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1.   "This detour has been entirely for our benefit, then?" saidHolmes. "No wonder that my inquiries among those villagers led tonothing. The doctor has certainly played the game for all it is worth,and one would like to know the reason for such elaborate deception.This should be the village of Trumpington to the right of us. And,by Jove! here is the brougham coming round the corner. Quick,Watson- quick, or we are done!"
2.   The island on which I found myself was full of people, and abounded in all sorts of desirable things, and a great deal of traffic went on in the capital, where I soon began to feel at home and contented. Moreover, the king treated me with special favour, and in consequence of this everyone, whether at the court or in the town, sought to make life pleasant to me. One thing I remarked which I thought very strange; this was that, from the greatest to the least, all men rode their horses without bridle or stirrups. I one day presumed to ask his majesty why he did not use them, to which he replied, "You speak to me of things of which I have never before heard!" This gave me an idea. I found a clever workman, and made him cut out under my direction the foundation of a saddle, which I wadded and covered with choice leather, adorning it with rich gold embroidery. I then got a lock-smith to make me a bit and a pair of spurs after a pattern that I drew for him, and when all these things were completed I presented them to the king and showed him how to use them. When I had saddled one of his horses he mounted it and rode about quite delighted with the novelty, and to show his gratitude he rewarded me with large gifts. After this I had to make saddles for all the principal officers of the king's household, and as they all gave me rich presents I soon became very wealthy and quite an important person in the city.
3. 曾经,对她来说,1700公里外的甘肃张掖完全是一个陌生之地,她也从没想过自己会与那里纠缠半生。
4. 但三年多的运营经历仍然给李宇带来非常多的反思:“分时租赁是一个需要有‘背景’才能做的事情,不是一个单纯的互联网创业仅靠着线上就可以打出一片天地。
5. repertoire
6. 在这样的背景下,想要保证商业信息的安全,似乎各方都必须要加强意识。


1. 针对网络传播此不实视频的行为,天心警方已介入调查。
2. 据了解,多点APP是一款融合到店和到家全场景的移动购物手机应用,品类覆盖生鲜日百等日常消费品。
3. 杨某除应受到刑事处罚外,对被害人造成的经济损失应予以赔偿,姚先生家属提出赔偿合理部分即交通费、丧葬费,法院予以支持,但提出的死亡赔偿金、精神损害赔偿金因不属于附带民事诉讼的赔偿范围,法院不予支持
4. 而经营性公墓前期投入大,为保运转,精心打造3个商品墓园。
5. 门外的空地上,堆放着旧沙发等杂物,洗手池等设施位于户外靠墙角处。
6. 就中期来看,这一大批数据可能带来一种全新的商业模式,而第一个受影响的就是广告业本身。这种新商业模式的基础是将权力从人类转移到算法手中,包括选择和购买商品的权力。一旦开始由算法为我们选择、购买商品,广告业就会崩溃。以谷歌为例,谷歌希望有朝一日我们万事问谷歌,而且我们也能得到全世界最好的答案。假设某一天,我们可以跟谷歌说:“嗨,谷歌,根据你对汽车和我的所有了解(包括我的需求、习惯、对全球变暖的看法,甚至是对中东政局的看法),哪辆车是我最好的选择?”再假设谷歌确实能给出很好的答案,而且我们已经从经验得知要相信谷歌的智慧,而不要相信自己老是被操控的种种感受,到那个时候,汽车广告还有什么用?


1. 此时距离武汉23日10点全城封城不到24小时。
2. affection
3.   I tried to comfort her on this point, but she rejected consolation.
4. 然而,这种结果在1914年不可能再发生。因为俄国这时的势力比1908年时更强大。它已从1904—1905年的远东失败中恢复过来。这时,俄国还得到了法国的有力支持;而这是它在1908年时所没有的,那时法国并不热心挑起波斯尼亚的争端。因此,德国人以为萨拉热窝的危机只会局限于某一地区,这显然失算了,其实,大变动时期已经来临。
5. 比如,在一家五星级酒店工作的熟人为他联系了生意,从那以后,他每天向该酒店供应价值数百欧元的肉和鱼。
6. 然而,这个广为流传的公式并不可靠。


1. #专栏作家#张俊,微信公众号:阿辩论(ID:bianlunlove),个人微信13385698365。
2.   The latter nodded.
3. 但根据科技进步主义的观点,一切就大不相同了。科技不想听我们内在的声音,而是要控制这些声音。一旦我们了解了生化系统如何产生这些声音,我们就能玩弄这些开关,把这里音量调高、那里音量调低,让人生过得更轻松自在。容易分心的律师可以来颗派甲酯,有罪恶感的士兵可以吞颗百忧解(Prozac),至于对生活不满的妻子,替你忧(Citao)就是答案。而且,这还只是开始。
4. 16日我市继续受低气压作用,湿度大,较稳定,扩散条件偏不利,但同时也会受到降雪过程扰动和沉降作用。
5. 不分长、短线,不约束生产方法,不固定生产要素之价,不界定要素的效率单位,引进熟能生巧,面对交易费用,加进准备成本与试产成本,让量与率齐升──产品的平均成本曲线很容易是碗形的。边际成本曲线自下而上,穿过碗底,而多个生产者的边际成本曲线向右横加起来,就是市场的供应曲线了。要把市场需求曲线放进同一图表,其横轴要用同样的有时间内涵的需求率。
6.   `I do! this is the old England, the heart of it; and I intend to keep it intact.'


1. 剔除汽车后的消费下滑幅度更大,反映内需疲软。
2. 本轮融资为长风药业的Pre-IPO轮融资。
3.   Yours with high esteem,

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      "`Well,' said he, showing me the advertisement, `you can seefor yourself that the League has a vacancy, and there is theaddress where you should apply for particulars. As far as I canmake out, the League was founded by an American millionaire,Ezekiah Hopkins, who was very peculiar in his ways. He washimself red-headed, and he had a great sympathy for all red-headedmen; so when he died it was found that he had left his enormousfortune in the hands of trustees, with instructions to apply theinterest to the providing of easy berths to men whose hair is ofthat colour. From all I hear it is splendid pay and very littleto do.'

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      "In my name," said Mme. Bonacieux, with great emotion, "in myname I beg you! But listen; they appear to be speaking of me."D'Artagnan drew near the window, and lent his ear.M. Bonacieux had opened his door, and seeing the apartment, hadreturned to the man in the cloak, whom he had left alone for aninstant.

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