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1. n. 枝,杆,手杖
2. 2019年上半年,中国电子竞技用户规模达到4.4亿人,同比增长11.2%,电竞从业者超过44万人。
3.   "Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody abouthere speaks of his kindness to him."
4. 原标题:亲历一趟农民工专列:那些属于旅客的欢笑与泪水经济观察网记者田进这是一趟由广州开往南宁的农民工免费返乡专列。
5.   He stood at Miss Temple's side; he was speaking low in her ear: Idid not doubt he was making disclosures of my villainy; and Iwatched her eye with painful anxiety, expecting every moment to seeits dark orb turn on me a glance of repugnance and contempt. Ilistened too; and as I happened to be seated quite at the top of theroom, I caught most of what he said: its import relieved me fromimmediate apprehension.
6. 报告中指出,2018/2019学年,中国赴美留学总人数为36.95万人,占美国国际学生总量的三分之一。


1. 尽管事后多次道歉,但作为中国名嘴之一,朱丹的主持业务能力遭到群嘲。
2. 对电脑业而言,一旦新产品出现,经过一番合并联合之后,最终的胜利者就会颁布行业标准。只有标准化,才能使软硬件的通用和资源的共享成为现实。谁建立了标准,谁就拥有了取之不尽的摇钱树和聚宝盆。同过去一样,盖茨希望为MPC(多媒体个人计算机)建立标准。多媒体正式问世是在1990年11月,其时,微软举行了多媒体大会,确立其规格。会上,MPC宣布诞生了。MPC的支撑软件是微软操作系统,微软于是具有绝对优势。拥有MPC的控制权,人们开始称比尔为比尔皇帝。
3. 单词fatigue 联想记忆:
4. 王晓峰曾在接受媒体采访时表示,“公司目前没有清晰的盈利模式,希望别人给我钱,让我活下去、让我们继续发展,让我们跑得比别人快,然后一起找盈利模式。
5. 至于一个城市在春节期间的综合服务水平,包含方方面面,比如交通等基础设施的完善程度,商业活力,旅游资源集群状况,乃至城市的气氛等。
6. 乾隆帝在避暑山庄驻夏理政,也在这里接见蒙古和西藏的官员。蒙古杜尔伯特部策凌、辉特部阿睦尔撒纳、准噶尔部达瓦齐、土尔扈特部渥巴锡和喀尔喀蒙占喇嘛教领袖哲布尊丹巴三世、西藏班禅六世,都曾来这里朝觐。乾隆帝在山庄宫墙外的山林中,依仿西藏的桑鸢寺、布达拉宫和札什伦布寺,先后建造了普宁寺、音陀宗乘之庙和须弥福寿之庙,以便蒙藏喇嘛教僧俗前来朝拜并接待来觐的贵族、首领。乾隆帝曾自认是文殊菩萨的化身,在山庄外又依仿五台山殊象寺的摸式,建殊象寺,以暗示他在佛教中的地位的尊崇。又建普乐寺、安远庙、溥仁寺、傅善寺。称外八庙。如果说,山庄内楼阁园林的建造,主要是为了游赏,那么,喇嘛效寺庙的修建,则显示了对蒙藏民族和乐教信仰的尊重。对于维护各民族问的联系和巩固清朝对边疆地区的统治,起过积极的作用。


1.   He had improved his own spirits, no less than Mrs. Gummidge's, for they were again at their usual flow, and he was full of vivacious conversation as we went along.
2. "I suppose soldiers feel like this when they are on a long and weary march," she often said to herself. She liked the sound of the phrase, "long and weary march." It made her feel rather like a soldier. She had also a quaint sense of being a hostess in the attic.
3.   Who's that, pray?
4. 最终对所有企业一号位来讲,最重要的时间要花在选人,其实就是定战略、定组织、选主将,这几件事情决定了企业的命运
5. 犯罪团伙通过家族经营、暴力垄断,组织联营船队疯狂敛财,污染长江,4年多非法盗采涉案金额达1.2亿余元。
6. 可事实上,台积电早已深入每个人的生活。


1. X
2.   When they reached the house they found the table ready laid for supper, and in a very few minutes all three were sitting before a beautiful fish which the tailor's wife had cooked with her own hands. But unluckily, the hunchback happened to swallow a large bone, and, in spite of all the tailor and his wife could do to help him, died of suffocation in an instant. Besides being very sorry for the poor man, the tailor and his wife were very much frightened on their own account, for if the police came to hear of it the worthy couple ran the risk of being thrown into prison for wilful murder. In order to prevent this dreadful calamity they both set about inventing some plan which would throw suspicion on some one else, and at last they made up their minds that they could do no better than select a Jewish doctor who lived close by as the author of the crime. So the tailor picked up the hunchback by his head while his wife took his feet and carried him to the doctor's house. Then they knocked at the door, which opened straight on to a steep staircase. A servant soon appeared, feeling her way down the dark staircase and inquired what they wanted.
3. 他说,有了这份证明,别的地方会放行的,快走吧。
4. 第二,要有熟练运用互联网平台流量的能力。
5. 尤其应该戒掉吸烟、酗酒、熬夜、不良饮食习惯(高油脂、高盐、高糖等)、缺乏锻炼、爱发脾此外,高危人群还应该给身体做全面的一些检查,针对脑梗的危险因素进行对症治疗。
6. [bent]


1. 2017年、2018年中房地产也曾出售过房产增厚业绩。
2. 古人云:吾日三省吾身,保持一个积极心态,多学习,多思考,多做事,多担当,你一定会变得越来越优秀。
3. 这里给出一组数据,大家就能够直观地感受到当时京东方的处境和情况了。

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      But in the succeeding days he rose up many times; and the girl,always disposing herself to subdue him, began to take pleasure inthe exercise, and to say such things as: "I see now the truth ofwhat the good folk in Capsa told me, that serving God is a delight;for I never remember doing anything that gave me as much joy andpleasure as this putting the Devil in Hell. So I think the peoplewho spend their time otherwise than in serving God must be veryfoolish."

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      Ulysses was glad when he found he had a friend among the lookers-on,so he began to speak more pleasantly. "Young men," said he, "come upto that throw if you can, and I will throw another disc as heavy oreven heavier. If anyone wants to have a bout with me let him comeon, for I am exceedingly angry; I will box, wrestle, or run, I donot care what it is, with any man of you all except Laodamas, butnot with him because I am his guest, and one cannot compete with one'sown personal friend. At least I do not think it a prudent or asensible thing for a guest to challenge his host's family at any game,especially when he is in a foreign country. He will cut the groundfrom under his own feet if he does; but I make no exception as regardsany one else, for I want to have the matter out and know which isthe best man. I am a good hand at every kind of athletic sport knownamong mankind. I am an excellent archer. In battle I am always thefirst to bring a man down with my arrow, no matter how many more aretaking aim at him alongside of me. Philoctetes was the only man whocould shoot better than I could when we Achaeans were before Troyand in practice. I far excel every one else in the whole world, ofthose who still eat bread upon the face of the earth, but I should notlike to shoot against the mighty dead, such as Hercules, or Eurytusthe Cechalian-men who could shoot against the gods themselves. This infact was how Eurytus came prematurely by his end, for Apollo was angrywith him and killed him because he challenged him as an archer. Ican throw a dart farther than any one else can shoot an arrow. Runningis the only point in respect of which I am afraid some of thePhaecians might beat me, for I have been brought down very low at sea;my provisions ran short, and therefore I am still weak."

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      No more was said, and I took the pen and wrote the six sorts of writing in use among the Arabs, and each sort contained an original verse or couplet, in praise of the Sultan. And not only did my handwriting completely eclipse that of the merchants, but it is hardly too much to say that none so beautiful had ever before been seen in that country. When I had ended the officials took the roll and returned to the Sultan.

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    The impact will also ripple out to some net commodity importers, Mr Williams believes, with higher commodity prices likely to boost the price of resource-intensive manufactured goods such as steel, bolstering the value of exports from the like of South Korea.