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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It grew awfully dull sitting in the hotel lobby, and so at fourhe went home. He tried to put on a business air as he went in,but it was a feeble imitation. The rocking chair in the dining-room was comfortable. He sank into it gladly, with severalpapers he had bought, and began to read.
2.  He looked rather determined now, in a desolate sort of way, andCarrie felt very sorry. Something of the old Hurstwood was here--the least shadow of what was once shrewd and pleasant strength.Outside, it was cloudy and blowing a few flakes of snow.
3.  "Oh, he's a nice man. He's manager of Fitzgerald and Moy's."
4.  For the first time in years the thought that he must count theselittle expenses flashed through his mind. It was a disagreeablething.
5.  Hurstwood quit reading his paper and changed his clothes.
6.  "I'm glad winter's over."


1.  Minnie was truly distressed at this, but maintained a kindlydemeanour. Hanson said perhaps she had better go back home for awhile. When she got up after three days, it was taken forgranted that her position was lost. The winter was near at hand,she had no clothes, and now she was out of work.
2.  "How often?"
3.  He came back and laid the change down with the food.
4.  They were returning to Ogden Place in the cab, when he asked:
5.  "I don't believe I want to play any more," said the youngest, ablack-haired beauty, turned supercilious by fortune, as shepushed a euchre hand away from her.
6.  "I think I'll go down and stand at the foot of the stairs," shesaid, after a time.


1.  Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.
2.  He hastened to his room with rising spirits and changed hislinen. As he did so, he made up his mind that if Carrie wasalone, or if she had gone to another place, it behooved him tofind out. He decided to call at once.
3.  "Glad to hear it."
4.  "Well," said the man, "it'll cost you something to do that.""How much?" said Carrie, who, ridiculous as it may seem, had notthought of this before.
5.   "Well," he said, after a time, his nature recovering itself,"that's a pretty tough game over there."
6.  "They've got that Martha Griswold in it again. She thinks shecan act."


1.  "I didn't find out anything to-day," said Carrie, taking off hergloves. "They all want money to get you a place."
2.  This left the matter as open as before, but it was something. Itlooked as if the quarrel would blow over, if they could only getsome way of talking to one another. Carrie was ashamed, andDrouet aggrieved. He pretended to take up the task of packingsome things in a valise.
3.  "Here you are," remarked a bystander, putting a coin into hishand.
4、  This process of THINKING began by a reversion to Carrie and thearrangement by which he was to get her away from Drouet. Howabout that now? His pain at her failure to meet or write himrapidly increased as he devoted himself to this subject. Hedecided to write her care of the West Side Post-office and askfor an explanation, as well as to have her meet him. The thoughtthat this letter would probably not reach her until Monday chafedhim exceedingly. He must get some speedier method--but how?
5、  "Ever had any experience?" he asked again, almost severely.




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      "Maybe you could get something in the stage line?" he blandlysuggested.

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      "Whether you're going to send back that money or not."

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       An inkling of untoward deeds on the part of Hurstwood had come.Doctor Beale, the handsome resident physician of theneighbourhood, met Mrs. Hurstwood at her own doorstep some daysafter Hurstwood and Carrie had taken the drive west on WashingtonBoulevard. Dr. Beale, coming east on the same drive, hadrecognised Hurstwood, but not before he was quite past him. Hewas not so sure of Carrie--did not know whether it wasHurstwood's wife or daughter.

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      "Then," he thought, "she loves me or she would not have writtento me at all."

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    {  "I hadn't thought of it," returned Carrie.

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      She shook it off and ate. She forgot, in part, and was merry.When it came to the after-theatre proposition, however, she shookher head.}

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      "Must be pretty near noon," ventured one.

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      Oh, the tangle of human life! How dimly as yet we see. Here wasCarrie, in the beginning poor, unsophisticated. emotional;responding with desire to everything most lovely in life, yetfinding herself turned as by a wall. Laws to say: "Be allured,if you will, by everything lovely, but draw not nigh unless byrighteousness." Convention to say: "You shall not better yoursituation save by honest labour." If honest labour beunremunerative and difficult to endure; if it be the long, longroad which never reaches beauty, but wearies the feet and theheart; if the drag to follow beauty be such that one abandons theadmired way, taking rather the despised path leading to herdreams quickly, who shall cast the first stone? Not evil, butlonging for that which is better, more often directs the steps ofthe erring. Not evil, but goodness more often allures thefeeling mind unused to reason.

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       "When must I go?" said Carrie, reflectively.

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    {  The gloomy Hurstwood, sitting in his cheap hotel, where he hadtaken refuge with seventy dollars--the price of his furniture--between him and nothing, saw a hot summer out and a cool fall in,reading. He was not wholly indifferent to the fact that hismoney was slipping away. As fifty cents after fifty cents werepaid out for a day's lodging he became uneasy, and finally took acheaper room--thirty-five cents a day--to make his money lastlonger. Frequently he saw notices of Carrie. Her picture was inthe "World" once or twice, and an old "Herald" he found in achair informed him that she had recently appeared with someothers at a benefit for something or other. He read these thingswith mingled feelings. Each one seemed to put her farther andfarther away into a realm which became more imposing as itreceded from him. On the billboards, too, he saw a prettyposter, showing her as the Quaker Maid, demure and dainty. Morethan once he stopped and looked at these, gazing at the prettyface in a sullen sort of way. His clothes were shabby, and hepresented a marked contrast to all that she now seemed to be.

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      During all this time--a period rapidly approaching three years--Hurstwood had been moving along in an even path. There was noapparent slope downward, and distinctly none upward, so far asthe casual observer might have seen. But psychologically therewas a change, which was marked enough to suggest the future verydistinctly indeed. This was in the mere matter of the halt hiscareer had received when he departed from Chicago. A man'sfortune or material progress is very much the same as his bodilygrowth. Either he is growing stronger, healthier, wiser, as theyouth approaching manhood, or he is growing weaker, older, lessincisive mentally, as the man approaching old age. There are noother states. Frequently there is a period between the cessationof youthful accretion and the setting in, in the case of themiddle-aged man, of the tendency toward decay when the twoprocesses are almost perfectly balanced and there is little doingin either direction. Given time enough, however, the balancebecomes a sagging to the grave side. Slowly at first, then witha modest momentum, and at last the graveward process is in thefull swing. So it is frequently with man's fortune. If itsprocess of accretion is never halted, if the balancing stage isnever reached, there will be no toppling. Rich men are,frequently, in these days, saved from this dissolution of theirfortune by their ability to hire younger brains. These youngerbrains look upon the interests of the fortune as their own, andso steady and direct its progress. If each individual were leftabsolutely to the care of his own interests, and were given timeenough in which to grow exceedingly old, his fortune would passas his strength and will. He and his would be utterly dissolvedand scattered unto the four winds of the heavens.