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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That man," said Milady, lowering her voice, "is my brother.""Your brother!" cried Mme. Bonacieux.
2.  "We divided, then, this diamond into ten parts of a hundredpistoles each."
3.  "The punishment of death," replied D'Artagnan.
4.  "You will not wait till he asks; you will speak first, andtell him that I am gone on the lookout, because certainexpressions of our host have given me reason to think theroad is not safe. I will say two words about it to thecardinal's esquire likewise. The rest concerns myself;don't be uneasy about that."
5.  "Well?"
6.  "Your valise is then empty?" asked Porthos, with simplicity."Certainly it is empty," replied the procurator's wife, inreal innocence.


1.  Terror was so strongly painted on his face, covered with acold sweat, that D'Artagnan took pity on him, and castingupon him a look of contempt, "Stop," said he, "I will showyou the difference between a man of courage and such acoward as you. Stay where you are; I will go myself."And with a light step, an eye on the watch, observing themovements of the enemy and taking advantage of the accidentsof the ground, D'Artagnan succeeded in reaching the secondsoldier.
2.  "I know that you have been abducted, madame."
3.  "Here," said he, "is the price of the execution, that it may be plain weact as judges."
4.  "And you have learned nothing from any other quarter?""Yes, I have received--"
5.  "I would triumph over her, and supplant my rival.""I will never help you in that, Monsieur Chevalier," saidKitty, warmly.
6.  Aramis, who was constantly at work at his poem, shut himselfup in Athos's closet, and begged not to be disturbed beforethe moment of drawing swords.


1.  "Eight days later she had seduced the son of the jailer, and escaped.The young priest was condemned to ten years of imprisonment, and to bebranded. I was executioner of the city of Lille, as this woman hassaid. I was obliged to brand the guilty one; and he, gentlemen, was mybrother!
2.  My dear Athos, I wish, as your health absolutely requires it,that you should rest for a fortnight. Go, then, and take thewaters of Forges, or any that may be more agreeable to you, andrecuperate yourself as quickly as possible.
3.  "The FLEUR-DE-LIS is small, rosy in color, and looks as ifefforts had been made to efface it by the application ofpoultices?"
4.  "I wish to say three words to you, Monsieur Chevalier,"stammered the SOUBRETTE.
5.   "And what bastion is it?" asked a dragoon, with his saberrun through a goose which he was taking to be cooked."The bastion St. Gervais," replied D'Artagnan, "from behindwhich the Rochellais annoyed our workmen."
6.  He grew deadly pale, placed his hand upon his heart, which was breaking,and at once perceived all the treachery.


1.  "Here, or in the neighborhood."
2.  When this species of summons was made the officer inquired aloudthe point of the brig's departure, its route, its landings; andto all these questions the captain replied without difficulty andwithout hesitation. Then the officer began to pass in review allthe people, one after the other, and stopping when he came toMilady, surveyed her very closely, but without addressing asingle word to her.
3.  "Yes, she of whom you told me one day at Amiens."Athos uttered a groan, and let his head sink on his hands."This is a woman of twenty-six or twenty-eight years.""Fair," said Athos, "is she not?"
4、  "Devil take me if I taste one of them!" murmured Porthos tohimself, and then said aloud, "Thank you, my cousin, I am nolonger hungry."
5、  "How! 'If there is any left!" murmured he.




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      'Well, I will give it up, then," said the young woman, sighing."It is well as it is; say no more about it."

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      "He gave me his hand, and called me his friend. His friend! Doyou hear that, madame? I am the friend of the great cardinal!""Of the great cardinal!"

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       While reading this letter, D'Artagnan felt his heart dilated andcompressed by that delicious spasm which tortures and caressesthe hearts of lovers.

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      "Yes, much," said D'Artagnan, who did not well know how toanswer.

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    {  "No; what I think astonishing is that you should expect mycoming."

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      The Chevalier de Rochefort cast a glance backward, and saw that Porthosand Aramis had placed themselves between him and the gate; he understoodthat he was completely at the mercy of these four men."Gentlemen," said he, "if Monsieur d'Artagnan will surrender his swordto me and join his word to yours, I shall be satisfied with your promiseto convey Monsieur d'Artagnan to the quarters of Monseigneur theCardinal."}

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      "You villian, will you finish?" cried D'Artagnan, "Athos-what hasbecome of Athos?"

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      "It is as I have the honor to relate it to your Majesty.""Jussac, one of the first swordsmen in the kingdom?""Well, sire, for once he found his master."

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       "Don't be afraid, you idiot; there is nothing in hand but a partyof pleasure."

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    {  "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"

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      "She is there," said he.