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1. 所以只要你起得还算早,占领心智比拼的只是营销能力,而那个起的最早的,他给你验证了需求的可行,将嫁衣穿在了你的身上。
2.   When the Queene perceived, that Madame Aemillia was discharged ofher Novell, and none remained now to speake next, but onely her selfe,his priviledge alwayes remembred, to whom it belonged to be thelast, she began in this manner.
3.   `I don't quite know.'
4. △警方在调查中取证经过调取张某与其他买家的交易记录发现,仅2019年9月至11月期间,张某冒用他人身份信息就购买了5000余张全国各地的车票,票面价值超过150余万元。
5. 而自此以后,他所饰演的角色都叫夏冬了。
6. 白骑士方案怎么会在具有远见的投票中胜出呢?最后投票一定是在坐等观望与另外某种方案之间进行。而在这最后一轮投票中,每一个人都有诚实投票的激励,因为这将决定最后结果。很容易就能算出3种可能性:


1.   "Who, then, urged you to write? Tell me."
2. 个人物联网是旷视最早实现商业化落地的场景,其次是城市物联网,最后是供应链物联网。
3. 为动机进行辩护没有多大意义,对理论的任何评价都必须基于其实际价值而不是它的倾向性,否则,作为科学方法核心的批判性评价将因此而受到动摇。在那些坚持根据其源起(动机)而不是实际价值来评价理论的学派中,精神分析是一个佼佼者,它为自己所设计的科学方法的伪装最为成功。
4. 世界卫生组织在2017年发表的报告也显示,四分之一的中国大学生承认有过抑郁症状。
5. 1月21日白天,患者生命体征平稳,体温逐渐下降,最高37.2℃,其余症状较前无明显变化。
6.   "How sad," exclaimed Telemachus, "that all this was of no avail tosave him, nor yet his own iron courage. But now, sir, be pleased tosend us all to bed, that we may lie down and enjoy the blessed boon ofsleep."


1. 从她的整体的气质就能看的出来特别的明显了,她穿的还是非常的简单的就是一件白色的短袖,短发的她看起来更有那种贵妇的感觉了,再加上发福了很多所以整个脸蛋就是那种特别的圆润的,这样看起来真的胖了。
2. v. 劳累,拉紧,过份
3. 马先生立即报警,马某承认自己多次施暴,最终被行政拘留15日,罚款500元。
4. 对于该说法,阜阳市不动产登记中心工作人员12月17日向澎湃新闻证实称,目前阜阳市(停车位)产权登记方面的细则还未出台,具体出台时间还不确定,因此全市暂时无法办理车位产权证。
5.   All the neighboring people dwelling thereabout, who knew Massetto tobe dumbe, by fetching home wood daily from the Forest, and diversemployments in other places, were made to beleeve, that by theNunnes devout prayers and discipline, as also the merite of the Saint,in whose honour the Monastery was built and erected, Massetto hadhis long restrained speech restored, and was now become their soleFactotum, having power now to employ others in drudgeries, and easehimselfe of all such labours. And albeit he made the Nunnes to befruitfull, by encreasing some store of yonger sisters, yet all matterswere so close and cleanly catried, as it was never talkt of, tillafter the death of the Ladie Abbesse, when Massetto beganne to grow ingood yeeres, and desired to returne home to his native abiding,which (within a while after) was granted him.
6. 与队伍会合后,王学峰发现,这支由来自中国、巴基斯坦、印度、希腊、加拿大共12名队员组成的国际队并不像传说中的都是富佬。


1.   Mrs. Hurstwood noticed the lack of colour in it. She turned uponhim, animal-like, able to strike an effectual second blow.
2. Google同时计划协助京东扩大东南亚版图。
3. 可以看到,大量的低成本、高能耗产品,以及缓慢的产品更新换代,最终让格力的产品经营成本、技术创新投入可以保持行业最低。
4. 最为讽刺的是,曹操在其名篇《蒿里行》里居然写出了白骨露於野,千里无鸡鸣。
5.   This worthy Monk took all in patience, And said, "I will do all my diligence, As far as *souneth unto honesty,* *agrees with good manners* To telle you a tale, or two or three. And if you list to hearken hitherward, I will you say the life of Saint Edward; Or elles first tragedies I will tell, Of which I have an hundred in my cell. Tragedy *is to say* a certain story, *means* As olde bookes maken us memory, Of him that stood in great prosperity, And is y-fallen out of high degree In misery, and endeth wretchedly. And they be versified commonly Of six feet, which men call hexametron; In prose eke* be indited many a one, *also And eke in metre, in many a sundry wise. Lo, this declaring ought enough suffice. Now hearken, if ye like for to hear. But first I you beseech in this mattere, Though I by order telle not these things, Be it of popes, emperors, or kings, *After their ages,* as men written find, *in chronological order* But tell them some before and some behind, As it now cometh to my remembrance, Have me excused of mine ignorance."
6. 同时,宝宝树还将通过深度联合中日家庭消费产业上下游企业,共建中国家庭跨境消费新生态。


1. 因为他也很忙,我们彼此都尊重对方的工作和生活节奏就好。
2. 2018年10月,渐冻症确诊。
3. n. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置

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