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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Then also, as Athos had predicted, it became possible tofind Mme. Bonacieux, and a convent was not impregnable.This idea completely restored clemency to his heart. Heturned toward the wounded man, who had watched with intenseanxiety all the various expressions of his countenance, andholding out his arm to him, said, "Come, I will not abandonyou thus. Lean upon me, and let us return to the camp.""Yes," said the man, who could scarcely believe in suchmagnanimity, "but is it not to have me hanged?"
2.  "Run and seek Athos, Porthos and Aramis. One of the three willcertainly be at home, perhaps all three. Tell them to take arms,to come here, and to run! Ah, I remember, Athos is at Monsieurde Treville's."
3.  "Now it is time that the malady should be over," said she; "letme rise, and obtain some success this very day. I have but tendays, and this evening two of them will be gone."In the morning, when they entered Milady's chamber they hadbrought her breakfast. Now, she thought, they could not longdelay coming to clear the table, and that Felton would thenreappear.
4.  "Ah, my poor friends!" murmured D'Artagnan; "where are you?And that you should fail me!"
5.  The three friends hastened toward D'Artagnan, who, instead of being ill,ran toward his horse. They stopped him at the door."Well, where the devil are you going now?" cried Athos."It is he!" cried D'Artagnan, pale with anger, an with the sweat on hisbrow, "it is he! let me overtake him!"
6.  "And of what religion are you, then, madame?" asked Felton, withan astonishment which in spite of the empire he held over himselfhe could not entirely conceal.


1.  Excitement was at its height among the Musketeers and theirallies, and they even began to deliberate whether they should notset fire to the hotel to punish the insolence of M. de laTremouille's domestics in daring to make a SORTIE upon the king'sMusketeers. The proposition had been made, and received withenthusiasm, when fortunately eleven o'clock struck. D'Artagnanand his companions remembered their audience, and as they wouldvery much have regretted that such an opportunity should be lost,they succeeded in calming their friends, who contented themselveswith hurling some paving stones against the gates; but the gateswere too strong. They soon tired of the sport. Besides, thosewho must be considered the leaders of the enterprise had quit thegroup and were making their way toward the hotel of M. deTreville, who was waiting for them, already informed of thisfresh disturbance.
2.  "A written examination attests it," said the cardinal, replyingaloud to the mute interrogation of his Majesty; "and the ill-treated people have drawn up the following, which I have thehonor to present to your Majesty."
3.  "Oh, the Red Duke! Bravo! Bravo! The Red Duke!" cried Porthos,clapping his hands and nodding his head. "The Red Duke iscapital. I'll circulate that saying, be assured, my dear fellow.Who says this Aramis is not a wit? What a misfortune it is youdid not follow your first vocation; what a delicious abbe youwould have made!"
4.  "The one you bought will then become useless to you?""Nearly so."
5.  "Silence!" said Mme. Bonacieux, starting.
6.  D'Artagnan had so much confidence in the word of his friend that helowered his head, and entered the inn without reply.Porthos and Aramis regarded each other, not understanding this assuranceof Athos.


1.  "Why, good God! you will be deceived just the same," saidAthos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and apessimist when men were in question. "They will promiseeverything for the sake of the money, and on the road fearwill prevent them from acting. Once taken, they will bepressed; when pressed, they will confess everything. Whatthe devil! we are not children. To reach England"--Athoslowered his voice--"all France, covered with spies andcreatures of the cardinal, must be crossed. A passport forembarkation must be obtained; and the party must beacquainted with English in order to ask the way to London.Really, I think the thing very difficult."
2.  "Give a ball; you know how much the queen loves dancing. I willanswer for it, her resentment will not hold out against such anattention."
3.  I salute you,
4.  "You have said, my Lord; for truly, at this moment when there isquestion of war, I confess to you that I see nothing in yourGrace but an Englishman, and consequently an enemy whom I shouldhave much greater pleasure in meeting on the field of battle thanin the park at Windsor of the corridors of the Louvre--all which,however, will not prevent me from executing to the very point mycommission or from laying down my life, if there be need of it,to accomplish it; but I repeat it to your Grace, without yourhaving personally on that account more to thank me for in thissecond interview than for what I did for you in the first.""We say, 'Proud as a Scotsman,'" murmured the Duke of Buckingham."And we say, 'Proud as a Gascon,'" replied D'Artagnan. "TheGascons are the Scots of France."
5.   She had one hope, which was that Felton would appear at thebreakfast hour; but Felton did not come.
6.  "Possibly," continued Aramis, "came toward me, accompanied byfive or six men who followed about ten paces behind him; and inthe politest tone, 'Monsieur Duke,' said he to me, 'and youmadame,' continued he, addressing the lady on my arm--""The doctor's niece?"


1.  "Call Mr. Felton," said he. "Wait a minute longer, and I willintroduce him to you."
2.  "Ah, my poor friends!" murmured D'Artagnan; "where are you?And that you should fail me!"
3.  "But," resumed she to whom the cardinal addressed thisflattering compliment, "if, in spite of all these reasons,the duke does not give way and continues to menace France?""The duke is in love to madness, or rather to folly,"replied Richelieu, with great bitterness. "Like the ancientpaladins, he has only undertaken this war to obtain a lookfrom his lady love. If he becomes certain that this warwill cost the honor, and perhaps the liberty, of the lady ofhis thoughts, as he says, I will answer for it he will looktwice."
4、  "Oh, I don't doubt that."
5、  "Devil take me if I taste one of them!" murmured Porthos tohimself, and then said aloud, "Thank you, my cousin, I am nolonger hungry."




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      "Half an hour had not passed when the same symptoms began toappear; but as I had only drunk half a glass of the water, Icontended longer, and instead of falling entirely asleep, I sankinto a state of drowsiness which left me a perception of what waspassing around me, while depriving me of the strength either todefend myself or to fly.

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      "For my misfortune."

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       "Her brother?" replied Athos.

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      "Row!" said he to the sailors.

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    {  "My orders?"

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      Porthos and Aramis placed themselves at the table and beganto play. Athos walked about in a contemplative mood.While thinking and walking, Athos passed and repassed beforethe pipe of the stove, broken in halves, the other extremitypassing into the chamber above; and every time he passed andrepassed he heard a murmur of words, which at length fixedhis attention. Athos went close to it, and distinguishedsome words that appeared to merit so great an interest thathe made a sign to his friends to be silent, remaininghimself bent with his ear directed to the opening of thelower orifice.}

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      "Would you like better to be hanged in your true name, Milady?You know that the English laws are inexorable on the abuse ofmarriage. Speak freely. Although my name, or rather that of mybrother, would be mixed up with the affair, I will risk thescandal of a public trial to make myself certain of getting ridof you."

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      My Dear Child, Hold yourself ready. OUR FRIEND will see you soon,and he will only see you to release you from that imprisonment in whichyour safety required you should be concealed. Prepare, then, for yourdeparture, and never despair of us.

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    {  "He desired me to tell your Grace," replied Felton, "that he very muchregretted not having that honor, but that he was prevented by the guardhe is obliged to keep at the castle."

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      "PERHAPS is too much," said D'Artagnan, smiling.