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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Lady Frances," he continued, "is the sole survivor of the directfamily of the late Earl of Rufton. The estates went, as you mayremember, in the male line. She was left with limited means, butwith some very remarkable old Spanish jewellery of silver andcuriously cut diamonds to which she was fondly attached- too attached,for she refused to leave them with her banker and always carriedthem about with her. A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, abeautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strangechance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodlyfleet."
2.  "Oh, he has his faults, too," said Mr. Wilson. "Never wassuch a fellow for photography. Snapping away with a camera whenhe ought to be improving his mind, and then diving down into thecellar like a rabbit into its hole to develop his pictures. Thatis his main fault, but on the whole he's a good worker. There'sno vice in him."
3.  "It is certainly delicate," said my friend with an amused smile,"but I have not been struck up to now with its complexity. It has beena case for intellectual deduction, but when this original intellectualdeduction is confirmed point by point by quite a number of independentincidents, then the subjective becomes objective and we can sayconfidently that we have reached our goal. I had, in fact, reachedit before we left Baker Street, and the rest has merely beenobservation and confirmation."
4.  "When had he a letter before that?"
5.  "Pray continue your narrative."
6.  "I was curious, in the first place, to see how far the family earhad been reproduced in her. Then, of course, she might give us veryimportant information, but I was not sanguine that she would. She musthave heard of the business the day before, since all Croydon wasringing with it, and she alone could have understood for whom thepacket was meant. If she had been willing to help justice she wouldprobably have communicated with the police already. However, it wasclearly our duty to see her, so we went. We found that the news of thearrival of the packet- for her illness dated from that time- hadsuch an effect upon her as to bring on brain fever. It was clearerthan ever that she understood its full significance, but equally clearthat we should have to wait some time for any assistance from her."However, we were really independent of her help. Our answers werewaiting for us at the police-station, where I had directed Algar tosend them. Nothing could be more conclusive. Mrs. Browner's househad been closed for more than three days, and the neighbours were ofopinion that she had gone south to see her relatives. It had beenascertained at the shipping offices that Browner had left aboard ofthe May Day, and I calculate that she is due in the Thames tomorrownight. When he arrives he will be met by the obtuse but resoluteLestrade, and I have no doubt that we shall have all our detailsfilled in."


1.  Holmes leaned forward and laid his long, thin fingers upon thewoman's shoulder. He had an almost hypnotic power of soothing whenhe wished. The scared look faded from her eyes, and her agitatedfeatures smoothed into their usual commonplace. She sat down in thechair which he had indicated.
2.  The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
3.  "What have I missed?"
4.  "Dead, sir. Died of grief for its master."
5.  "Quite so, of course," said Holmes. "I should like to have a look atthe gentleman and see if I can make anything of his little game.What qualities have you, my friend, which would make your servicesso valuable? Or is it possible that-" He began biting his nails andstaring blankly out of the window, and we hardly drew another wordfrom him until we were in New Street.
6.  "No, it is not selfishness or conceit," said he, answering, as washis wont, my thoughts rather than my words. "If I claim full justicefor my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing-a thing beyondmyself. Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logicrather than upon the crime that you should dwell. You have degradedwhat should have been a course of lectures into a series of tales."It was a cold morning of the early spring, and we sat afterbreakfast on either side of a cheery fire in the old room at BakerStreet. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-colouredhouses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blursthrough the heavy yellow wreaths. Our gas was lit and shone on thewhite cloth and glimmer of china and metal, for the table had not beencleared yet. Sherlock Holmes had been silent all the morning,dipping continuously into the advertisement columns of a succession ofpapers until at last, having apparently given up his search, he hademerged in no very sweet temper to lecture me upon my literaryshortcomings.


1.  "I am the wife of Sir Eustace Brackenstall. I have been marriedabout a year. I suppose that it is no use my attempting to concealthat our marriage has not been a happy one. I fear that all ourneighbours would tell you that, even if I were to attempt to denyit. Perhaps the fault may be partly mine. I was brought up in thefreer, less conventional atmosphere of South Australia, and thisEnglish life, with its proprieties and its primness, is notcongenial to me. But the main reason lies in the one fact, which isnotorious to everyone, and that is that Sir Eustace was a confirmeddrunkard. To be with such a man for an hour is unpleasant. Can youimagine what it means for a sensitive and high-spirited woman to betied to him for day and night? It is a sacrilege, a crime, avillainy to hold that such a marriage is binding. I say that thesemonstrous laws of yours will bring a curse upon the land- God will notlet such wickedness endure." For an instant she sat up, her cheeksflushed, and her eyes blazing from under the terrible mark upon herbrow. Then the strong, soothing hand of the austere maid drew her headdown on to the cushion, and the wild anger died away into passionatesobbing. At last she continued:
2.  Holmes rose and tossed the end of his cigarette into the grate. "Ihave been very obtuse, Watson," said he. "When in your report you saidthat you had seen the cyclist as you thought arrange his necktie inthe shrubbery, that alone should have told me all. However, we maycongratulate ourselves upon a curious and, in some respects, aunique case. I perceive three of the county constabulary in the drive,and I am glad to see that the little ostler is able to keep pacewith them, so it is likely that neither he nor the interestingbridegroom will be permanently damaged by their morning'sadventures. I think, Watson, that in your medical capacity, youmight wait upon Miss Smith and tell her that if she is sufficientlyrecovered, we shall be happy to escort her to her mother's home. Ifshe is not quite convalescent you will find that a hint that we wereabout to telegraph to a young electrician in the Midlands wouldprobably complete the cure. As to you, Mr. Carruthers, I think thatyou have done what you could to make amends for your share in anevil plot. There is my card, sir, and if my evidence can be of help inyour trial, it shall be at your disposal."
3.  "Yes, it is all we can do to make him wash his hands, and his faceis as black as a tinker's. Well, when once his case has beensettled, he will have a regular prison bath; and I think, if you sawhim, you would agree with me that he needed it."
4.  "Well, gentlemen," he asked, "what can I do for you?"
5.   "So much for Mr. Henry Baker," said Holmes when he had closedthe door behind him. "It is quite certain that he knows nothingwhatever about the matter. Are you hungry, Watson?"
6.  .


2.  "Have you, though? You haven't been slow on the job if you onlystarted this morning. Maybe dear Adelbert has met his match this time.The outer study is the one with the Chinese crockery in it- bigglass cupboard between the windows. Then behind his desk is the doorthat leads to the inner study- a small room where he keeps pipersand things."
3.  "Well, but China?"
4、  These were the two men who entered abruptly into our littlesitting-room on Tuesday, March the 16th, shortly after our breakfasthour, as we were smoking together, preparatory to our dailyexcursion upon the moors.
5、  "I made up my mind that the fellow was in hiding in the house.When I paced one corridor and found it six feet shorter than thecorresponding one below, it was pretty clear where he was. I thoughthe had not the nerve to lie quiet before an alarm of fire. We could,of course, have gone in and taken him, but it amused me to make himreveal himself. Besides, I owed you a little mystification,Lestrade, for your chaff in the morning."




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      "Well, I think we must wait for a little more material. After all,you have nothing to complain of. You have received your rent and he isnot a troublesome lodger, though he is certainly an unusual one. Hepays you well. and if he choses to lie concealed it is no directbusiness of yours. We have no excuse for an intrusion upon his privacyuntil we have some reason to think that there is a guilty reason forit. I've taken up the matter, and I won't lose sight of it. Reportto me if anything fresh occurs, and rely upon my assistance if itshould be needed.

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      "Disease?" said I.

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       "Where the Crown diamond now is."

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      "You are sure it was not a house-breaker's jimmy?"

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    {  I may have remarked before that Holmes had, when he liked, apeculiarly ingratiating way with women, and that he very readilyestablished terms of confidence with them. In half the time which hehad named, he had captured the housekeeper's goodwill and was chattingwith her as if he had known her for years.

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      But it was only for a moment that we were at fault. At one corner,the corner nearest the room which we had left, there was a seconddoor. Holmes sprang to it and pulled it open. A coat and waistcoatwere lying on the floor, and from a hook behind the door, with his ownbraces round his neck, was hanging the managing director of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company. His knees were drawn up, his headhung at a dreadful angle to his body, and the clatter of his heelsagainst the door made the noise which had broken in upon ourconversation. In an instant I had caught him round the waist andheld him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands whichhad disappeared between the livid creases of skin. Then we carried himinto the other room, where he lay with a clay-coloured face, puffinghis purple lips in and out with every breath-a dreadful wreck of allthat he had been but five minutes before.}

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      (See illustration.)

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      Lestrade shot an angry glance at my companion. "I suppose you knowall about it" he snarled.

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       "Your surprise is very natural. You are not aware that a second doorfrom my bedroom leads behind that curtain. I fancied that you musthave heard me when I displaced the figure, but luck was on my side. Itgave me a chance of listening to your racy conversation which wouldhave been painfully constrained had you been aware of my presence."The Count gave a gesture of resignation.

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    {  "Come," said I, laughing, "this is a little too much."

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      The Prime Minister's manner was subdued, but I could see by thegleam of his eyes and the twitchings of his bony hands that heshared the excitement of his young colleague.