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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  My friend's face grew graver still.
2.  Inspector Martin had the good sense to allow my friend to dothings in his own fashion, and contented himself with carefully notingthe results. The local surgeon, an old, white-haired man, had justcome down from Mrs. Hilton Cubitt's room, and he reported that herinjuries were serious, but not necessarily fatal. The bullet hadpassed through the front of her brain, and it would probably be sometime before she could regain consciousness. On the question of whethershe had been shot or had shot herself, he would not venture to expressany decided opinion. Certainly the bullet had been discharged atvery close quarters. There was only the one pistol found in theroom, two barrels of which had been emptied. Mr. Hilton Cubitt hadbeen shot through the heart. It was equally conceivable that he hadshot her and then himself, or that she had been the criminal, forthe revolver lay upon the floor midway between them.
3.  "I cannot see how such a message as this could inspire horror. Itseems to me to be rather grotesque than otherwise."
4.  "'Three passages!' screamed my companion. 'You fool! You unutterablefool!'
5.  "'Certainly not. But why?'
6.  "Why did you pick him?"


1.  "Misfortunes never come single," said Phelps, smiling, though it wasevident that his adventure had somewhat shaken him.
2.  "Who knows? Perhaps because he was so angry that you shouldsuspect him."
4.  "Every success to your investigation, be the criminal who it may,"answered the nobleman as he bowed us out at the door.
5.  eccentricities. It was only age which stood in the way."About this time a little mystery suddenly clouded the normalroutine of the professor's life. He did what he had never done before.He left home and gave no indication where he was going. He was awaya fortnight and returned looking rather travel-worn. He made noallusion to where he had been, although he was usually the frankest ofmen. It chanced, however, that our client here, Mr. Bennett,received a letter from a fellow-student in Prague, who said that hewas glad to have seen Professor Presbury there, although he had notbeen able to talk to him. Only in this way did his own household learnwhere he had been.
6.  "They set fire to our rooms last night. No great harm was done.""Good heavens, Holmes, this is intolerable!"


1.  "I'll wager he took no breakfast this morning, and won't face hislunch after all the cigarettes I saw him consume."
2.  Lestrade shrugged his shoulders. "I am afraid that my colleaguehas been a little quick in forming his conclusions," he said."But he is right. Oh! I know that he is right. James never did it.And about his quarrel with his father, I am sure that the reason whyhe would not speak about it to the coroner was because I was concernedin it."
3.  "When you go to bed lock the door of this room on the outside andkeep the key. Promise to do this."
4.  Fancy anyone having the heart to hurt him," he muttered as heglanced down at the small, angry red pucker upon the cherub throat.It was at this moment that I chanced to glance at Holmes and saw amost singular intentness in his expression. His face was as set asif it had been carved out of old ivory, and his eyes, which hadglanced for a moment at father and child, were now fixed with eagercuriosity upon something at the other side of the room. Followinghis gaze I could only guess that he was looking out through the windowat the melancholy, dripping garden. It is true that a shutter had halfclosed outside and obstructed the view, but none the less it wascertainly at the window that Holmes was fixing his concentratedattention. Then he smiled, and his eyes came back to the baby. Onits chubby neck there was this small puckered mark. Withoutspeaking, Holmes examined it with care. Finally he shook one of thedimpled fists which waved in front of him.
5.   "No, certainly not. No one knew."
6.  "Lord bless you, Mr. Holmes," said our visitor, "she is that anxiousto see you that you might bring the whole parish at your heals!""Then we shall come early in the afternoon. Let us see that wehave our facts correct before we start. If we go over them it willhelp Dr. Watson to understand the situation. You say that Mrs.Ronder has been your lodger for seven years and that you have onlyonce seen her face."


1.  "Yes," said our ally, "I am Bob Carruthers, and I'll see thiswoman righted, if I have to swing for it. I told you what I'd do ifyou molested her, and, by the Lord! I'll be as good as my word.""You're too late. She's my wife."
2.  "And you did very wisely," said Holmes. "Your case is anexceedingly remarkable one, and I shall be happy to look into it.From what you have told me I think that it is possible that graverissues hang from it than might at first sight appear."
3.  "First of all, I wish to impress upon you that the boy certainlyleft of his own free-will. He got down from his window and he wentoff, either alone or with someone. That is sure."
4、  "In that, Doctor, you will find yourself in agreement with everycriminal in the country," said my friend, quietly.
5、  "He left his hotel last night- he has not been heard of.""No doubt he will return."




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      "Where are we going to now?" I asked as we left the office."We are now going to interview Lord Holdhurst, the cabinetminister and future premier of England."

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      "You can take my word that she is innocent."

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       "I have seen the police."

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      "Is a tall man, left-handed, limps with the right leg, wearsthick-soled shooting boots and a gray cloak, smokes Indian cigars,uses a cigar-holder, and carries a blunt pen-knife in his pocket.There are several other indications, but these may be enough to aid usin our search."

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    {  "Try Canadian Pacific Railway," said Holmes.

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      "Well, Watson, we seem to have fallen upon evil days," said he ina feeble voice, but with something of his old carelessness of manner."My dear fellow!" I cried, approaching him.}

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      "'I was fond of your son Godfrey, sir. Many ties and memories unitedus. Is it not natural that I should wonder at his sudden silence andshould wish to know what has become of him?'

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      "Could he throw no light?"

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       "The old story, Watson. A treacherous friend and a fickle wife. Itwould appear that Amberley has one hobby in life, and it is chess. Notfar from him at Lewisham there lives a young doctor who is also achess-player. I have noted his name as Dr. Ray Ernest. Ernest wasfrequently in the house, and an intimacy between him and Mrs. Amberleywas a natural sequence, for you must admit that our unfortunate clienthas few outward graces, whatever his inner virtues may be. Thecouple went off together last week- destination untraced. What ismore, the faithless spouse carried off the old man's deed-box as herpersonal luggage with a good part of his life's savings within. Can wefind the lady? Can we save the money? A commonplace problem so faras it has developed, and yet a vital one for Josiah Amberley.""What will you do about it?"

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    {  "Air-guns, sir! What do you mean?"

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      "You see, my dear Watson"- he propped his test-tube in the rack, andbegan to lecture with the air of a professor addressing his class- "itis not really difficult to construct a series of inferences, eachdependent upon its predecessor and each simple in itself. If, afterdoing so, one simply knocks out all the central inferences andpresents one's audience with the starting-point and the conclusion,one may produce a startling, though possibly a meretricious, effect.Now, it was not really difficult, by an inspection of the groovebetween your left forefinger and thumb, to feel sure that you didnot propose to invest your small capital in the gold fields.""I see no connection."