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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The same day he said:
2.  His wife had really not anticipated a row of this character. Shehad come down to the breakfast table feeling a little out ofsorts with herself and revolving a scheme which she had in hermind. Jessica had called her attention to the fact that theraces were not what they were supposed to be. The socialopportunities were not what they had thought they would be thisyear. The beautiful girl found going every day a dull thing.There was an earlier exodus this year of people who were anybodyto the watering places and Europe. In her own circle ofacquaintances several young men in whom she was interested hadgone to Waukesha. She began to feel that she would like to gotoo, and her mother agreed with her.
3.  "When must I go?" said Carrie, reflectively.
4.  "Why not?" he said.
5.  "Here you are," said the man, handing him one.
6.  He was forced to take his feet. It was too much to think of andsit still.


1.  He was striking a chord now which found sympathetic response inher own situation. She knew what it was to meet with people whowere indifferent, to walk alone amid so many who cared absolutelynothing about you. Had not she? Was not she at this very momentquite alone? Who was there among all whom she knew to whom shecould appeal for sympathy? Not one. She was left to herself tobrood and wonder.
2.  "Compromise!" exclaimed Hurstwood bitterly. "Compromise!"
3.  He was so interested in forwarding all good causes that hesometimes became enthusiastic, giving vent to these preachments.Something in Carrie appealed to him. He wanted to stir her up.
4.  He dropped the note and looked quietly round. Now he knew whathe missed. It was the little ornamental clock, which was hers.It had gone from the mantelpiece. He went into the front room,his bedroom, the parlour, lighting the gas as he went. From thechiffonier had gone the knick-knacks of silver and plate. Fromthe table-top, the lace coverings. He opened the wardrobe--noclothes of hers. He opened the drawers--nothing of hers. Hertrunk was gone from its accustomed place. Back in his own roomhung his old clothes, just as he had left them. Nothing else wasgone.
5.  "I don't see what that's got to do with it," said the drummerquaintly.
6.  "I'm glad winter's over."


1.  "George is a fine fellow," said Drouet, rather gratified by hisconception of the manager's interest. "Come on and we'll go outto dinner."
2.  "I don't care to go," he returned. "What does she want to see?"
3.  She made no answer, but he felt his victory.
4.  "Oh, no," she said, almost pettishly, "I just don't feel verygood."
5.   "He said he came because he thought I might be lonely. Youhadn't been in there so long he wondered what had become of you."
6.  Passing Fifty-ninth Street, he took the west side of CentralPark, which he followed to Seventy-eighth Street. Then heremembered the neighbourhood and turned over to look at the massof buildings erected. It was very much improved. The great openspaces were filling up. Coming back, he kept to the Park until110th Street, and then turned into Seventh Avenue again, reachingthe pretty river by one o'clock.


1.  "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"
2.  She was a mischievous newsmonger, and was keenly wondering whatthe effect of her words would be.
3.  At last, however, troubles became too thick. The hounding ofcreditors, the indifference of Carrie, the silence of the flat,and presence of winter, all joined to produce a climax. It waseffected by the arrival of Oeslogge, personally, when Carrie wasthere.
4、  It had been tacitly understood beforehand that she was to getwork and pay her board. He was of a clean, saving disposition,and had already paid a number of monthly instalments on two lotsfar out on the West Side. His ambition was some day to build ahouse on them.
5、  "Well, that's a fine finish," said Drouet. "Pack up and pullout, eh? You take the cake. I bet you were knocking around withHurstwood or you wouldn't act like that. I don't want the oldrooms. You needn't pull out for me. You can have them for all Icare, but b'George, you haven't done me right."




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      "Oh, yes," answered her husband. "This won't make anydifference."

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      "Hello," he exclaimed, half to himself, "has Carrie gone?"

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       As in Chicago, she was seized with stage fright as the very firstentrance of the ballet approached, but later she recovered. Theapparent and painful insignificance of the part took fear awayfrom her. She felt that she was so obscure it did not matter.Fortunately, she did not have to wear tights. A group of twelvewere assigned pretty golden-hued skirts which came only to a lineabout an inch above the knee. Carrie happened to be one of thetwelve.

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      "Well, I should say," said the other. "I've been just sittinghere thinking where I'd go to-night."

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    {  "You are to come down and see Joe Jefferson with me to-night," itran in part. "It's my turn, as we agreed the other day. Allother bets are off."

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      "Won't you come have a drink?"}

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      "Yes, look up Shanahan. He was just asking for you a momentago."

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      "Here," he said, handing him one, to be rid of him. "Be off,now."

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       "I saw you," Hurstwood said, genially, the next time Drouetdrifted in to his polished resort, from which he could not stayaway. He raised his forefinger indicatively, as parents do tochildren.

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    {  He tried to shield himself from his own mental accusation, whichtold him that she was right.

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      Drouet shook hands, beaming good nature, and they strolledtowards the bar.