentine, suddenly; "some one is coming!"Maximilian leaped at one bound into his crop of lucerne,which he began to pull up in the most ruthless way, underthe pretext of being occupied in weeding it.
4.  "Now," said Morrel, "do you wish me to retire?"
5.  "Ah, ma foi, who is to know?"
6.  "By heaven!" cried Caderousse, drawing from his waistcoat anopen knife, and striking the count in the breast, "you shalldisclose nothing, reverend sir!" To Caderousse's greatastonishment, the knife, instead of piercing the count'sbreast, flew back blunted. At the same moment the countseized with his left hand the assassin's wrist, and wrung itwith such strength that the knife fell from his stiffenedfingers, and Caderousse uttered a cry of pain. But thecount, disregarding his cry, continued to wring the bandit'swrist, until, his arm being dislocated, he fell first on hisknees, then flat on the floor. The count then placed hisfoot on his head, saying, "I know not what restrains me fromcrushing thy skull, rascal."


1.  "What a question -- so truly French! Do you not know that weItalians have eyes only for the man we love?"
2.  Dantes paused a moment, then said, "This is it, word forword: `The king's attorney is informed by a friend to thethrone and religion, that one Edmond Dantes, mate on boardthe Pharaon, this day arrived from Smyrna, after havingtouched at Naples and Porto-Ferrajo, has been intrusted byMurat with a packet for the usurper; again, by the usurper,with a letter for the Bonapartist Club in Paris. This proofof his guilt may be procured by his immediate arrest, as theletter will be found either about his person, at hisfather's residence, or in his cabin on board the Pharaon.'"The abbe shrugged his shoulders. "The thing is clear asday," said he; "and you must have had a very confidingnature, as well as a good heart, not to have suspected theorigin of the whole affair."
3.  "I agree with you, monsieur," said the young man, turningpale, and, in spite of himself, trembling beneath thescrutinizing look of his companion, "such consequences wouldbe extremely unpleasant."
4.  "It is not indiscreet," returned Morcerf, with thesimplicity of conviction. "You have guessed rightly. Theseare our arms, that is, those of my father, but they are, asyou see, joined to another shield, which has gules, a silvertower, which are my mother's. By her side I am Spanish, butthe family of Morcerf is French, and, I have heard, one ofthe oldest of the south of France."
5.  "I feel the same as regards yourself." said Valentine; "andI own that, if you have no stronger proof to give me" --
6.  "Well, you guard the exterior, and if he attempts to fly,fire upon him; he must be a great criminal, from what thetelegraph says."


1.  "`Mr. President, -- I can furnish the committee of inquiryinto the conduct of the Lieutenant-General the Count ofMorcerf in Epirus and in Macedonia with importantparticulars.'
2.  "What is that?"
3.  "Is it absolutely necessary, then, to send the money toLuigi Vampa?" asked the young man, looking fixedly in histurn at the count.
4.  "Certainly, directly the curtain falls on the stage."
5.   "Our passport?"
6.  "I will come directly," cried Valentine aloud. The name ofMonte Cristo sent an electric shock through the young man onthe other side of the iron gate, to whom Valentine's "I amcoming" was the customary signal of farewell. "Now, then,"said Maximilian, leaning on the handle of his spade, "Iwould give a good deal to know how it comes about that theCount of Monte Cristo is acquainted with M. de Villefort."


1.  The pretext of an opera engagement was so much the morefeasible, as there chanced to be on that very night a morethan ordinary attraction at the Academie Royale. Levasseur,who had been suffering under severe illness, made hisreappearance in the character of Bertrand, and, as usual,the announcement of the most admired production of thefavorite composer of the day had attracteda brilliant andfashionable audience. Morcerf, like most other young men ofrank and fortune, had his orchestra stall, with thecertainty of always finding a seat in at least a dozen ofthe principal boxes occupied by persons of his acquaintance;he had, moreover, his right of entry into the omnibus box.Chateau-Renaud rented a stall beside his own, whileBeauchamp, as a journalist, had unlimited range all over the
2.  The brigadier, followed by the commissary, disappeared bythe inside staircase, accompanied by the noise which hisassertions respecting Andrea had excited in the crowd. Thisis what had happened. Andrea had very cleverly managed todescend two-thirds of the chimney, but then his footslipped, and notwithstanding his endeavors, he came into theroom with more speed and noise than he intended. It wouldhave signified little had the room been empty, butunfortunately it was occupied. Two ladies, sleeping in onebed, were awakened by the noise, and fixing their eyes uponthe spot whence the sound proceeded, they saw a man. One ofthese ladies, the fair one, uttered those terrible shriekswhich resounded through the house, while the other, rushingto the bell-rope, rang with all her strength. Andrea, as wecan see, was surrounded by misfortune.
3.  "Mad, you mean, don't you?"
4、  "In this case," replied Caderousse, "let's have some morewine. I wish to drink to the health of Edmond and the lovelyMercedes."
5、  "No, your excellency, I had never heard of him before, andnever but once afterwards, and that was from the Abbe Busonihimself, when I saw him in the prison at Nimes."




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      "Oh, yes, yes!" exclaimed Dantes; "and I tell you that Iwill save you yet."

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      "Have you ever seen the Tuileries?"

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       As usual, a pilot put off immediately, and rounding theChateau d'If, got on board the vessel between Cape Morgionand Rion island.

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      "Ah, yes; thank you, sir."

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    {  "Oh, no," said the gardener; "not in the least, since thereis no danger that anyone can possibly understand what we aresaying."

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      "Poor, dear woman," said Debray, "she is no doubt occupiedin distilling balm for the hospitals, or in making cosmeticsfor herself or friends. Do you know she spends two or threethousand crowns a year in this amusement? But I wonder sheis not here. I should have been pleased to see her, for Ilike her very much."}

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      The stranger smiled a melancholy smile. "Then listen," saidhe. "l am the Abbe Faria, and have been imprisoned as youknow in this Chateau d'If since the year 1811; previously towhich I had been confined for three years in the fortress ofFenestrelle. In the year 1811 I was transferred to Piedmontin France. It was at this period I learned that the destinywhich seemed subservient to every wish formed by Napoleon,had bestowed on him a son, named king of Rome even in hiscradle. I was very far then from expecting the change youhave just informed me of; namely, that four yearsafterwards, this colossus of power would be overthrown. Thenwho reigns in France at this moment -- Napoleon II.?"

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      "Laugh, if you will; the Countess G---- , who knew LordRuthven, declared that the count was a vampire."

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       "To whom do you desire to leave this fortune?"

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    {  "Have you not saved Peppino's life?"

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      "Perhaps so. But to return to what you were saying,Beauchamp."