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1. 真正做到了事实查明认定在法庭,诉讼证据展示质证在法庭,诉辩意见发表在法庭。
2. 即使在气温的回升使海面增高、淹没了这块连接地之后,最终形成的海峡也很狭窄,可以在看到对岸的情况下乘粗制小船毫不费力地渡过。后来的更先进的移民可能是乘船从亚洲来到美洲,然后沿西北海岸继续航行,直到最后在今日所谓的不列颠哥伦比亚登陆和定居。
3.   I mean by this expression that the whole organisation is so tied together during its growth and development, that when slight variations in any one part occur, and are accumulated through natural selection, other parts become modified. This is a very important subject, most imperfectly understood. The most obvious case is, that modifications accumulated solely for the good of the young or larva, will, it may safely be concluded, affect the structure of the adult; in the same manner as any malconformation affecting the early embryo, seriously affects the whole organisation of the adult. The several parts of the body which are homologous, and which, at an early embryonic period, are alike, seem liable to vary in an allied manner: we see this in the right and left sides of the body varying in the same manner; in the front and hind legs, and even in the jaws and limbs, varying together, for the lower jaw is believed to be homologous with the limbs. These tendencies, I do not doubt, may be mastered more or less completely by natural selection: thus a family of stags once existed with an antler only on one side; and if this had been of any great use to the breed it might probably have been rendered permanent by natural selection.Homologous parts, as has been remarked by some authors, tend to cohere; this is often seen in monstrous plants; and nothing is more common than the union of homologous parts in normal structures, as the union of the petals of the corolla into a tube. Hard parts seem to affect the form of adjoining soft parts; it is believed by some authors that the diversity in the shape of the pelvis in birds causes the remarkable diversity in the shape of their kidneys. Others believe that the shape of the pelvis in the human mother influences by pressure the shape of the head of the child. In snakes, according to Schlegel, the shape of the body and the manner of swallowing determine the position of several of the most important viscera.
4.   "When I saw him I tried to pacify him and said, 'Ajax, will younot forget and forgive even in death, but must the judgement aboutthat hateful armour still rankle with you? It cost us Argives dearenough to lose such a tower of strength as you were to us. Wemourned you as much as we mourned Achilles son of Peleus himself,nor can the blame be laid on anything but on the spite which Jove boreagainst the Danaans, for it was this that made him counsel yourdestruction- come hither, therefore, bring your proud spirit intosubjection, and hear what I can tell you.'
5. The THE Asia University Rankings for 2017 rated Peking University and Tsinghua University, both in the Chinese capital of Beijing, as the second and third best universities in the continent. National University of Singapore is ranked the best.
6.   He hesitated no longer, but said: "Good woman, return and tell your son that I wait for him with open arms."


1. 通过集聚开发,目的是最大限度地发挥要素的集聚效益,引导人口和产业向资源环境承载力较强的区域集中,打造具有一定竞争力、辐射带动力较强的一些重点经济区。
2.   "Be it half a million. then; but on my word of honor, I hadno idea that it was so much."
3. 在这个场合,资本的百分比构成不变,工作日不变,劳动强度不变,但剩余价值率因工资变化而变化了。只有这个唯一的场合才符合李嘉图的如下假定:
4.   "How have you made up your mind," he asked, "to sacrifice your own daughter to me?"
5.   All the while as Reniero uttered these speeches, the miserableLady sighed and wept very grievously, the time running on, and theSunne ascending higher and higher; but when she heard him silent, thusshe answered. Unkinde and cruell man, if that wretched night was sogreevous to thee, and mine offence appeared so great, as neither myyouth, beautie, teares, and humble intercessions, are able to deriveany mercy from thee; yet let the last consideration moove thee to someremorse: namely that I reposed new confidence in thee (when I hadlittle or no reason at all to trust thee) and discovered theintegritie of my soule unto thee, whereby thou didst compasse themeanes, to punish me thus deservedly for my sinne. For, if I had notreposed confidence in thee, thou couldst not (in this maner) havewrought revenge on me, which although thou didst earnestly covet,yet my rash credulitie was thy onely helpe. Asswage then thineanger, and graciously pardon me, wherein if thou wilt be somercifull to me, and free me from this fatall Tower: I do heerefaithfully promise thee, to forsake my most false and disloyallfriend, electing thee as my Lord and constant Love for ever.
6.   "Well?" he said coldly. The greeting drove all courage from herat once.


1. ┌──┬─┬────┬───┬──┬────┬────┬────┐
2.   "Is that all, monseigneur?"
3.   Thou'rt right indeed; no traces now I see Whatever of a spirit's agency. 'Tistraining - nothing more.
4.   'Ah! Mr. Barkis, we had some grave talks about that matter, hadn't we?'
5.   Upon the conclusion of Madame urettaes Novell, none now ained tosucceede next in er, but onely the Queene r viledge reserved,granted to Dioneus; wherefore, after they had all smiled at thefolly of Blondello, with a chearfull countenance thus the Queenebegan.
6. 而在为农户安装耕简单监测系统后,经销商可以根据监测动态主动与农户联系推销,强化了其服务能力,从而增加其与农户之间的粘性。


1.   "No, for he has gone again; the true one, as you say."
2. 我这时才感觉出全身的乏累,尤其是手指也冻得不灵活了。
3. 水果模子
4. 公司动向戴姆勒及宝马退出北美共享汽车市场宝马和戴姆勒的合资出行公司SHARENOW发布声明宣布,将退出北美市场,公司及相关业务部门Car2Go将于明年2月29日在美国和加拿大终止运营。
5. 美国各州对特斯拉大献殷勤,希望在其计划投资50亿美元兴建的大型锂电池工厂选址中胜出。这家工厂有可能解决多达6500人的就业。加利福尼亚州就正在与内华达、亚利桑那、新墨西哥和德克萨斯等州展开竞争,而吸引该厂落户的条件据说是要给予5亿美元的支持。
6. 张霓由大伯抚养长大,将他视为自己的爸爸。


1.  2014年,金数据3周年笔记本扉页聊起创业,如今没有人考虑仅仅给这个世界留下一点点痕迹。
2.   2. Saint Thomas of Ind: St. Thomas the Apostle, who was believed to have travelled in India.
3. 需求定律(TheLawofDemand)是说任何物品的价格下降,其需求量必定上升。古往今来,何时何地,不能有例外。这也是说,以竖线为价及竖线之下的横线为量,其中的需求曲线一定是向右下倾斜的。好些书本说是有例外的。这些作者不懂科学的方法。理由很简单,以理论解释现象或行为,理论必定要有可以被现象或行为推翻的可能性。这一点,我在第一章说清楚了。如果有例外的话,任何被推翻了的理论含意,我们就说是例外,那么验证又从何说起?

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      When they were gone, Morrel ventured out from under thetrees, and the moon shone upon his face, which was so paleit might have been taken for that of a ghost. "I ammanifestly protected in a most wonderful, but most terriblemanner," said he; "but Valentine, poor girl, how will shebear so much sorrow?"

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      Lucan, to thee this story I recommend, And to Sueton', and Valerie also, That of this story write *word and end* *the whole* <25> How that to these great conquerores two Fortune was first a friend, and since* a foe. *afterwards No manne trust upon her favour long, But *have her in await for evermo';* *ever be watchful against her* Witness on all these conquerores strong.

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